Image Tag

I dug into everyone’s archives for the tag posts they’ve done.  I need something to write for my NaBloPoMo and it better be gud too.

And this tag, I found at Nancy’s and the googling of images made it interesting for me.  So, here I go.

This is somewhat similar to Vimmuuu’s Flickr Mosaic Tag !!!! Both are fun and sure keeps us busy for sometime.

The rules states that for every answer one has to do a Google Image Search and paste a picture from the first Google Image Search page with minimal explanation. So here goes….

1. The age you will be in your next birthday: I’ll be celebrating 39 wonderful years in this Earth.

  To tell you the truth, when I just wrote my age, all I got was some old woman (she really looked old), celebrating her bday. So, I modified my answer to get a wonderful picture of flowers, which I felt is more like me.

Sorry for that, but see, I am honest !!!!!



2. A place you would like to travel : Switzerland


WOW !!! I just love this place.  The most scenic place in the World, according to me !!!!

I would also like to go skiing on the Mount Alps !!!! Dear God, When will that day come ??????

3. Your favourite place : My Kitchen

 Hey !!!! I like this picture.  Even though, my kitchen doesn’t look like this, who wouldn’t want to cook in a kitchen looking like that !!!!  This Kitchen is my favourite place, where I relieve my stress !!!!

And I love the modular kitchens !!! They are so damn neat and easy to use !!!!

Even the central island, like the one in the picture, is so wonderful !!! Overall, the Kitchen is a great place to be, for me !!!!

4. Your favourite food / drink : Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani / Mocktails made by S

This is the first picture in Google Image Search.  But the second one looked more spicier and yummy !!!!

But staying in Chennai, I’ll learn to be satisfied by this.

S is great in making mocktails, when we have get-togethers and I love the combinations he uses. S sure has a great future !!!! 😉

5. Your favourite pet : Labrador Retriever

  This friendly dog certainly is my favourite.  He is such a darling and so lovable. His caring eyes and his gentle ways with children are his wonderful qualities.

Now, this extra image of a Labrador Pup, is here because of one simple reason.  I had a pup exactly like this, but due to various reasons, we gave him away.  I miss this little guy – he is no little guy now.

Whenever I see a Lab, I go and cuddle them, missing my little one so much.  Recently, I met one lovely Betsy in my apartment.  The moment I called her, she just jumped on me, licked my face totally and went mad with joy.  I could feel that she is excited.  Actually, I was in the same state like her.

6. Your favourite colour combination : Black and White


I love the colour Black.  Actually any combination with Black will look damn good, but my favourite is White.  I dont know, in what way Google related this picture to my query.  This picture has a lot of grey, isn’t it ??

Anyway, I like the solitude tree. 🙂


7. Your favourite piece of clothing : Pencil Jeans + Shirt



 WOW !!! These Pencil Jeans are damn good.  Such a wonderful fit and Ifeel quite thin, too.


That’s certainly not me.  Wish I could be as thin as the model in this picture.

8. Your all time favourite song : Pal pal dil ke paas, tum rehti ho



   The exact image of this song, was available as the third or fourth image. But this is the first one.

Just love the song – the tune, the lyrics, the wonderful Kishoreda, the awesome pair – Dharmendra and Rakhi.

9. Your favourite TV show : Travel & Living Nigella Feasts


 Nigella has done so many series – Nigella Feasts, Nigella Express, Nigella Bites, Forever Summer and so on.  But this specific series – Nigella Feasts, is my favourite.  She tells and does some amazing mouth watering stuff and has no qualms munching them all in front of the camera.  She is quite clumsy but the end product is exotic.  That gives the viewer more confidence in cooking !!!

Everyone in my home, loves this programme and its a delight to watch her cook the deserts.  I especially love all her cooking utensils, the spatulas, the ladles, her refrigerator, her oven, her bar – all in all, I just love this show.

10 Full name of your significant other : Srinivasan


OOPS !!!! Found a picture of a hippy guy, when I Googled.  I just can’t put the other Srinivasan’s pictures here, in place of my S.

 So, here is the picture of Sri Srinivasa Perumal, who abodes in Tirupathi, after whom, my S was named.

11. The town in which you live : Chennai


  I would have loved to put the Beach here !!!! Chennai synonyms with Beach, for me.

But this is the best bet for Google Images.  The tall tower structure you see, is the Railway Central and it certainly one of the busiest places in the city.

12. Your screen name / nickname : UmaS Reflections

When I googled my Screen name, see what image I got ??????

Can you believe this ???? OMG !!!! OMG !!!!!  I just can’t believe this.

Its my avataar picture !!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

I am all smiles !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  🙂

 WOW !!!! I am thrilled.


13 Your first job : Hardware Design Engineer


  Yes, now I remember the PCBs and the designing.  Its been more than a decade now, but I enjoyed doing it all.


The sad thing was, I didn’t continue with it after 3 years.

14. Your dream job : Microsoft


 It was my dream and it still is.  I had been fascinated with Windows when it was introduced and that day I decided that I would join the company which made this wonderful software.

Hope I’ll atleast visit the premises in Seattle, one day.

15 Bad habit you have : Irritation


I get irritated very easily.  Particularly, when I am sleeping well, someone wakes me up for silly reasons – thats the height of irritation for me.

Is there any Irritation Help Centres ???????  🙄

16. Your worst fear :  When others ignore me




This is my fear and the thing which saddens me too.


17 The one thing you would like to do before you die : Visit Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

 There is a saying which goes like this : Even if you put in your best possible effort, a visit to this temple will happen only if Sai Baba wishes you to come.

So far, he hasn’t called me. I am waiting to go.


18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000 :  Buy a Farm House on a Hill.

  And have a dog, too.  Just imagine spending lovely summers in that beautiful Farm House. Its divine bliss.

Oh !!! Cool !!!! Finished them all and it was quite interesting. Hope u all liked the collection.