The growing up years

It has always been like this
Ma…what’s for breakfast ?
What are you doing for lunch?
Anything yummy to eat?
Are you baking?
Its raining…are you making pakoda?
And I was on the cloud of cooking
Making sweets and all
Given the menu options
It was a big relief
To know what to buy
And what to cook
Just to make the girls happy…

All those was THEN…
Before they went to college!

Now, when they wake up
They just login first
Then whatsapp
Movie marathon also
Books waiting to be read
And re-read
Just coffee is enough
To begin a morning
Shout out to eat is the norm now
And I’m back to square one
Where I don’t know
What to buy and
What to cook!

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Thoughts on a starry night

Standing in the balcony
Staring at the starry night
I’m surrounded by a maze of thoughts
About the movie
I saw today…

The boy in the striped pajamas!!

Yes…I watched and I cried
At the innocence that’s killed
At the brutality
How humans hurt other humans…
All for what ?
Who’s good?
Who’s evil?
In whose eyes ?

And suddenly I see a star
Brighter than the rest
Felt that it winked at me
Making me smile:-)

That winking star
Helped for change of thoughts
The bad is done with…
Let the goodness prevail
And that’s the hope this world lives by!

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WW – Peaceful


Peace in Terracota
Or Peaceful by Buddha
Let this moment of peace
Transcend onto you
Feel it now
Engulf in it
And then give it to all those
Around you !



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Musings from the heart

Mathematics was my fav subject
It still is…
I knew the tables upside down
And geometry was so much fun
Algebra, Trigonometry
Oh my !! I used to race them all
In solving the problems and all
I thought this was the world of genius
And I felt part of it
Thinking that this will take me ahead
I walked around with a proud head
I surely felt elated
My ego was suitably inflated
I used to feel like I knew it all
Till a decade back
I realized
That all those functions and theorems
Doesn’t have anything to do
With my present state of life !! Sigh !!

I went behind it too
To pursue it as my course
I jumped into logic
Binary and Hexadecimal
Coding with C++
Till one fine day
When I learnt that
Doing things without logic
Just on the intuition of the heart
Gives me more happiness
And joy !!

And in the process of loving a subject
I left out on many things
Which I would have loved to do
This certainly is not a regret phase
Its just thinking aloud
About not learning those other things
Which I am good at too !!

My dad used to swim well
I could have learnt swimming from him…
I did learn later
But with Dad it would’ve been great !

My mom cooks damn well
I could have learnt straight under her
Instead of learning from her through phone…

My patti was a great entrepreneur
She did so many things from home
It was her necessity
But I try to think of her ability
To manage business so well
Without a B-school degree !!

I could have learnt to sing better
To stitch better
To design clothes better
To do kolams better
To solve that crossword better
To paint better
To bake better
I could have read more books
I could have traveled to places
Than be stuck in the same place !!

I never realized the art of writing
Was there inside me
Till the day I pushed myself
To become a blogger !!

This is just a blabber post
About people missing out
On their passionate stuff
And to realize their true self
The skills they have
With which they were born
We fail to look into ourselves
And see what we have !
We close our eyes
And jump into the sea of people
Who throng those colleges
Of professional courses !!
Without understanding what we are
It is difficult to study engineering
Or medicine or any course !!
Why not take time out to see
How we fare
Inside our hearts
Do we have a singing voice ?
An urge to play an instrument ?
Interested in stars ?
In reading palms ?
Helping out people ?
Talking to people ?
What are we inside ?
What do we like ?
Make a career out of that
And never feel a regret !!

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Microblog Mondays : The cloud above my head :D


There is this cloud
Right above my head !

I feel it following me
Here, there and everywhere…
Just like the little pug of Vodafone
I’ve this cloud, which is my boon😀

It’s the dark rain cloud
Looks like its ready to burst
And splash on me
The cool waters it stored !

This cloud is between the sun and me
Thereby casts a shadow with a glee
So that I always walk in shade
The cruel sun’s rays I evade
What a wonderful way
To escape the hot slithering sun’s rays !
Oh ! Glory to that rainy cloud !

I caught my mind
And to imaginations, put a rein
Is this possible?
Is this true?
And then I tell myself
That miracles do happen
Console yourself
That cloud is there above
Giving you a shade filled with love:)



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Wonder Wednesday – Sunshine flowers


Sunshine is to yellow
Says this bunch of fellows
I get the camera quick
For a bright click
The lovely shade turning me mellow😀

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Microblog Mondays : The resident Hardware stores

The summer’s heat is terrible
And AC is the only bible
For that husband of mine
As he sweats a lot with a whine
The cooling air will make it bearable !

We had an issue
Which I had to pursue
With the electrician
Who will come on the mission
So that the water leak from the AC will discontinue !!

I called him all day
So that he can check before its gray
But things happen their own way
He came when the light was astray !
Opened up the grill and jumped out
To check the leakage
And found the hose-pipe very brittle
But time was too little
To go buy a new pipe
And fix that leakage asap !

