A second innings babble

I know its too early to put up a second innings update…but nevertheless words or thoughts cannot be stopped from expressing ;)

Sometimes I wonder whether to put my thoughts as a Facebook update and be lost in the sea of updates there or write a leisurely post on my blog and save it for future references.  As always, giving respect to my intuition and to the fact that I love my blog more than anything, the thoughts and hence the words find their way here. And thank you all for reading them and giving your comments :)

The second innings began for me just a few days ago – no, I don’t mean a cricket field. But in my life which some people call the empty nest syndrome.  I actually have a lot of plans for it. Since there is no big responsibility of children at home who need my immediate attention, am planning on doing things which I’ve postponed for long.

In the mean time, there is this big reality hits, that I face on a day-to-day basis.

– First of all, there’s no lunch packing. And many days I miss doing it, which I never thought would. Seeing all those empty lunch boxes lying in the shelf makes me nostalgic.
– After switching off the lights at night, there is no little voice that asks, “Mommy, what’s for breakfast tomorrow??” or “What are you packing for lunch tomorrow?”.  And I didn’t know that I’ll miss it.
– Suddenly, my 10 ltr pressure cooker looks humongous. And I’ve switched to the 5 ltr one.  You feel this is such a small thing ?? Just try changing the regular one – you’ll understand my feelings.
– I’ve the 6 plates idly set of which I’m using only 3 now :\
– Vegetable buying is based more on my taste than the kids.
– Washing machine can be run just two times a week – OMG !! Just imagining those hectic days when I used to put two loads in the machine and wait for it to dry so that it can be ironed…sigh…is this what everybody says that “its just a phase…this too shall pass” !!
– Coffee drinking and Dosa eating – clearing the newspaper and vessels – a few routines that I do…that means I’m free for a chunk of time – may be I can read a book ;)  And that’s all the more reason that you see me blogging more and reading more of your posts too :D
– Then what ?? Even my two bedroom flat looks big now !! The mind is seriously thinking of a Studio apartment ;)
– Me, who used to love the weekends, is dreading the same, as work days are better at handling the emptiness at home.
– Its funny how we both are learning to live just by ourselves – sometimes we are so bored that we don’t know what to do, we both get up in the middle of the night like bats and keep talking, many a times we don’t cook elaborate stuff and just stick to thayir sadam (curd rice) – its weird and its funny. Yet we are learning again.

And this is just a sample. Await more updates on my second innings :D

While my wonderful friend is beginning her awesome life with her second born, I’m sitting in an easy chair with a book in hand and Romedy now on in the background, sometimes wondering where the hell did the time fly !!

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The run and then…

2 decades back…

It all started with a bump
And then the run to trump
First to the C-sec OP
Vaccination, Pre-school & Props
High speed behind the first one
Crawled behind the second
Holding the cycle to balance
From shop to shop for customized dress fashions
Annual days to Birthdays
There was never a dull day.

And then hit puberty
With its load of curiosity
Any question was met with a question
And with a dramatic expression
But there was a beautiful unity.

The run to strive
Uniforms, books, homework
Arts class, Music, Dance
Cycle, Badminton, Swimming
And I was glad to be alive.

Choices and choices to gear
From clothes to footwear
What to study
And what not to study
Not to forget the teenage frontier.

Not a moment to rest
Packing lunches at my best
Learning to Bake
Some awesome Cake
But I felt a lot blessed !

Board exams take a toll
The grades taking control
A mammoth effort
To ensure support
And then the flying colors make them rock and roll :D

Now, its all done
The birds in their college study den
Putting a brake on my run
That I almost trip and turn
Looking back at all the milestones done
Feeling proud at my marathon.

But I feel a bit weird
When life wants me cheered
To face this second innings
Both of us want it to be a great beginning
Happy we shall be when we have it steered.


Cheers to us on our new innings of life :D

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Another leafy WW

Another picture where I loved the shades of green !  Shail, you inspired me to click these…thanks :D


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You know what ??? I love conversations – the various faces and colors of it.

