Life’s great lessons, yet told simply…

I’ve a younger sister and brother.  We all grew up with the same kind of dos and don’ts and thankfully, my brother was treated on par with us, girls.  Appa and Amma used to be the same strict parents when they felt we were going beyond their financial boundaries.  But sharing the reality with us, made us aware of the harsh side of life very early in our lives.

We saw our parents slogging day in and day out for a better and comfortable lifestyle; those times were tough ones. Even though they were stressed up for a better financial life, there were small things that they enjoyed and music was one of them.  Whether its MS Subbulakshmi’s Suprabatham or Sulamangalam sisters’ Skanda Shasti Kavasam or the morning Vividh Bharati or the amazing voices of Rafi, Kishore, SPB, Jesudas – every kind of music was appreciated and enjoyed.

One night Vividh Bharati was broadcasting Ghazals by Rafi.  A soulful rendition by Rafi and it was the first time I listened to it.  Appa was sitting and having his usual Vethalai pakku ritual (betel leaves with supari was his favorite) . Listening to it, he suddenly had tears in his eyes.  Music does that to him.  And when I asked why Ghazals today, he told that it was the Death Anniversary of Rafi.  I still cherish this musical memory with Appa.

We three siblings still do – music is a part of our life giving us little places to find solace and peace within us.  Appa played the music he enjoyed and we just took the music forward into our lives with open hearts :)

The world may say different things about what we believe is right.  But we need to persist with our beliefs.  For this we need tremendous amount of inner strength to face the world, with our principles intact.  This is another big lesson from my parents.  They were silent yet strong.  They were resilient even when problems hit their shore in subsequent waves.  They learned to smile during tough times and expertly passed on that quality onto us.  And I am so sure that this is the biggest lesson that we three have learnt – its the game of survival with a smile.

And biggest of all was the freedom that they gave us – in doing what we liked in our career, in choosing our friends, to go out with friends – they trusted us implicitly.  And as a mother, I’m trying my level best to impart the same to my daughters and I hope I’ve done well.  This freedom is like a breath of fresh air, when I hear tales of girls not being allowed to do what their heart desired.

Appa resides in our hearts now…
But Amma is still strong in her mind and in the way she’s helping others with financial difficulties.  I see her day in and day out, doing something or other, never resting for a minute.  She reminds us about important things which we need to do asap, in her own gentle way.  She’s a pillar of strength and I’m thankful for her presence in my life.  She still teaches me on how to be busy even when we grow old and enjoy the simple joys of life, as it comes and also in adapting to the changing ways of her grandchildren.

We learn some lessons by reading about it…
We learn some when we are the players in the field…
And then some are learnt by observing our parents…


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Passing it on through generations…

I remember the day very well. I had got my Board exam marks in hand. Everyone around me were going crazy deciding on what to do in life. I stood calm and composed, as I felt in my heart about what to do further.

When my Appa saw my marks, he was so proud. That feeling is exquisite when I got a hug from him. He pinched my cheeks and kissed the fingers. Both the hug and the kiss were like forbidden stuff when I was young. But still I got it from my Appa. One beautiful moment to remember and hold close to the heart.

And then he asked a simple question – “What do you want to study?” I told him that I want to do Engineering.  He nodded and allowed me to study what I wanted.  I didn’t realize the freedom of choice that was given to me. I didn’t think that my father was broad minded enough to make a girl child study Electronics and Communication Engineering.  I never realized that I was one of the privileged few to study…less alone Engineering !

I also didn’t realize then that my Appa thought of things differently than others.

This was 30 years ago…


What is your elder daughter studying ??
Culinary Arts.
Whaat ?? No Engineering or Medicine ??
No…this is what she likes to study about.
And you’ve sent her to stay in hostel ??
Yes….I feel that they’ll learn about things better when they are on their own.
And now, your younger daughter too wants to stay in hostel and study ??
Yes…she’ll learn to be more independent.
My God !! You parents are so different. While everywhere I see the parents holding onto their girl child and not letting them to go out to discover life, you are doing a fabulous job of parenting.
Am glad to hear that…its the freedom to study that I got in my teens which is getting passed on to the next generation.

(The above is a gist of the conversation between me and a Professor in Chennai)

What I received from my Appa is what I am passing on to my daughters…

pass it on


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Microblog Mondays – A satisfied smile

I love cooking. Period.

But I love it even more, when I hear slurp sounds at the dining table, on sambar days :D

I love it when my daughter winks at me with a thumbs up sign, denoting food is yummy :)

All the more, I love it when my elder one talks about my food over the phone and plans the menu during her vacation days, which are yet to come.

And when friends and relatives appreciate the food cooked by me, its like I am sitting on a fluffy “Feel Good” cloud the whole day…seriously…love it :D

Now, being the manufacturer of Ready to cook chapatis, I got a call from one of my customers recently. While I was awaiting the order, this customer floored me !!

She told, “I am glad I got chapatis from you. Every single chapati fluffed nicely and was very soft to eat. Thanks dear”.

