Tummy khush ?????

BBBBuuuurrrrrppppp !!!!  Came the burp !!!! That was one delicious meal !!!  What a yummy onion sambar and aloo fry !!!! That rasam was no less !!! Simply delicious – it can be passed as Amruth from the Heavens !!!!  

I am khush, thinks the tummy !!!!  After such an elaborate meal, which tummy will not feel happy !!!!  😆  

After 2 hrs of non-stop digestion:  

Its been 2 hours after lunch.  Why is this woman not taking any steps to fill me again, thinks tummy !!??!! Lets make some growling noises, so that She’ll start munching something.  Hope she eats, what I really want !!!!  😉  

Oh !!! Ho  !!! I ate just 2 hrs back and see, my stomach has started growling. How did I digest so fast ???? Let me eat something. No, says the mind. Do you remember what Oprah told in one of the episodes – When you hear your stomach growling, don’t feed it !!! Then your body’s need for some energy will be taken from the fat deposits around your hips and thighs. Thats one easy way to reduce excess fat.   So, taking Oprah’s words seriously, I decide to drink a glass of water. WOW !! That’s good.  Stay away from junk food, I tell myself.  

Tummy is absolutely not happy with that glass of water. WWhhaattt ???? She gave me a glass of water, when I growled !!!! Maybe she has not understood, how loud I can be !!!!  And so here I go – GGGRRROOOOWWWLLLL !!!!!  

OMG !!!! What to eat now ???  It’s just 3 hrs after lunch.  OK !!! Let me munch on an apple.  So, I went to the kitchen and cut an apple and started eating that delicious fruit, which tempted even the Adam and Eve !!!!  Now, I hope that my stomach is happy !!!  😆  

This WOMAN !!! Why is she not giving me, what I want ????? Who wants this diet-friendly apple ???? Come on, give me that – what I really like !!!!! So, here you go – Grrrooowwwwllllll !!!!!  

This tummy is really bothering me today !!! I feel there is a big rat inside eating away all that I eat and asking for more !!!  What else to eat now ????  OK. Let me make some hot tea and have that delicious something, which I bought yesterday. Even, I’ve been wanting to eat it, but was resisting the temptation.  

The hot ginger tea is ready.  Now, I open the snack box, a lovely big Tupperware, which is the house of snacks in my home.  



I take a cup full of the wonderful mixture from Grand Sweets and Snacks and 2 of the kai murukku.  Sipping the hot ginger tea, I plonk myself in the couch to enjoy my afternoon snacks.  


Idha, Idha, Idhathan naan edhirparthen**  says Tummy, all smiles looking at the cup of mixture !!!!  Why didn’t you take it earlier, woman ???? From yday, I am dying to eat this.  


Now, what happens to my diet, she fumes at herself. Can’t you resist the simple temptation to eat mixture ????  But she is also all smiles, as the diet gets thrown out of the window and the mixture enters the heavenly stomach fort.  😆  


** This, This, This is what I expected – a dialogue from a famous coffee ad.  


Menstruating Discrimination

MENSTRUATION – This is a topic, I’ve wanted to write about for a long time, but never found the courage to write abt it.  I always tell myself, this is very personal and I should not cross lines.

But a recent incident, made me ponder on this issue and I just decided to get it out of my system.

I have a wonderful neighbour, M.  She is kind and quite helpful.  And we have a common maid-servant.  The maid finishes work at M’s house and then comes to mine. We’ve such an arrangement and so the timings are clear.

Last month, one day, the maid came to my home almost an hour earlier. I was totally surprised, as she sticks to time generally. So, I asked her whether M has gone out somewhere.

But the maid replied that since she is menstruating, she is not allowed into M’s house.  I was SHOCKED.  People follow such rules, even today ?????  🙄

Then, my maid asked me, if its OK to work at my place, during her menstruation time.  I told her that as long as she feels physically well to do the work, she can do it.  If she wants to rest, then just go home.  My maid was quite happy at my response and she started doing the work.

Yes, long time back, they had this tradition of making the menstruating women, stay alone and away from household work. They were not allowed into the kitchen or puja room.  If you look into the do and don’ts from a Brahmin’s point of view, its just mindboggling and I’ve gone through most of them.