The best of the best conversations till date, which I cherish are from my childhood days – with my sister and pal, over a cup ( a big mug to be precise ;)  ) of tea and endless talks – the places can be anything like a corner between the cot and the wall – it can be on the steps overlooking the sky – the terrace with its umpteen crows looking on us – but they are the best and I miss those conversations a lot. We just talk, we don’t give opinions neither we judge. We just talk and I’ve found that great sibling bond with those awesome conversations with her.

And then there are the amazing conversations with my daughters. Even though the ones during their toddler years are adorable, I loved it even more when I could talk to them as adults. The endless talks about this girl and that boy, the testing teachers, the teen issues, the books read, doing the HP discussion on spells and what not, all the rom-coms we’ve watched together, people’s behavior and attitudes, why this superstition and why not that – when I sit to think about it, those talks have made them strong and confident and not to feel awkward about expressing one’s thoughts.

Even though I’m not a great fan of group conversations, there is this place where I’m myself and I love the openness and fun there – my kind of girls group. Did I forget to mention it’s on Whatsapp and I’m loving it there ?? :D  Even though I keep typing my thoughts, its great conversation to be there.

Of course, Facebook conversations work great for me with all the new found online friends – there is great exchange of thoughts and ideas and I love it totally.

Those conversations with the neighbor on the corridor…

The casual conversation with the older mamis in our apartment temple…

Those BBC kind of informative conversations with my house-help, Muthu…you know, I actually love the way she talks with me.  Yesterday, I discovered one of my sandals was missing which I had left it outside my flat.  When I told Muthu about it, she just went on and on about the various incidents on sandal / shoe stealing that has been happening in our apartments. I felt very naive about living in this apartment and knowing nothing about it, while she comes for a few hours and is up-to-date on the happenings here.

When I used to stay in Hyd, my best friend used to stay in the next block.  Even though we had an intercom to talk our heart out or a mobile to chat wherever we want, we were amused by our conversations over the balconies using sign language :D  Also, all the evenings saw a few of us gather near the play area for a laughter-filled conversation session, which used to be our stress buster and feel lighter time.

When my best friend of college days traced my number and called me, I had one of the best conversations in life, with her. We just picked up from where we left decades ago. It was quite easy and the flow of words and topics, still matched amazingly.  That is one conversation to cherish for my lifetime.

This post on conversations can never be complete without the dining table conversations….aaahhh…with hot rasam and pappad, conversations at the dining table are the best.  All of us talking about our daily routines with lip smacking sounds in-between make it all the more memorable, on a day-to-day basis.

And finally, here is the picture which initiated the whole post.

IMG-20150630-WA0001If you look beyond the beauty of the room, you can find two happy people conversing as there is no tomorrow. The early morning birds chirping away at the background, the morning freshness of the garden around and a hot cup of coffee in hand made it all the more memorable. I don’t remember on what we spoke, but that happy conversation moment is etched in memory.  And I thank my daughter for capturing this moment for me.

So, what are your favorites ??


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A leafy picture for WW


My friend Shail’s Leaf and Light series is something I love.  Her pictures are amazing – the way light plays on leaves giving them wonderful shades of green ! And inspired by her, I took this shot, where I loved the shadows of another tree falling on this leaf…now, isn’t wonderful ??

Pictures like these, that blend with nature, make my day ! Have an amazing day, people :)

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Live and let live

Girl: Hiii…are you a Brahmin??

Daughter: Yes…why?? (Shocked with such a question on the first meet – she didn’t even introduce herself or ask for her name)

Girl: You Brahmins treated us as untouchables for long ! (And she holds my daughter’s hand tightly to tell “Now what can you do??”)

Daughter: (Certainly pissed off with that girl’s attitude and talk about untouchables and all, gave her back in a super duper way)  Ayyo…somebody get me sanitizing lotion !!


