Nostalgic Childhood

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Childhood memories are nostalgic for one thing. Secondly I wish that I can go back to those times – the freedom I had during those days is really beckoning me.  Yeah, I’ve more freedom now, but attached along is the responsibility, committment, which puts a boundary on things which you can do

So, here I am travelling down my memory lane for those sweet moments which I can never ever forget and which I would love to share with you all.

– I never had a cycle of my own, till I crossed teenage. But, that didnt stop me from learning a cycle and ride like a junglee on it.  Those days, cycles on rent was the craze. Me and my friends used to walk for half an hour, get a cycle on hire, ride and ride and ride.  It used to be 50p for 1 hour. I used to get Re 1 everyday for hiring cycle. So, I’ll use 50p for cycle hire, ride for 1 hr and buy fried peanuts and eat and walk back home. This used to be the favourite pass time of all the boys and girls, living in my street.

– My youngest mama (maternal uncle) taught me to ride the cycle. Oh !!!! What fun I had that day.  It’s still so vivid in my mind. The day he decided to teach me, I took the cycle on hire for 3 hrs.  And in that 3 hrs, my mama ran behind me, shouted at me, advised me – finally made me ride the cycle on my own.  I would’ve fallen at least a dozen times, till I became the expert rider.

– Holiday times were spent at maternal Grandfather’s house.  He had an independent house with lots of trees and plants around.  There was a big Guava tree, which is my favourite of all trees. Have you seen the bark of that tree – its smooth and the outer skin keeps peeling. I like this tree very much.  A big branch of this tree started spreading into the terrace of my grandfather’s house and thats where the fun began. Me and my next door friends used to go the terrace, climb onto this branch, start walking on it and reach the tree.  There we used to search for guava fruits which were bitten by squirrels.  Do you know that those fruits are the sweetest ?????    My grandparents used to call us all monkeys – yeh, kurange, keezhe erangi vaa – which translates to Hey Monkey, just get down and come.  But, all those fell on deaf ears, as we absolutely enjoyed ourselves.  It was the most favourite thing to do on everyday of my holiday.

– My eldest uncle was living in Ahmedabad, when I was young. And off we all went for the summer holidays.  It’s like going from hot to scorching hot. But, as kids, we just enjoyed the whole trip.  Once, my uncle took us all to the Drive In Theatre.  It was a WOW moment for me. I’ve never been to one before and I just loved the whole feeling of driving in and watching a movie.  And the movie which we all watched was SPARSH starring Nasrudeen Shah and Shabana Azmi.  Quite a strong movie for me and couldnt follow it in many places, yet enjoyed the whole experience of eating and watching, sitting on our own chairs.

– My brother is 7 years younger to me.  I still remember the day he was born – so lean and thin and tall.  But unfortunately, he was kept in the incubator due to his less weight.  There, with no one to take care of him properly (this happened some 30 years ago, and hospitals were pathetic and no sense of hygiene in Govt hospitals), he got some infection.  The treatment was an injection in the morning and one in the evening. He didnt even have strength to wail loudly and show his disapproval.  I used to feel very bad that my tiny little brother was getting injected everyday and so went to the doctor, one day, and asked her, whether I can take the injection instead of my little brother.  I used to cry and cry every time, he got injected.  The treatment was for 21 days and then my brother started gaining weight.  Maybe this incident has made me strong from inside that I have never got scared of  injections.

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