Those people’s only explanation is that the body needs its rest and we should listen to our body and take the required rest.

But, it was not put across correctly. Explanations were not clear.  And so, over a period of time, people started discriminating those women who menstruate.

Menstruation is a natural process, which every woman undergoes.  It goes on to say that the woman is healthy and happy.  So, why discriminate her ????

If God gave us this body and the menstruation along with it, they why discriminate the women during these physically uncomfortable times ????

If all she needs is rest, then why the Dont Touch Me syndrome ?????  🙄

Even though I’ve gone through all these in my home and my grandparent’s home, I’ve decided not to follow all the stupid things, for my daughters.  I’ll give them all the rest they need, but never will they feel alone or left out, because they are menstruating.

Let us be  more sensitive to this issue and treat women for what they are. Lets not discriminate women based on a natural process called MENSTRUATION.

Who will be the Jake Sully of our WORLD ??????

Last week, at the Satyam Cinemas, I had the ticket to travel on a graphical yet magical journey, by the AVATAR, 3D.

While all the people around were giving different feedbacks and opinions for the movie, I sat stumped at the message which hit me.

Of course, the graphics is the best part.  The Navi tribe’s tall slender frame, the way they quietly navigate through the forests, the horses they ride, the gigantic six-legged Hippo, the flying lizards especially the Red Shadow, the floating mountains are just excellent depictions of graphics and made me watch the movie without blinking my eyes.

So, what did Jake Sully do in this movie, which is so remarkable and which captured my heart ?????

A tribe called Navi, on a distant planet fights the human invaders, to save their forest home is the crux of the James Cameron’s film Avatar.  Did this Navi people succeed in fighting their human enemies ????   Yes, they did, in essence telling the world that the power of Nature is more powerful than the Human power.

What is the message that hits me straight on the head, after watching this movie ?????

It is this – we humans have invaded many such places on this world, fighting Nature and the Tribes which live along with Nature.  But we are the force, who wants to fight Nature, destroy it and then complain that there is no greenery around, no water to drink, the climate has become more warmer and hold Conferences spending huge amounts of money without any result.

We, the humans, have exploited the land which are home to many Tribal races, many animals, some rare species of trees and plants and now we are making a hue and cry, when we faced with the after-effects of our illustrious fight with Nature.

Yes, the Government were all nodding their head in approval for this fight against nature, to mine, log wood, dig for oil and gas.  The companies doing such work, got all the support from the Government and the Military forces too, if required.

So, where did it all end ?????   The Tribal people were rendered homeless, their sacred places were gone for reasons of mining and logging.  The ecological balance of animals was lost and the animals started to enter the nearby villages for food.

Is this what we wanted to do ??????   Are we more powerful than the power of Nature to over come it at every given chance ?????

No and never !!!!!

I loved what James Cameron had tried to tell – Nature is far more powerful than Humans and it is best to leave it at peace.  Don’t invade the Tribal people and their sacred land.  If possible, learn from them on How to live with Nature without destroying it.

The wonderful Navi Home Tree, when burnt to destruction, is sure to bring a tear from your eyes.  The sacred tree of worship is also destroyed by those insensitive humans, which will surely make you angry at the outrageous actions by those Humans.

When I watched this movie, I can easily relate it with the present-day scenario in the world.  Read here, to know more about the Human invasion on Tribes all over the world.

Let this movie inspire the Human Race to live embracing the Nature and not by fighting against it.

So, who will be the Jake Sully of our World ????? We are in need of such a person to protect the Nature of this Planet Earth !!!!!

Please, go and watch this movie !!!! Its AWESOME !!!!

The gates to Heaven will open, BUT…

Sr : Knock !!! Knock !!!!!

Sh : Who is it ??????

As though there is a dozen ppl living in this house.  S never knocks, when he knows that his daughter is inside.  It’ll be either me or Sr.  And when I knock, I’ll always call out her name, while knocking.  It’s only Sr who knocks and waits.

Sr : Open the Door !!!! Now !!!!! I need something urgently !!!!!

Sh : What do you want now ????? I closed just 2 mins back.  If you are inside the room and I knock on the door, you never respond and neither you open.  Just imagine how hurt I felt.  Now, its ur turn. Wait.

