Christmas time and New Year Resolutions !!!

Its festive time for all and holiday time for the kids.  So, celebrations are around everywhere !!!

The mood to enjoy and have a great time, is being injected into everyone of us through the city’s glowing lights and the Shops and Malls shouting about their New Year Sales !!!!!

We had put up a Christmas Tree this year too and my daughter had decorated to the theme of White Christmas !!!! Its so beautiful and I just love it !!!!!  You can even see the gifts beneath the tree, which the girls have put up for their cousins and everyone !!!!! We had such a great time with the awesome Chocolate temptation made by ME !!!!! It was just yummylicious !!!!!

Somebody asked me recently – Have you ever made any New Year Resolution ??????

No, never.  I think that I don’t need a New Year to make a resolution. If there is any change that I want in Myself, I had to implement it immediately. What do u say ?????    But, S is a great fan of New Year Resolutions and he’ll sure make one every year, only to leave it outside the door, in a matter of a week or a month.

So, just wanted to ask you all, one simple question –  Do you have any NewYear Resolution ???? Do you take such resolutions seriously and work towards fulfilling it ??????