Now, I have this “satisfied smile” plastered on my face…so happy :D :D



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WW – Patterns


Nature’s way of drawing patterns – in the sky  and in water too :D


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Microblog Mondays – A Hug

As I go back home, physically tired from work, a hug awaits me from my younger one. It rejuvenates me, makes me feel special, loved and I am back to my brisk self within a matter of minutes. I rush into the kitchen to cook her favorite for dinner.

This hug is magical, I tell you. Its got powers to bring josh into our dull lives and before long we can share the hug and pass it on too !

When loved ones are sitting across miles, seeing faces on Skype, when the resolve to not cry fails every moment, its the memory of the hug that keeps me going !!

And this hug is addictive, as the head hits the pillow too…. ;)

I’ve talked so much about the hug, but still feel its not enough…
Its a comfort feeling of being loved…
A quick dose of happiness hormones are on the rise…
To make up for a day that was dazed !

Here’s a hug from me to you…
Hope you pass it on too :D

And then I read about the same thing here – chk it out [link] :D



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Microblog Mondays – God power

Recent statements in the media by a famous personality on the subject of God, didn’t gel with my views.

Where is He ?? This person, who everyone calls God ?? In Temples only ??

Nah…not at all.

According to me, all the places of worship are great energy points where the enlightenment occurs as to the greatest power in this Earth, is our Mind.  There is nothing beyond the power of Mind and what we can do with that power.

Like how we connect with similar thought-minded friends, we connect with the different energies found at the temple or the mosque or the church !!

While there is only one Mosque and one Church, there are thousand and one different temples and therefore, Gods residing in them. So, who is the actual one ??

My theory is that they are places with different energy points. We seek that particular temple, based on the energy required in our life, at that point.  For example, we need courage, confidence, strength, we go to Hanuman temple. To seek prosperity, we visit Lakshmi temple. Its just our different needs that take us to different energy points where we can connect better with our Mind, to achieve what we want. (Thanks to my brother, for this amazingly simple explanation).

Its like how the body craves for certain foods at certain phases in life, the Mind craves for certain energies to connect with so that it becomes more powerful to do a task.

Sounds simple. So, what do you think ??



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Microblog Mondays – Love Thyself

Now, sit down on the mat…
Close your eyes and feel the breath you inhale and exhale…
Open your arms wide by your side as you inhale deeply…
Now as you exhale, bring your arms to the front crossing each other to touch your shoulders, thereby giving yourself a nice big hug ! Love yourself first, says the Yoga Teacher.  Once you love what you are doing, you’ll be extremely happy.

I sit back amazed at the simple truth which has been told to us, centuries before by a Sage called Patanjali.

And having forgotten this amazing truth, as it was passed on through many hands, we became critical of ourselves and others.

So, here I am, re-affirming the age old truth, “Love Thyself” and I am extremely happy :)



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Microblog Mondays – One big truth from Oliver’s Story

Last week, I read Oliver’s Story by Erich Segal, sequel to Love Story. Quite an interesting take on relationships. When Oliver finds a girl again, he thinks this is it. But in his own words, the reader could make out this is not it. Sometimes, the situations, the words communicated all sound so artificial, that it doesn’t make the reader feel the love. I cried so much when Jenny died in Love Story, but I was glad that Marcie was not a part of his life. The characters become so real, for me.

And the big truth which was very obvious was when Oliver really understood what good his dad has done. And this happened when his Dad retired at 65. That’s really a big waste of so many years of misunderstanding each other. A relationship needs proper communication to flourish and exude love. And for this communication, we need to put in some effort and spend some time listening or being there for the other person. But of course, all these, only if we value that relationship so much.

We, as parents, always think about the welfare of our children and decide on certain things. And the child sees the same decision, so differently. So, it is important that parents talk their heart out about their decisions to their children and should also allow their children to counter those decisions from their angle. This healthy communication, builds trust, love and the bonding becomes stronger. And finally, it is easy to agree on a common point, where the parents and the children are happy.

So, as parents, let’s build relationships with our children and not snub them at every opportunity.

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Microblog Mondays – The barter love

Strange are the ways, these Ad makers think. The only thing is, the ad should make an impact – it can be any kind of impact, positive or negative. They are not bothered by it.

And Airtel’s new ad stating that “Be nice to your dad, it’s the only way to get him to share his postpaid plan with you” is done in bad taste, where dad’s love towards his children or the child’s love towards their father is established as a simple means to get the postpaid plan of your choice. It can’t get cheaper than this.

Barter love – bad taste !!

And then there are ads like these, which touch my heart, every time I watch it !

See the contradiction and judge for yourself !



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Desi Foods Organic Cafeteria

Recently, Desi Foods, the food Company I run with my husband, has ventured into Organic grounds :)

And we get to sell our Organic Snacks at the Cafeteria of Jaycee Greens Organic Store, Kottivakkam branch.

Please visit the store and the Cafeteria for your organic requirements.

Cafetaria @ Jaycee Greens

The Jaycee Greens Organic Store at Kottivakkam.



The Cafeteria where you get to eat our Desi Foods Organic Snacks :)
Please do try them – you’ll not be disappointed !


Cafetaria @ Jaycee Greens-001


The Organic Snacks available at the Cafeteria.

Hope you visit the store and the Cafeteria !!

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