The conversation is flowing without opening the door.

Sr : Knock !!!! Knock !!!!!

Sh : Maaaaaa !!!!! Look at her !!!!  Sr is not even allowing me to change !!!! Can’t she wait for just 5 mins ?????  Do you remember how much I waited outside the room the other day ?????

Ma is just neutral – She has learnt better not to take sides during such arguments and especially when they are leaving for school.  I try to keep up my cool with a great effort by doing Kapalabati Pranayama (the breathing exercise, which does wonders to your body) !!!!!   🙂 🙂

Beauty bath and changing to their uniform, is the most important and only thing they do, before going to school everyday.  And so, the bathroom is occupied for long times.  Not only the bathroom, the bedroom too is gone for changing to their  uniform.  And My God, how much time these girls take, to just change into one dress ?????   And when one of them is inside, the other just cannot wait outside.  Exactly at that particular instant, the other one will remember of something and will knock the door down, till the other opens it !!!!!

So, dear God, when will my daughters learn to do things smart and fast ??????   And what’s this funda about closed doors ??????   🙄

It looks like there is a LOC near the entrance to their room and a prior permission (VISA) is required for valid entry.  And I certainly don’t think that I’ll be given a VISA so easily !!!!   I may have to bribe her for that VISA.  😉

For them, closing the door of the bedroom and doing their STUFF, is the way to live.   And when all the cousins get together, its madness !!! All those teenagers are IN, but we, elders are all OUT of the room !!!!

I wonder what goes on behind the closed doors !!!!!   🙄

Are they dancing ????? Singing ??????  Are they preparing for their exams ????? Why can’t they do it in front of me – after all, I am their Mother ??????  I think, I’ll enjoy those stints too !!!!

Dear God, I pray for the doors (to my girls’ room) to open !!!!!   🙂

But God feels that is quite a difficult wish to grant me !!!!  🙄

Instead God grants me this wish – The doors to Heaven will be open for YOU, BUT I can’t open those Doors, to your Girls’ Room !!!!! 🙂   🙄

I guess that behind the doors to my daughters’ room lies my forbidden area  !!!!!!  🙂 🙂

What are you dreaming ?????

It was a huge bungalow.  Very beautifully done interiors take my breath away.  Lovely colours on the wall, the plants are beautiful and placed well.  Ah !!! There’s lot of light and good ventilation, too.  The kitchen is the best – very tastefully done modular kitchen.  The best of the best is the stairway that starts in the centre of that huge living room and curves its way up, to where the bedrooms are located.  In that balcony, there is this huge swing, which is my favourite,  from childhood days.

And I am wearing a beautiful silk saree. I am so engrossed in conversations and at the same time, I pause and admire the beauty of the house.  WOW !!! It does look so grand.

I am the proud owner of this amazing bungalow !!!! How lucky I am.  Suddenly two Labrador dogs come and start licking me and jumping on me.  I am so delighted to see those loving dogs.

TTrrrnnnnggggg……..TTTrrrrnnnnggggg…….Goes the alarm and suddenly I pop up on the bed – OMG !!!! Was that a dream !!!! But it looked so real.  I really felt myself in that dream.  How can it be a dream ????? OH !!!! Why can’t it be true ???????

So, what are these dreams ????? They have always held my curiosity.  How do those dreams happen ???? Do they send us any messages ???? Is there a hidden meaning behind the dreams ?????

While I remember some dreams with vivid clarity, others are just a blurred activity.

Some dreams are in black and white, while others are in colour.  Isn’t it strange ????

I used to work as a Software Programmer.  And there were times, when I used to break my head on why a particular piece of code didn’t work.  The whole day at office, will not give me any solutions.  And I’ll sleep on that problem.  Miracle of miracle !!!! I’ll get the solution to my problem code in my dream.  New ways of writing code, will materialize in my dream.  How ???? If all these ideas are there in my mind, then while I am awake, why doesn’t such ideas come to me ???? Why does it have to come only in my dreams ????

