Day 6 – PP aka menstruation

My elder one preceded her younger sister to start menstruating, which is quite the natural thing to happen.  But the little one couldn’t handle this seniority as it involved me and the elder one talking in whispers about a lot of things !

Also, whenever my elder needed help during those days, I’ll go into the room with her to teach her on how to do things hygienically and how to take care of herself during those times.

The younger one was left out of the room, which pissed her terribly. She’ll demand an explanation on what happened inside the room. She’ll want to know why I also went in with her. And the most important thing was why she wasn’t allowed to be inside with me and the elder one.

Sigh…she was too tiny to explain things to her. But we just continued this way.

After a year or so, I thought of explaining the basic menstruation stuff to the younger one.  I also told her that it’s called periods.  After all the basic things were explained, I left it to her analyze and come back to me, as she always does.

While I was in the kitchen, she comes in, leans on the kitchen door, with her forefinger on her cheeks, her glasses on the tip of her nose, deep in thought – “Ma, I’ve doubt on PP” !! It was such a hilarious sight, I tell you :D

I still remember her pose – she was damn cute :D

And for some reason, periods became PP, which she gave a meaning then. Now, no one remembers the meaning. But PP has just stuck.

It was not that only day. Every now and then, I’ll see her leaning on the kitchen door, with that  simple statement – “Ma, I’ve doubt on PP”.  It was just too funny, but I answered all her questions as honestly as I can.  And all the things she did related to this PP, is a story for every day.

Some words like this are stuck in our everyday conversations, even though they don’t have any real meaning now, we just keep using them.  Another word which we use often at home is Pow pow, which means talcum Powder…ha ha :D

Month of ramblings

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Day 5 – Did you say Buuuuuuu ?

pictureThere was this Giraffe toy, something similar to the picture, except that it had wheels to be pulled around, which was gifted to my girls by their aunt. My younger one was around 1.5 years old, when she took a real liking to this toy. The colored rings around its neck was the most favorite and attractive part and I’ll sit with my little one every day in an effort to teach colors to her. Also it helped in finger motor movement as the rings had to be removed and put only at a particular angle.

My younger one was very fond of the Giraffe and we used to play color color game.

I’ll show the red ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I’ll show the yellow ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I’ll show the orange ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I’ll show the red ring and she’ll excitedly say “Buuuuuuu”

I hope you’re getting the drift. ;)

All colors were called Buuuuuuu :D :D

And I worried whether she had learnt the colors or not properly.  Of course, there were a lot of words which she tried to talk / childishly blabber. We were trying to decipher many words and their meanings.

But the day she turned 2 and started her 3rd year, her vocabulary became more clearer to us. Her words became more pronounced and within a month or so, she told all the colors correctly.

We, the parents, at home, still refer to different colors as Buuuuuuu just to remember her childhood days.

Month of ramblings

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Day 4 – The TWICE done thing :D

It was a day which I cannot forget. My elder one was getting initiated by the mother in me about the bees and birds…he he…actually about sex and how the human species evolved and is evolving.

I decided to talk to her about all these things as I thought it was best that I explain things to her in the right way, than she learning it all in a crap way from books.  I remember very well how shocked I was when I read my first Sidney Sheldon book in Class 10 and I couldn’t sleep properly for a few days after that. I just wished that my daughter should not react to sex that way.

I surrounded myself with a scientific encyclopedia, Tell me Why series for reference to explain the basic concepts. She being in Grade 8 helped a little as she had lessons on reproductive system in her science book.

And I started telling. Not telling…actually I talked a lot. I was constantly talking. For a long time, till my voice was hoarse.

She was quietly listening.

I waited for some response…some questions…some doubt.


So I presumed that she was analyzing the facts…he he :D

I then told her that I’m off to cook dinner and she’s welcome in the kitchen for further discussion. This I did to make her talk more about it.  I badly wanted some response from her.

After a full 5 mins of silence, she came up to me and asked with such innocence “So Ma…you and daddy did it ONLY TWICE, right?

I burst out laughing with tears flowing from my eyes, nodding a big yes to her.

At that moment I felt that was the right thing to do.

Month of ramblings

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Day 3 – When the elder one tugged my heart

One fine day, I was 24 and had got married. And then I remembered myself again, when I was 26, but with two little kids…sigh, I don’t remember much of those two years and how I went on to become a mother and in such hurry too !!

Anyway, there is this incident which is etched in memory.  This incident still reflects in my elder one’s statements and questions and I feel responsible for that.  I don’t know if it was a glitch in my mothering but somehow this incident tugs my heart.

It was in July 1997. Elder one was 1.5 years and my due date for the second one was in August. I had a scheduled appointment with my gynecologist, as I was feeling tremendous pressure and a feeling of bursting out in my lower stomach and so I wanted to get it checked.

So, I told the elder one that I was going to the doctor and will be back by evening and that patti will be with her till I get back. She nodded her head, hugged me, kissed me as I felt overwhelmed with love.

But the moment the doc checked me, she said that I needed to get admitted immediately as I need to rest myself. The baby had not gained enough weight and she wanted to keep me under observation in the hospital. I tried telling her that I’ll go home and come back the next day, but the doc refused. I was feeling bad about not telling the elder one about the stay in the hospital. She’ll be expecting me at home and I was feeling terrible about leaving my little one with my mom.

The next day she came to the hospital to see me.

She came everyday to see me. The little one came into our lives in August. She came to see the little one and play with her too.

But she never spoke to me. I was heart-broken. I didn’t know how to deal with it. She’ll come running into the room and again run outside. I couldn’t run behind her. One whole month of hospitalization made me go through hell of not being able to cuddle my elder one, as she was feeling upset about not having me at home.

