Looking Back (Contd)…

Continued from Here….

The Female Blogoaddict  and   Beware !!! Its BIV…

These two posts depict my plight in being addicted to blogging.  It’s a wonderful feeling with the constant thoughts about my blogo friends, whom I’ve never met in person.

Thank you, dear God…

My attempt at poetry for the first time, on my birthday was just fabulous. Even though I was breaking my head on how to put it across, it did turn around good finally.  And thank you, everyone for the wonderful wishes….because of you all, my year is going great.

H for Husband   –     Act of kindness     –     The Headache Story     –      Whats the sound ????

These are a few good ones, which I wrote about S.   I enjoyed writing about him so much.  And he has taken to all the chiding so kindly.  Actually, he is very happy with the encouraging comments he gets from the male readers of my blog.  Thank you, friends, for making my S very happy !!!!

Nostalgic Childhood

My best so far, according to Blogadda. Chosen for the Tangy Tuesday Picks, it made my day.  My memories of childhood and the Blogadda’s recognition all made it so wonderful.

Joint family or Nuclear family ?????

This post has one of the best Comment Section, so far.  I love this post, for the wonderful points or opinions I received from you all. It made me sit straight and think again.

Traffic – Comedy or Serious ???

In this hyper world of vehicles zooming their way past us, let us stop for a moment and think, whether we follow the traffic rules to the book.  Even though the post begins hilariously, it goes on to become serious on the implications of bad traffic sense.  Lets all work towards safe driving on the roads.

The Journey So Far

This is my 100th post and I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart to make it happen.

I think, thats it.  Let me not bore you with any more best posts stuff.

Here’s wishing you all a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2010 !!!!!

I am might be off this blogosphere for a few days and I promise to catch up with you all, next week.

Take care !!! Party till midnight !!!! Enjoy and have a great New Year and an awesome weekend too !!!!!