My daughter had a dream recently that she is walking on a road.  On the left hand side, she sees the shops of T.Nagar (the famous shopping place in Chennai) and to the right she sees the General Bazaar (of Hyderabad) !!!! She thinks that even though she enjoys Chennai, she’s missing Hyderabad – Its her version of explanation for her dream.

And she gets such fairy tale dreams – Hogwarts, World tour through space and many more !!!!!    I think that she eventually will turn a Travel Journalist – My prediction after listening to her dreams – Howzaat !!!!!

And there have been dreams in which she is writing her exams – either she has forgotten the answers or the time is up and she is still not finished.  She wakes up, totally upset.  It takes a herculean task from my side, to pacify her that the dream will certainly not come true and that she needs to be more confident and do her best.  So, is her inner fears coming out, in her dream ?????


If it is the sub-conscious mind telling me something, then why sometimes I forget what happened in my dream ????

Rarely, I do see those loved ones, who are not in this world anymore.  So, whats their message to me ???? Why did they come in my dream ???

Sometimes, the dream is just full of bad incidents and sad happenings.  Why ?????   Are the dreams trying to alert me to avoid something ?????

Wiki, please help me.

Dreams are a succession of images, thoughts, sounds, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.

Throughout history, people have sought meaning in dreams or divination through dreams.  Dreams have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from gods or predictions of the future.


While there are so many studies and researches going on, nobody has been able to nail the indications of a dream correctly.  Some speculations have been proved, but I believe there have been instances, when they were not.


So, when people tell you Dream Big – doesn’t it actually mean to Think Big – Because, most of the times, I don’t remember my dreams.

May all your Dreams come true – Oh !!! No !!! Certainly not those bad incidents one !!!!  Let only the good ones come true !!!! After all, I am human !!! I certainly opt for the better ones.


So, what are your dreams ???? Do you believe that the dreams are telling you something ?????

The Prize of being HONEST !!!!

So, what do you all think – Am I honest with you all ???? Does my blog sound like an honest one, when seen at a glance ?????

I try to be sincere and honest most of the time – only when the fictitious side of me overtakes me and starts typing something else.  I try to make sure that doesn’t happen always. 😆

But, Nancy, my wonderful friend, here’s my heartfelt gratitude for bestowing the Honest Scrap Award on me.  I am really honoured.  This award will stay close to my heart.

So, here is the freebie that came along with this award.  I am tagged as well as be awarded. Wonderful, isn’t it ????? 😆

The rules for this Tag and Award are :

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.
Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do).
Link back to the blogger who tagged you.

10 HONEST things about me !!!!  I’ve already done so many tags, which asked me so many questions, that I am sure you all know a great deal about me.  So, I am breaking my head to list those things, which has so long managed to stay inside me.

– While I love sipping my tea from a cup, my drink from a glass, I just can’t sip water from a glass.  I’ve to crane my neck backwards, raise the glass a few cms above my lips and pour it in my mouth.  You get the picture ?????  This is how I was brought up.  So, no amount of exercise can change me, now. And for this wonderful task, I prefer to use a steel tumbler, that doesn’t have blunt edges.

– I love TOM & JERRY the most.  I have so many CD collections of T & J.  They are my all time favourite and I can watch them several times, without getting bored.  I also love those Barney series, Baby Looney Tunes (Love Lola the most – She’s absolutely cute) and so many cute cartoons meant for toddlers.  hehehehehe – please keep this as a secret between you and me !!!! 😆

–  The musical movies are always close to my heart.  Like the Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Hum Aapke hai Kaun – those kinds. I love the music in these movies.  Because it is a musical, more importance is given to the music and the songs, which I just love.

–  I love Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy team for the music they make – and my favourite movie and music by them is Dil Chahta Hai. I like Rockford too for its wonderful music.  Then is of course, ARR.  In old tamil movies, it is always Ilayaraja.  He is the best.

– Even though I travel by flight, to save time, I am just not so fond of those travels. I am a train person. I love the second class the best – the non-stop activity, the loud talks, the wailing children, the making of new friendships – it’s all so wonderful.  Ship – Hmmm, maybe I’ll go on a cruise.

– I am the official Search Engine of my home.  I GOOGLE so many stuff for my loved ones.  From socks, clips, pen, fevistick, scale for my daughter to bills, office papers, goggles, reading glasses, credit card for S, I search everything.  The best part is I find those things in the same place, they’ve already searched and couldn’t find the things there.

