The Enlightened One


Enlightened ?
Or the Sun In-lightened ?
The cloud is lighted within
Or behind it
By the brilliant sun
Which makes it stand out
Among all others…
Lets absorb this brightness
And shine away to glory!

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Wonder Wednesday


I was asked this question
About the reason
To my obsession
Towards clouds and patterns…

What more could I answer?
Than the simple happiness
I get out of gazing at them…
Then clicking them…
And of course sharing them…

The clouds do speak
In ways and patterns
To make me smile…

When I look up to the sky
In awe
A prayer to the above
Sent quietly
For more patterns
And happiness !

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A Wednesday story


Its my fav pastime
Guessing what the patterns
Look like…

A lamb that’s running fast
And a turtle with its neck out
A little guy flying on a magic carpet
An old man with a hunch
What are they doing in one screen?
I wonder!

What do you see?

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A dream

Have you ever wondered
About the significance
Of a dream?

Some dreams
Keep us awake
All through our life…
They’re goals
Rather ambitions
Made up by mind
Telling the heart
The road to follow
The path to take
To make that dream
A reality!

And then there are dreams
Where you see yourself
In a happy place
Among fav people
Enjoying life
And then it denotes
Perhaps you need a break!

There are a special few
In which Dad comes
Just showing his cheerful face
Feeling loved
And giving us love
Through that connect in the dream!
Asking questions
Maybe telling
What we need to do now…
That moment
Waking up with tears in eyes
For seeing him
And for listening to his voice
Melts the insides
Aaaahhhh….come back again
Even if it’s in the dream !

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Flock of clouds!!


I gaze up
Every now and then…
And I think
I’ve have influenced
This habit on a few…
Now there are friends
Who look up to catch a cloud
Thinking of me
And that thought
Makes me so warm inside!

And since morning
I’ve been looking at a clear sky
Now…look at this
They look like birds
Flying home
One behind the other
Or in formation
That’ll capture the heart !

So…they’re a flock of clouds huh?!

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WW – A birdie’s point of view


A bird that sits alone
Is probably waiting for a sweetheart to come…
The rope is long
More place to sing along
So come on soulmate !


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Microblog Mondays – The Artist


First comes the blue
Everywhere in even tones
Spread far and wide
To match the shade
With that of the sea !

Then the white is mixed
In a big tub
The Artist uses a sponge here
Dabs on the white
Then does a little circle
With the hand
Voila ! Creates a cloud pattern !

Patience is the key
The sponge may be wind
The white is cloud
Creating such circular patterns
As though done with a sponge
Just like in an arts class
Except that this Artist
Is World class !


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Snow-peaked mountains

Snow mountains cloudshow

Snow peaked mountains cloud show

I was absolutely stunned and
Surprised at the
Jaw dropping display
At the Western sky !

What do you see ?

All I could see was
Snow-peaked mountains !!
Oh yeah😀
Do you see them ??
So what if it’s Chennai ?
So what if it’s hot and humid ?
We take such tiny pleasures
Of snow-peaked mountains
In the City
By such awesome cloud-show !!

A cool breeze
That accompanied me
During the click
Was enough to make me
Feel the snow…sigh !

Its like the God of Clouds
Wants us to be happy
With such patterns
And images to imagine !

All that I can do is click
Write my heart out
And share it with you all !

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Wonder Clouds


Two black clouds
Shaking hands…

The smaller feathery ones
Try to move away…

The street light positions
Right in the middle
To glow in the fusion…

And I awaited rains !

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Microblog Mondays – A perfect breakfast

The alarm rings
But I switch it off
And then doze off
To be woken up by a feeling
Of being late
Some Mondays begin this way !

Then I hurry
In between sips of coffee
To cook
Plan out things for the day
So that nothing is forgotten !

And when this is what I get
After rushed moments
In the hot kitchen
The smile blossoms
Just like a flower
Its a happy soul
That sees the perfect idly
Soft too
With jackfruit seeds sambar
And Podi
Its a match made in heaven !


WOW !!
What a great beginning to this week
And to this day too !


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