Snow-peaked mountains

Snow mountains cloudshow

Snow peaked mountains cloud show

I was absolutely stunned and
Surprised at the
Jaw dropping display
At the Western sky !

What do you see ?

All I could see was
Snow-peaked mountains !!
Oh yeah😀
Do you see them ??
So what if it’s Chennai ?
So what if it’s hot and humid ?
We take such tiny pleasures
Of snow-peaked mountains
In the City
By such awesome cloud-show !!

A cool breeze
That accompanied me
During the click
Was enough to make me
Feel the snow…sigh !

Its like the God of Clouds
Wants us to be happy
With such patterns
And images to imagine !

All that I can do is click
Write my heart out
And share it with you all !

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Wonder Clouds


Two black clouds
Shaking hands…

The smaller feathery ones
Try to move away…

The street light positions
Right in the middle
To glow in the fusion…

And I awaited rains !

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Microblog Mondays – A perfect breakfast

The alarm rings
But I switch it off
And then doze off
To be woken up by a feeling
Of being late
Some Mondays begin this way !

Then I hurry
In between sips of coffee
To cook
Plan out things for the day
So that nothing is forgotten !

And when this is what I get
After rushed moments
In the hot kitchen
The smile blossoms
Just like a flower
Its a happy soul
That sees the perfect idly
Soft too
With jackfruit seeds sambar
And Podi
Its a match made in heaven !


WOW !!
What a great beginning to this week
And to this day too !


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Foto Friday :D


Oh !! I see you cloud
Taking shape of a horse
Galloping around the sun
Happy about the sunrise
Oh !! I see you horse-cloud😀

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Wonder Wednesday


The three musketeers
Roaming freely
But clicked into a frame
With absolute glee
Resulting in a happy ME !

Wishing you all a Wonder Wednesday:-)

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Microblog Mondays – Clicking the bud

2016-06-09 17.43.51

I know…
That the bud is lightly out of focus
But the leaves are beautiful
Glowing in the evening sun !

I never thought
That’ll be this difficult
To click a bud
In a gentle breeze !

Holding the branch
Did no good
As my hand came in focus😉

Whenever I tried to click
The wind will know for sure
And move the bud out of my frame…sigh !

Just look at it…
The beautiful red among the green
Standing out
Yet no showing off…
And when it blooms
Oh ! What a sight it’ll be !

Small things bring us the biggest pleasure
Like this bud
Or my effort to click
Makes me smile
And I pass it on
To you…


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A hand came from the clouds
With a chit in hand
And just dropped it into my head
Vanished even before I could scream
On it was written “Hopscotch” !

Believe it or not
My thoughts have just revolved
Only around Hopscotch
The whole of yesterday !

hopscotchThe squares and numbers
And the pure joy of hopping
From one number to another
Sometimes with eyes closed
Or looking up to the sky
Oh ! I want to play it again !

I’ve walked that path many times
But yesterday I saw the lines and numbers
The eyes are seeing only what’s in the mind
And that’s the paper chit magic !


And then I look up the sky
The cloud patterns amaze me again
But my mind wonders about
Doing hopscotch from one cloud
To another
And how much fun it would be !

Everywhere I see
Whatever I see
Only one thought
That is hopscotch !

I even had a dream
Of two lovely women
In long skirts
Playing hopscotch
With hair flying in the wind
Giving a damn to other things
Laughing with abandon
And loving the whole game !

And that’s my hopscotch magic day
The one which I wished
Never ended…

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The rains

I see the lightning
Then I start counting
One two three
Till I hear the thunder
Smaller the number
Is proof that
The play of dark clouds
Is happening so near you !

The past two nights
Has been a visual treat
Of brilliant lightning
And the music I love
From thunderous clouds
And lovely rains too…
I just lie down
And keep staring
Through the window
Of the sky show
Thank God…the days are cooler now !

The feeling to get wet
Is immense
Only overridden by my
Sheer laziness !

Maybe today
When it rains
I’ll shed that lazy thought
And get wet
Giving in to childish glee…
Oh ! I love the rains !
Don’t you??

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Microblog Mondays – Stand out


Stand out
Its the only way
For great silhouettes !

Following the crowd is easy
The mind can rest
The heart can sleep
There’s nothing great
To look forward to.

But standing out
Takes more guts
More risks on the road
The heart gives guidance
The mind gives solutions
Challenges are welcome
The feeling of being alive
Yes…this is how life should be !


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From the train

“Mommy, I’m scared…will we be safe?”
An Indian boy with an American accent.
The mom closed her eyes
Held him tightly
Started telling slokas
The mumbling of her lips was evident
Being in America hasn’t changed her habits !

But her husband
Was fuming in anger
At the danger we were exposed
Blaming the Indian Rails
And their stupid systems…

The little baby was just 6 months old
It could feel the fear around
The crying was unstoppable
Mother’s hugs also didn’t help !!

That old man started breathing heavily
His son was worried
Dad, take your pipe and blow, says he
Asthma attacks when in fear !!

That heavy and bulky man
With a much bulkier backpack
Kept pushing everyone
To reach the exit…
We could feel the tempers
And fear on the rise !

15 mins back
It was a peaceful journey
Of laughter, music, hawkers…
An ordinary train journey
Was shook out of its reverie
By one man running down the aisle
Shouting “Fire” !!

People suddenly jumped out of seats
Grabbed all they could
Suitcases and loved ones
Rushed to the entrance
To get out safe…

The train had halted
It was pitch dark outside
Someone got down
To check the fire
But said that he could see none…

Thoughts were running wild
What if this train catches fire ?
Where are we ?
How do we reach home ?

And then there was this brave little one
Merely 5 years of age
“Don’t be scared Ma…
I’ll fight the fire
Like a fire-fighter…
Just give me 1 ltr of water…
I even have a smoke-detector
Inside me”
This little one
Gave me courage
To face that moment
With more calm !

There was some spark
And people saw smoke too
Which gave them the jitters !
But all fine now
Reported the TTR
And the train started moving

Some moments happen in life
To look back and reflect
Of things done and yet to be done
And to feel gratitude
For all the little blessings
That life is made of !!

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