– I just love to gift my loved ones, actually surprise them with the gift.  The look on their face, when they receive the gift and the surprise look, happiness, the smile all make it worthy of buying for my family.  It need not be an expensive one, but I try to get them what they need.  BTW, I would like to add, that I too would love to receive gifts as surprise.

– I am very choosy about my friends.  It takes me quite sometime to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.  The only exception has been with the blogofriends and I am a bit surprised at my self.

– My daughters are always waiting to find fault in my English – like a wrong pronunciation or when I blabber something incoherent (words misplaced, due to non-synchronisation of the speed of thought and speed of speech – Has this happened to you ?).  They are waiting for moments like these and catch me at the right time and laugh their heart out.  Naughty girls – I honestly love it, but put an act that I am very annoyed about the issue.

– I love to entertain family and friends, at home.  When I call people over for lunch or dinner, I take extra effort and time, in making sure that everything is ready on the table, before the first guest arrives.  There won’t be any panicking run into the kitchen to cook something last-minute !!!!  And I also go that extra bit, to look good when the guests come.    Thank God, my cooking and ahem ahem baking, is good enough for people to ask for more.  Now, of late, I am trying out Bengali dishes.  My husband and his brothers were mighty impressed (they were all brought up in Kolkatta and those dishes were their favs).

OK !!! Those are the 10 Honest things about me !!! Maa Kasam – sabh sach hai !!!!

Now, comes the most difficult part – to AWARD and tag 10 people.   I am just writing down all the names, which comes to my mind first.  Please break your head and do it.

I pass on The Honest Scrap Award and Tag to :











Friends, hope you’ll all do justice to this Award and Tag, as sincerely I’ve done. See, I am very honest !!!  Now, lets see how honest you are. 😆

Now, waiting for yours !!!! 🙂

Fun time, but no time to sleep !!!!

Hello everybody !!!! Its back to blogging time for me, in this wonderful New Year !!!!

So, how have you all been ???? I am sure, that you all had a great time, welcoming the New Year 2010 !!!!  Were you with family or friends ???? Were you partying or having a cozy time on the couch, watching the celebrations all over the world ?????

I had a wonderful time – it’s always family time for me during Christmas and New Year !!!!!

I had baked a wonderful and delicious Chocolate Temptation on demand from my girls and their cousins.  Even though I couldn’t take a picture at that time, here’s something that closely resembled my cake.  We had an awesome Christmas dinner !!!! 🙂

New Year was too good with fantastic family time.  It was wonderful being with the whole family of brothers-in-law and their wives and kids. What an awesome time we had.

In all this celebration, there was something I forgot to do.   Actually, I deprived myself of that luxury.  Know what ?????

Yeah, I forgot to SLEEP !!!!!!   ROFL @ my own statement, now !!!!  😆 😆

One mad week of non-stop activity, cooking all the time as everyone was hungry all the time, including myself  and most importantly talking, talking and never-ending talking.

The men were making fun of us – What do you women have to talk so much all through out the day ??????

But the moment, the men sit and talk about their nostalgic childhood and all – they are no way less than us, in talking !!!! 😆

I thoroughly enjoyed those talks which went into late nights, depriving people of sleep.  But no one was bothered about that at all.

I remember at this time, about that Tom and Jerry cartoon, in which Tom parties all night with friends and comes home to sleep. But the lady of the house, will want Tom to catch Jerry. But Tom will be so sleepy that his eyelids will close on its own.  He’ll try to keep it open with tooth picks – it won’t work. He’ll drink lots of coffee – even that wont work.  He’ll even tape his eyelids – nothing works for him. Poor Tom – Poor UmaS – I was exactly in the same situation. My eyes were drooping and begging me to just lie down on the next available cushion or shoulder, but I was not willing to go to sleep and miss out on the fun conversations that was happening.

Here is the Tom and Jerry that pictured myself in Tom – only the situations were different for me and Tom.

Only after New Year, when everyone went to start their routine lives, did I get my luxury sleep. And I slept like a log for 2 days.

Am feeling good to take on blogging and the New Year in great spirit and happiness.