My Naughty brothers

My childhood is haunting me everyday – the result, more and more incidents are surfing up, from my memory.  Here’s more about my two naughty brothers.

I am the eldest with a younger sister and brother and we all lived together with my two cousins.  But never in my mind has the thought come that they are cousins and not my own siblings.  I still refer to them as my brothers.

Life was so much full of fun, frolic, laughter, fights, shouts – but the best part was the bond of sharing that we five had among us.

Whenever anyone of us gets a scolding for some mistake done, all the others will join in to support and make that person feel better.

Among the five of us, the youngest of all is my brother and just one year elder to him is my second cousin. These two are the naughtiest of the whole lot.

Once, these two naughty boys, were trying to push an Ambassador Car, which was parked just outside our home. Me and my sister were playing and we told those two boys to stay away from others’ car.  But did they hear us ???? Nope !!!!!

They were holding on to the bumper of the car and tried pushing again and again.

In the meanwhile, the driver of the car came and got in and started the car.  These two boys ignored the door opening and closing sounds and concentrated on pushing the car.

The moment the driver started the car and it started to move, the two little boys were overjoyed thinking it’s because of their immense strength, they moved the car.  They kept holding to the bumper of the car, still, thinking that they can push much better.

But the car started gaining speed and both these boys were literally dragged on the road.  Some onlooker informed the driver of the boys holding onto the bumper and he stopped the car and came running.

My God, but by that time, the whole chest was bleeding with scratches for these two naughty little ones.  How they used to run bare-chested for a week, till the wounds healed – such a sight to see – but still fresh in my memory.

Even now, we all recall this incident with fondness and tease my brothers about it.

That was time, when Surf was introduced in those carton boxes.  Remember that famous Lalitaji’s ad for Surf !!!!

And so, began the craze for the Surf carton box for the two naughty brothers of mine. They both used to fight like mad guys for every Surf carton box, they get their hands on.  It was madness, but enjoyable.  And now, we all laugh at that incident.

As you can very well see in the picture, the carton held the power. Whoever had it, was more powerful. WOW, I love those childhood days, wish I can just travel back in time.

As and when we grew up, the bond also grew and we are all in a stage where we look upon each other for support.   Even though parents are a pillar of strength for me, this wonderful support group of my siblings and cousins, is my best place to let go of my feelings.

I want to travel back in time, for those wonderful fun and frolic days !!!!! 😆