Flock of clouds!!


I gaze up
Every now and then…
And I think
I’ve have influenced
This habit on a few…
Now there are friends
Who look up to catch a cloud
Thinking of me
And that thought
Makes me so warm inside!

And since morning
I’ve been looking at a clear sky
Now…look at this
They look like birds
Flying home
One behind the other
Or in formation
That’ll capture the heart !

So…they’re a flock of clouds huh?!

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WW – A birdie’s point of view


A bird that sits alone
Is probably waiting for a sweetheart to come…
The rope is long
More place to sing along
So come on soulmate !


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Microblog Mondays – The Artist


First comes the blue
Everywhere in even tones
Spread far and wide
To match the shade
With that of the sea !

Then the white is mixed
In a big tub
The Artist uses a sponge here
Dabs on the white
Then does a little circle
With the hand
Voila ! Creates a cloud pattern !

Patience is the key
The sponge may be wind
The white is cloud
Creating such circular patterns
As though done with a sponge
Just like in an arts class
Except that this Artist
Is World class !


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Snow-peaked mountains

Snow mountains cloudshow

Snow peaked mountains cloud show

I was absolutely stunned and
Surprised at the
Jaw dropping display
At the Western sky !

What do you see ?

All I could see was
Snow-peaked mountains !!
Oh yeah😀
Do you see them ??
So what if it’s Chennai ?
So what if it’s hot and humid ?
We take such tiny pleasures
Of snow-peaked mountains
In the City
By such awesome cloud-show !!

A cool breeze
That accompanied me
During the click
Was enough to make me
Feel the snow…sigh !

Its like the God of Clouds
Wants us to be happy
With such patterns
And images to imagine !

All that I can do is click
Write my heart out
And share it with you all !

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Wonder Clouds


Two black clouds
Shaking hands…

The smaller feathery ones
Try to move away…

The street light positions
Right in the middle
To glow in the fusion…

And I awaited rains !

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Microblog Mondays – A perfect breakfast

The alarm rings
But I switch it off
And then doze off
To be woken up by a feeling
Of being late
Some Mondays begin this way !

Then I hurry
In between sips of coffee
To cook
Plan out things for the day
So that nothing is forgotten !

And when this is what I get
After rushed moments
In the hot kitchen
The smile blossoms
Just like a flower
Its a happy soul
That sees the perfect idly
Soft too
With jackfruit seeds sambar
And Podi
Its a match made in heaven !


WOW !!
What a great beginning to this week
And to this day too !


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Foto Friday :D


Oh !! I see you cloud
Taking shape of a horse
Galloping around the sun
Happy about the sunrise
Oh !! I see you horse-cloud😀

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Wonder Wednesday


The three musketeers
Roaming freely
But clicked into a frame
With absolute glee
Resulting in a happy ME !

Wishing you all a Wonder Wednesday:-)

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Microblog Mondays – Clicking the bud

2016-06-09 17.43.51

I know…
That the bud is lightly out of focus
But the leaves are beautiful
Glowing in the evening sun !

I never thought
That’ll be this difficult
To click a bud
In a gentle breeze !

Holding the branch
Did no good
As my hand came in focus😉

Whenever I tried to click
The wind will know for sure
And move the bud out of my frame…sigh !

Just look at it…
The beautiful red among the green
Standing out
Yet no showing off…
And when it blooms
Oh ! What a sight it’ll be !

Small things bring us the biggest pleasure
Like this bud
Or my effort to click
Makes me smile
And I pass it on
To you…


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A hand came from the clouds
With a chit in hand
And just dropped it into my head
Vanished even before I could scream
On it was written “Hopscotch” !

Believe it or not
My thoughts have just revolved
Only around Hopscotch
The whole of yesterday !

hopscotchThe squares and numbers
And the pure joy of hopping
From one number to another
Sometimes with eyes closed
Or looking up to the sky
Oh ! I want to play it again !

I’ve walked that path many times
But yesterday I saw the lines and numbers
The eyes are seeing only what’s in the mind
And that’s the paper chit magic !


And then I look up the sky
The cloud patterns amaze me again
But my mind wonders about
Doing hopscotch from one cloud
To another
And how much fun it would be !

Everywhere I see
Whatever I see
Only one thought
That is hopscotch !

I even had a dream
Of two lovely women
In long skirts
Playing hopscotch
With hair flying in the wind
Giving a damn to other things
Laughing with abandon
And loving the whole game !

And that’s my hopscotch magic day
The one which I wished
Never ended…

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