Looking back…

Tomorrow is the last day of this year – 2009 !!!  It looks like only a few days back, I welcomed 2009 !!!  And I’ve travelled so fast at a maddening speed, that my head is spinning thinking of the all the things I did, saw, enjoyed, celebrated, cried and felt sad.

The blogging world also saw me writing at maddening speed this month.  This writing journey was wonderful and my blogo friends, all deserve a major credit, for coming all the way with me and encouraging me and boosting my confidence. Why, so many of you, have given me ideas on what to blog, next !!!  That has made this NaBloPoMo very successful with this and the next post of mine. A big Thank you with Hugs to all the readers of mine, especially to those who leave their wonderful comments !!!! 🙂

There cannot be another great moment for me, where my posts have been nominated by my friends for the Avant Garde Awards.  Its a great honour and I am extremely happy and thrilled to be nominated by you all !!!!  It makes me feel satisfied and I’ve touched a chord or two here and there in people’s heart with my blogs, to get nominated by them.  Thank you, friends, once again.

As I look back on the wonderful journey of the blogger UmaS, I thought of doing the chewing the cud business, by going through my archives.

My best posts, from my point of view are :

Weight loss is never a Cake Walk

My effort at hitting at the weight monster and the consequences of each and every effort, makes it hilarious to read.  I can laugh now, reading all those. But, when I went through the whole exercise, I used to sit and cry so many days – Why am I unable to bring the weight under control ????

But, now with Yoga, I’ve learnt the secret to a wonderful and healthy life !!!

Waking up with Alarms !

I am a sleepy head.  The moment my head hits the pillow, I just doze off. S is terribly irritated with this habit of mine, as he cannot sleep early.

So many people say that this a God’s gift – the ability to sleep immediately !!!! But the other part of this habit is so irritating for those, who try to wake me up.  I get annoyed easily, when ppl wake me up for silly reasons.

This blog was on my experience with alarms and my mom’s experience in waking me up !!!! I love this post !!!!

Then and Now !      and     Then and Now (Part II) – The Television

Through this post, I talked to my daughters.  It was great comparing my childhood days and my daughter’s.  Even though, my daughters have an answer ready for everything I say, this post really made me think of all the differences between the childhood days of THEN and NOW !!!!   Its a lovely journey and I am sure, you all will enjoy reading it.

I love being a MOM !

If there is one thing on earth, which I love being, it’s certainly being a Mother to the wonderful girls of mine.  Even though I was totally unprepared for this, the motherhood has given me everything and made my life complete.

This is actually a tag, but the tag I enjoyed writing the most.   Here I talk about those moments in life, in which I love being a Mom !!!!  And I think, it’s actually every living moment !!!

Dosa Lover

Yes, its me !!!!  This is one thing which I love beyond dreams.  And in this post, I go on to explain the reasons for my love for Dosa !!! Also, the list of mind-boggling varieties of Dosas, can make anyone drool over it !!!!

My daughters are answering !!!

This tag made me read my daughters’ perception of me !!!! It was wonderful reading their answers then and even today.  Those innocent words and the confidence and trust in me, made me really wonder, if I am worthy of such awesome love, from them.  It made me work more hard to justify their trust on me.

To be Continued….