Christmas time and New Year Resolutions !!!

Its festive time for all and holiday time for the kids.  So, celebrations are around everywhere !!!

The mood to enjoy and have a great time, is being injected into everyone of us through the city’s glowing lights and the Shops and Malls shouting about their New Year Sales !!!!!

We had put up a Christmas Tree this year too and my daughter had decorated to the theme of White Christmas !!!! Its so beautiful and I just love it !!!!!  You can even see the gifts beneath the tree, which the girls have put up for their cousins and everyone !!!!! We had such a great time with the awesome Chocolate temptation made by ME !!!!! It was just yummylicious !!!!!

Somebody asked me recently – Have you ever made any New Year Resolution ??????

No, never.  I think that I don’t need a New Year to make a resolution. If there is any change that I want in Myself, I had to implement it immediately. What do u say ?????    But, S is a great fan of New Year Resolutions and he’ll sure make one every year, only to leave it outside the door, in a matter of a week or a month.

So, just wanted to ask you all, one simple question –  Do you have any NewYear Resolution ???? Do you take such resolutions seriously and work towards fulfilling it ??????


15 Replies to “Christmas time and New Year Resolutions !!!”

  1. wow!
    the tree looks gorgeous!
    how come no pics of the chocolate temptation?!! 😛

    me too try to make resolutions… I will do this yr as well and try harder to keep them!
    that’s m y resolution. to keep my new year resolution!! 😆


  2. I always try to make resolution but never followd it..
    this time i want to accomplish them ….sigh..this is the only wish if santa can bestow on me 😆


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