The Journey So Far

Here I am sitting at my comp  

To write about an event of pomp  

Never in my dreams had it come  

I’ll be blogging till my fingers are numb. 





May be its an event, may be its a day of glory  

But for me, its my blogging journey.  






Hardly a reader to visit, when I started to write  

Slowly and steadily, got some to reply  

The moment of Pressing my Words  






Became the turning point to meet new people,  

New blogs and a World where I find friends for life.  





This is my place, my adda,  

Where I am myself without any cloak  

Blogging is second skin to me  

Rain or Shine, I write to see a happy me.  





Hyd to Chennai was my transition  

But I was glowing with determination  





Decided to post with a conviction  

The words came out without any confrontation.  




Yes, this is my 100th post  

And without you all, it would have been a dream. 




So, the credit goes to you all  

For the success of this Blog.  





I was scared to face the bat  

Wanted to be the last in the race of rat.  

But your comments bowled me over  

And I didn’t get out, but hit the century tower.  





So, here I am waiting for you all to come  

To hand me a brick or a bouquet. 





   I am ready for whatever is to come.