Does your partner know ???

When my uncle died last year, due to brain haemorrhage, everyone was shocked.  He was just 55 yrs.

The more shocking news came to me later.

His wife didn’t know anything about their investments.

She didn’t know where the money was, to pay the medical bills.  She was also ignorant of any medical insurance they had.

She had never filled up a bank challan before or deposited a cheque in the bank.

But, all the accounts and the investments were in her name.  So, she has signed wherever my uncle has asked her to.

She was asking every one to help her to withdraw some money.

I was totally at a loss for words, when I heard the situation.  OMG !!!! What has my uncle done ???? Has he tried to protect his wife or leave her in the lurch ????

While he has thought so much abt the future to make good investments, why didn’t he take the time to explain it all to his wife ??????

Why didnt my uncle involve my aunt in doing the banking work, from the time they got married ????

She was forcing herself to learn all these, when she was 50 yrs old, with a grief-filled heart.  She is employed as a teacher and I am amazed how she left it to her husband to deposit her salary cheque, too ????

In my opinion, there should be honest declaration of the bank accounts, shares invested, deposits, medical insurances etc and the nomination should hold the name of the partner.

The investments should be discussed mutually among life partners.  Let us be prepared for the eventual truth.

Whats your take on this ????? Is my uncle justified in whatever he has done ???? Or should my aunt been more adamant in learning all these, much earlier ????