There are few things which I insist upon my children. The first and foremost of them is to tend and keep the humanitarian quality inside alive.  Being kind to people, giving a smile simply, giving food for the needy, thinking about the people who work for us are a few among them.

I’ve also insisted to them to practice kindness rather than being superstitious.  Customs and traditions are fine but need not be done on a fanatical way.  Do things you like and love to do, not because someone forced you to do it, is what I keep telling them always.  Also, the most important thing is “follow your heart”, as in following your gut feeling / instincts.

Being a human has always over-ridden the fact of being a Hindu or a Brahmin.  Its the way I’ve brought up my daughters too.  Yes, there are a few things we do at home, things that have been ingrained in the blood, when we were young. But I make sure that no one is offended by my following of any tradition.

And then there are others, who are fanatic of what one sect of people did to another sect, decades back !! Its a sad state that we bring up our next generation with this mentality of hating others.  Can we live and let live ??




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A long pending letter

Dear Menstrual Cycle

I’ve been wanting to write to you for sometime now, about your queerness and quirkiness. I don’t know whether you wish to solve these issues or keep mum about the whole episode. I just felt that I’ve to let you know the discrepancies that I’ve seen in your cycles in many women.

There is this daughter-in-law of my friend who wants to conceive and month after month you make an appearance, so dutifully, that she is frustrated at the sight of you.

And then there is this friend of mine in her forties who is just wishing that you come in time. But you fail her – totally.  When you come, you don’t stop flowing for a long time that she wishes that you don’t come again. But, as the next cycle rolls by, she’s feeling the same as before.

You even come with a big bang of pain for so many women out there, who just hate the sight of you.  Even though your presence in our bodies is supposed to be good, the pain out beats the whole purpose of getting the cycle.

And then there are those in menopause, who have no clue on when you are due, how long you are going to stay or why you keep coming so often !!

You smell…you stain…you give terrible pains…you make us feel bloated…you make us feel depressed…you make us moody…you make us crave for food…yet, we go through the ordeal.  Can you at least be kind enough to be on time or not come for 9 months or leave the pain somewhere ??

I sincerely hope you’ll pay heed to our simple requests, as we keep hosting you month after month, till our uterus stops its hormonal function.

A woman who bangs the bed stand to beat those cramps.

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A Chennai Summer sky

2015-04-26 18.04.05

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The curious case of the Mouse pointer


The familiar pointed arrow of the mouse pointer on the Computer screen is such a reassuring thing while working with Windows. Never one realizes the importance of it, unless being doomed with a situation of no mouse pointer.  Anyone is lost in the Windows without that pointing arrow.  Does it point to life on the Windows ??

The reality is one is lost for life if the mouse pointer vanishes one fine day.

The guy who wrote Windows in one smart ass.  There are short-cut keys for every scenario in the Windows but that pointing arrow makes everyone so lazy to learn the short-cut keys.  If one had spent some considerable time just looking through those short-cut keys, life would’ve been a lot better, when the mouse pointer vanished.

Now, it looks like everything is doomed.

The short-cut keys are available online to check….but there is no mouse pointer to direct one to all the help.

There are hundred helps available on youtube, to bring back the mouse pointer.  One says its FN+F7. Another one says its SHIFT+ALT+NUMLOCK. Another one suggests to change the profile account by creating a new one.

But in some, none of these work.  There should be a way to bring back that life saving mouse pointer !

Now there is only one way – Let the Universe conspire to bring back to life the mouse pointer that has vanished off screen !!

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The house is so still without her in it…

I just don’t feel like cooking now a days. I eat what ever is there or just plain curd rice will suffice.  You see, she’s not there at home to ask for this and that.

The TV remote is all mine and no one takes it from me to switch to Romedy or Castle or Big Bang Theory.  Its all there for me to watch, but I just don’t feel upto it, as she’s not there at home.

There’s no one who’ll come and fall on me for a tight hug morning and evening, as she’s not there at home.

There’s no loud music…

There’s no movie marathon…

There’s no food requests…

The house is so still without her in it…

Miss you my darling daughter <3


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