Teachers, aap ko salaam !!!!

I’ve heard some people tell that the best jobs for women are Bank jobs and as Teachers.  Their reasons – the timings are just perfect – its only from morning till afternoon, sometimes late evening and the next best reason is that the holidays you get.   Their vote was always in favour of being a teacher, where you get Dussherra break, Christmas break and a full month of summer break.

Actually, I’ve wished to become a teacher, when I was young, because, I loved wearing the saree and writing on the black board.   😆

When I shifted to Chennai recently, I took up a flat in an apartment, which is just next door to my girls’ school.  It was very advantageous for me, as I don’t need to rush in the morning hours and the girls can take their time to get ready and in just 2 minutes walk, they reach the school.

Last month, the school had invited the parents for some interactive session and I had been to that.  During the session, the School Principal’s speech really impressed me – While technology is growing so fast, the students being young and energetic just absorb all the technology like a sponge. And they are updated in all the fields, through internet.  So, why should the teachers be left behind ???? Don’t the teachers need to match the children in the technological advancement ???? So, the School has invested in huge numbers of latest computers and a few of those computers have been installed especially for the teachers to upgrade their technological skills.  They have also allotted 2 to 3 hours of computer time per week for every teacher, to surf and surf the internet and be more aware of their subjects.  They are asked to go into various other School sites to get more updates.

I just loved the way the Principal approached the subject and made sure the teachers are more informed to clear the students’ doubts.

Now, looking through my balcony, I see all the teachers come in before 8.30am in the morning, before the Assembly starts.  But, they have something to do till 5pm in the evening, while all the children are out by 4pm.  These teachers are constantly upgrading and what with the new grading system by CBSE, its more and more work for the teachers.

Sometimes, the school arranges for workshops, where teachers from all over the City or Country, participate and create a common board for discussion.

I am surprised that when the school is given a holiday for heavy rains, the teachers have to work, whether its rain or shine.  Sometimes, these workshops are scheduled during the weekends, so that there is more participation, without the classes being disturbed.  So, its work time during weekends, too.

On the whole, there is no way, that the teachers enjoy comfortable timings and that the job is easy.  Actually, I feel they are the hard-working lot with so many things to do – to teach the subject, to discipline the kids and be kind and affectionate at the same time, they cant lose their cool, prepare for next day’s class, prepare the question paper and correct the answer sheets, fill in the report card with all the necessary details and I think that there are more to the list.  And its not just one student to manage, but a class of 30 or 40 young  / adolescent children to manage is a difficult task on its own.

The only happy thing is that, this job gives such heartfelt satisfaction, which can be seen immediately in the performance of the students.

And when an old student visits the teacher and credits his growth to the teacher, that’s probably the best moment in the life of a teacher.

My salute to you all, THE TEACHERS, who create a better tomorrow through the students you educate.