Upma in the making…

I’ve written many a posts about my patti. She lives inside me, giving me strength and the resilience to carry on life, even during turbulent times. With her trade-mark onbadhu gajam pudavai (9-yard sari), her brilliant smile and big bhindi, she was the woman whom I yearned to be and still yearning to be. Its been 4 years since her demise and there’s not been a day, when I don’t remember her for something or other.

When I turned 18, the whole household woke up to the fact that I need to get married. It all boiled down to the fact that I had the difficult nakshatram and hence they need to look for a partner asap and the groom hunt- ha ha, yeah, that was how it was treated – began.

I used to lie down on patti’s lap during those summer holidays and she used to gently caress my hair. Her soft hands were incredible as they gently put me to sleep.

On one idle afternoon, I shared with patti my most kept secret. “Patti, I want to marry someone who is an equal partner in all the things I do. Like, if he’ll cut onions, I’ll make sambar. If he’ll peel and cut potatoes, I’ll make potato fry”. What made me say such a thing, is something I don’t remember much. But my patti’s reassuring hand on my head made sure that my wish came true.

Yesterday, as my husband chopped vegetables showcasing his knife skills at the cutting board, I happily roasted the rava, humming this song – “nee katru…naan maram…enna sonnalum thalayattuven”. Somehow, this song felt so apt for the mood in the kitchen and the upma was made. A simplistic tiffin became a feast💗

And, of course, I was thanking my patti!


“I won’t give up on you”

Today I saw this cute Mother’s day message on Instagram. One of my amazing blog friend’s daughter has gifted this to her. Its cute and touches a chord inside…esp the last line of the wish.

“You don’t give up on me”

This one…touched deep inside.

Looking from the child’s point of view, it is so very important to them that we, as mothers, don’t give up on them, for their worthiness or for their love of doing things or anything that makes the child.

All children are not the same. Some are very quiet, they rarely discuss what they want to do in life, they are happy to leave the decision making part to their parents and are also happy in taking what life has to offer them.

And then there are others, who want to create their own path. And in that process, try out varied stuff like a sport or a musical instrument or arts. They might not find what they wanted in all that they tried. But they are trying hard to find that particular thing which resonates with their inner being. And that’s the time they value the mother’s “We won’t give up on you…keep trying” attitude!

It’s very important for a child to blossom from her own experience – good and bad inclusive. As a mother I would have warned / counselled my girls about umpteen number of things – this friendship is bad or this hobby doesn’t suit you or it helps to stay cool or how to take care of your health or this and that !

The most important thing which I learnt in the process of motherhood is that all these counselling sessions don’t have any impact if I don’t follow them in real life. I cannot expect my girls to be someone by preaching and not following an iota of what I preach!  And that’s why we see a lot of our mother’s qualities in us, in our actions, in our personalities; may be with a slight modification of what we want to be as mothers!

As we keep wishing each other on Mother’s day, let us not forget this important aspect of being a mother, which is to keep our faith strong in our children and to never give up on them; with all the morals which we’ve imbibed in them, I don’t think they’ll become insensible decision makers in their life.

Edible Cloud :P

Is it my love for clouds which makes me see such things, I wonder ! How else do you justify the occurence of a Doughnut or probably a Vada in the sky ??!! 😀

Edible in the sky!

When I sailed thru the clouds…

There’s a staunch train lover in me, esp by the 2nd class. The wind that hits my face, the flying hair, the changing scenery and the non-stop chatter – yup, Iam a big fan.

But love for air travel happens when the cloud-gazer in me gets ample dose of amazing white and grey scenery, high up above the Earth. Sigh…absolute bliss!

To begin with, it was a comet that flew with us for sometime!

There was this mammoth in a funny clown’s cap with large eyes looking up at the flying object. Swarms of fish, a long black snake, a proud lion, Aslan, like the one in Narnia – absolutely fun time identifying different things in the cloud patterns. Not to forget the many mountains which kept changing shapes every now and then.

Remember Avatar movie? And how the whole landscape was – flying rocks, sea, a huge tree and all. It was like watching a similar scene high up there but all in the form of clouds.

I was breathless in wonder!

It was like I sailed through the clouds, sitting in a window seat while the fluffy cottons passed beside me! How I wish that I was able to catch hold of some and bring it back to reality to show it to all 🙂

The Clouds that captured me…

Am not on a forced break but there’s less time for online presence. That doesn’t mean that I’ve no time to stare and click these amazing patterns. Actually they capture me and I just capture them onto digital space.

Its always what I look for and I get to see it in the sky. That moment makes me happy and the joy permeates into my whole day of getting one perfect cloud pattern.

And with these pictures I pass on the joy to you 🙂

Wonder Wednesday


The glowing Sun
In golden
Turned all of them in white
To this beautiful golden…
So that they resemble
Tiny golden butterflies
In the sky!