Suddenly, my man shouts
“Do you have an hose pipe?”
And I went a total rolling eye
Just like the icon, you see…
Hose pipe ? At home ?
Who runs a Hardware stores here ?
And my man starts grumbling
If this becomes alright
I can sleep in AC tonight
Ahhh ! What bliss it will be !!

And then I told him to wait
Took a chair and pulled a bag
From the loft
And there on top
Was a hose pipe
Which I had saved during my shifting
And the one that saved me a trip
To the Hardware stores.

The electrician did his job
Changed the pipe and was gone
All was set right with AC.
As my man was relaxing
In the cool air
He wonders
“How the hell did you have an hose pipe?”
Little did he knows, that I run
An electrical, hardware and a junk stall too
Which my loft will spew
As the situation falls through !



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A Sunday Summer Musing

Summer is here
And I think things are on a high
The heat for sure is one
And there are some
Which has to be felt
With eyes closed
And when the smells hit you
You smile
Its a Summer high !

The jasmines
Mangoes sweet
And mangoes to pickle
Makes one spiral
To the heavenly abodes
Of heightened fragrances
To eat
And to feel
To relish
In the headiness
And this is the Summer I love !

The sweat levels are high
Blimey…I say with a sigh
Then I read all about
How good is sweat
To cool us during the heat
And I pacify the mind
That its this heat
Which brings those fragrant things
To life
And upon which depends
Right now, my life !

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My selfie girl ;)

Did you wash your face?, asks daddy
And vehemently she nods her head, “Aye”
You look dull and tired, says he
But I just used a face-wash, says she…
Its a never ending conversation, thinks me !

Did you put cream?, asks daddy
Oh yeah…lots of it, assures she
Then why is it that you look so famished
That’s my natural skin, says a defensive she
I know where its going, confirms my silly smile !

Oh !! BTW, did you put powder?, asks daddy
That ought to help to brighten thee
Oh no…please stop daddy…
This is my natural skin, please
See, I told you…says me😀

And then she huffs and puffs to the balcony
To free from questions of the hallway
The breeze does the trick
And she gets ready to click
Of herself, to prove the skin lovely !

The selfie shots begin
The smile ever so brilliant
The joy catching up to the eyes
Making her glow
With infectious effervescence
The hair framing her face
And she makes funny faces
Its an overload on the SD card
Of multiple pictures
Thronging on single moment
Its beautiful
That capture
For future
The happiness stored
Is a joy forever
Oh my darling !! How I treasure
Your heart full of pleasure
Of a simple selfie click❤

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One more rambling post :D

Everytime India plays
A cricket match
There’s bound to be moments
For people like me
Who are more interested
In observing
And recording
What’s going on around me…
Rather than watching the match
Glued to the screen.
That part is done by the man
To perfection😀

And I get moments to write
Or blabber in my own way
On things happened
Or is going on
In my head full of thoughts
Which I need to sort out
And find relevant ones
That fit into this post
Oh my !! I’m getting addicted
To writing like this😀

Recently it was my MIL’s bday
And I couldn’t stop myself
When I wrote this for her…
It’s tamizh
Our mother tongue
And I’m glad that she approved !

Virat’s brilliant catch
Proves he is the game changer
But of course we alternate
With some Sarath Kumar movie
As dishoom dishoom always is a fav
At Star Sports, its the bat and ball
At KTV its the bad men Vs Super good hero !!

The daughter catches a nap
When woken, she assures
That she is watching the match😀
While the other one
Is studying so hard
For the final exams
That’s going on !

Its the summer heat
That’s draining the energy
Making us all feel beat
Even during mornings !!
And so we cling to
Curd Curd and more Curd
Buttermilk is super fine
But for me to be satisfied
I need the maavadu
Assurance is from me
No one can stop with just one !!

The Summer is another reason
For clear and blue sky
Which disappoint me
Morning and Evening
As I strain to catch the sun’s reflection
Through my balcony with grills…sigh, its true…
In the clouds
But its summer…
Now, I need to wait for cloudy days
To catch a brilliant hued sky !


My MIL’s bday msg – am actually feeling good to get a grip with tamizh back again:)

இந்த உலகிற்கு
நீங்கள் வந்த நாளை
கொண்டாடுகிறோம் !
மகிழ்கிறோம் !
அன்று…உங்கள் வரவால்
மகிழ்ந்தனர் பலர்…
இன்று உங்கள் நிழலாய்
நாங்கள் பெருமிதம் கொள்கிறோம் !
பிறந்து, வளர்ந்து, மணமுடித்து
பிள்ளை பேறு பெற்று
அன்பால் அனைவரையும் பிணைத்து
பெரு நகரம் தன்னில் வலம் வந்து
பொறுமையின் சிகரமாய் நின்று
நீங்கள் செய்த நல்லறம் யாவும்
எங்களை மெய் சிலிர்க்க செய்யும் !
அந்த மௌனம் கலந்த மனோ தைரியம்
எங்களை வழி நடத்தி செய்யும் மிகப்பெரிய பாடம் !
வணங்குகிறோம் !
Maavadu – tender small mangoes pickled with salt and mustard.
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