When I went home with the little one, elder one met me with all smiles on her face. She hugged me so tight in a way of telling me that she didn’t want to leave me. I was in tears. She had missed me at home. She didn’t want to see me in the hospital – a strange place for her. And she had never left my side for a long time. When we walk together, she holds onto my elbow even now.  She does it without even realizing that she is doing it !

And now when she’s all grown up and all, as I leave for work, I face this question every time – “Ma, when will you be back home?”  And her words tug at my heart !

Month of ramblings

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Day 2 – School lessons

While my elder one has changed 8 schools in her school life of 14 years, the younger one is just behind with 7 school changes in her kitty. While the girls have their own misgivings about not being able to fit into any peer group which was already existing in the school they joined, I’ve the strong feeling that the school changes actually helped my daughters to have a broader outlook to life, more adaptable to sudden changes in life, more open in making friends, meeting people with absolutely varied attitudes yet holding onto their own personalities, which eventually made my girls more confident and stronger from inside !

My younger one will glare at me now, if she gets to read this. Ha ha…I’m just hoping she’s busy with college.  Even today she complains about the lack of good friends during her school years and I try to point out that she survived the lack of friends amazingly well and with such “don’t care” attitude.  Her friends actually felt jealous that she really didn’t care about the lack of friends and that she didn’t do anything and everything to be in a group of girls. Its helping her now as she meets the waves of students trying to make friends and she’s holding ground very well.

The elder one has always been very choosy with whom she’s friends with. She’s very cautious in showing her vulnerable side to others and so she takes her own time to open up.  But the moment she feels her trust is in the right place, she holds onto that friendship for a long time to come.  She has never opened her mouth to complain about the changing schools every now and then but she too has coped with the changes pretty well, as I see her getting ready to face the world.

I always believe that when change happens, something greater is coming. So, the biggest lesson to all these school changes has been the fantastic college that awaited my daughters, the experience of which is so great !

And I wish both my girls a fantastic life ahead with wonderful changes which will lead to a greater life <3

Month of ramblings

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Day 1 : My Paneer Kutti

So, this sweet friend of mine, Shail has been doing this February – a Month  of Ramblings.

In my sincere effort to kindle my blog and hence my brain, I’m taking this mammoth step in writing a few lines every day.

Hope you enjoy the ramblings :D


Motherhood has always surprised me. And every phase my daughters go through, I also go through them and we evolve and our bonding grows better !

Interesting anecdotes which I remember will feature here and what we, as mother and daughters, learned from it or rather enjoyed the whole episode in our life.

This happened when my younger one was about 3 years old, when we shifted from Chennai to Trichy.   She was all fine in Chennai, but the moment we shifted to Trichy, she developed sudden allergy to the milk available there. Every day morning will be a great ritual of giving her the milk and she will start vomiting it all over the hall. The vomiting will make her cry as her throat used to irritate her a lot. And I’ll feel bad about making her cry in the morning.

And so she refused to try paneer, when she came to know that its made from milk.

It took me six long months to find the milk which suited her and thereafter it has been a hitch-free milk journey…ha ha :D

Today, paneer is her most favorite food and she loves it in various forms. Sometimes, she’s glad that I found the right milk which suited her, so that she was able to eat paneer too without any fear.

Whenever I see paneer in the supermarket, I think of my little one and her humorous introduction to paneer :)

Month of ramblings


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My limerick moment


Tulsi leaves – some dark and some light
Its the beautiful play of sunlight
Of the evening sun’s rays
Which kind of makes me photo-craze
And also to limerick write :-)

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The seagulls do inspire…


Life is open for everyone
Who wants see what it is…
And it was wonderful to know
That the seagulls do inspire !

There may be pains and hurts
All through the way
Of trying so hard 
To stand out…
Trust the seagulls to inspire !

The hurt wings of flight
And then being cast
An outcast
Its terrifying to leave the flock
But then you must aspire
For that perfect flight
Be the seagull that inspires !

It takes time to see
The world beyond this fantasy
Where there are more minds
Just like yours, you see…
Hold onto that patience
And those seagulls do inspire !

Finally comes brilliance
Of light and love
Into your life
Of time well spent
That’s the time to give back
A little love to others like you
As did Jonathan
Oh yeah…he does inspire !

Inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull :D

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Microblog Mondays: Addicted, I say !


Oh my !! Its the winter skies
Brilliant with cloud patterns
And beautiful hues
That take my breath away
Every morning, day after day
And then the sunsets too !!

As I stand in wonder
In that balcony of mine
My mind calms and the soul wakes up
Its this moment that I wait for everyday
That keeps me going the whole day !!

Then it hits me…
This moment needs to be captured
In lens too.
So that I can tell all those people
Of the amazing sunrise that started off the day !

And so the fingers dance over the tiny keyboard
On that outdated mobile
Instantaneously shared
Without any filter
Of course, on Instagram :D

Oh yes…it’s out there for the world to see
The sunshine pics and my happiness !
Its a routine now, everyday…
What else to call it ??
Addicted, I say !




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My colors are back :)

Do you see me dance ?
For my colors are back !

The mynahs are squeaking more
In symphony to my humming mood
There is a sense of satisfaction
In seeing a full-house at home…
And yes, my lovely colors are back !

The kitchen is busy
Dosas and Pastas
Soups and Bruschettas
Cakes and Curd rice
Oh yeah…my lively colors are back !

The clothesline is happy too
The reds and blues
Purple madness
Yellows to shine
Chasing the whine
Indeed my colors are back !

Talk, talk and talk
Gossips galore
When three girls sit to share
All the endless topics
As wide as the Universe !

Here’s a toast to the festive season
And to the colors in my life
Let them be blessed with
Happiness, love and gratitude
All through their lives !


Read the clothesline story here :)

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