The Purple Umbrella

purple umbrella

A starry night or a rainy one
The predictions seemed to favor the latter one
Going out was going to be fun
With that Purple Umbrella of mine.

I generally hate carrying umbrellas in hand
And neither in bags as they peep out
I used to prefer the pink raincoat
Than that Purple Umbrella of mine.

But that day was different
It was the day to stock up before the rains
And I chose to keep the raincoat aside
Went out with that Purple Umbrella of mine.

I kept looking up at the sky
To see if the stars turned into raindrops…
There was a moment I paused to buy
Down came the sharp cold drops of water
That I opened up that Purple Umbrella of mine.

The downpour was heavy
As we waded through watery pools
But we both kept our heads dry
Under the Purple Umbrella of mine.

The shyness in him melted away
At the touch of the icy rain drops
The mood was absolutely romantic
Under the Purple Umbrella of mine.

And his arm went over my shoulders
In a tight hug
That meant and professed a love that is infinite
Beneath that Purple Umbrella of mine.

We walked together under the dry cover
With steps that synchronized with laughter
And heavens blessing with the rains
Over the Purple Umbrella of mine.

That ten minutes of walking together
Is the best I can remember
And I keep giving myself a pat on my back
For taking that Purple Umbrella of mine.

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Lighting up lives, this Diwali

As I wrote in my last post on the evading rains of Chennai, the Rain God Indra laughed within himself. Little did I know that He was going to shower the city for 3 days. My God !! Whatta rain…Whatta downpour !! It’s been a loooong time since we Chennaiites had such good rain.

And my wonderful house help Muthu came to work, in spite of the heavy rains. I told her to take it easy today, as it was Diwali and she can spend time with her family.

But, she being she, rang my doorbell, as usual. Along she came to tell the story of what happened yesterday at the other house, where she works (Read more about that person here).

Yesterday, after finishing work at my place, she had gone to that house. They asked her to go and give some things to another friend’s house. The lifts were off, as we had a whole 24 hour power cut. She took the stairs, slipped on the water, tumbled down 3 steps and hurt her ankle.

The thing that made my blood boil was, when she told them about her fall, they didn’t even feel for it. But made her do all the work in spite of the pain.

What kind of people are they ?? Don’t they have any human consideration ?  This is the time of the year, when people need to spread happiness and cheer in the lives of people, who are short of it. And this kind of treatment is no way near humanity.

And then there are people like these, who are changing for the better…we need more people like them. I know how difficult it is to change from the immense drilling of the younger years. But it has to happen for the cause of humanity. I’ve seen such changes happen with my mother and aunt and it amazes and humbles me. I want to be the person to respect them for the work they do and certainly not to disrespect them for the caste they belong.

My Mother Invited Our Domestic Help’s Family To Diwali Dinner And Started A Tradition

Let us be the change…
Let us bring in more cheer to others…
Let us give more happiness…
Let us love more !


Let us light up lives :)

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Midnight Mind-ings

This is such a rare moment I’m facing here with my thoughts. Generally, I will be furiously hitting over the keyboard in an attempt at expressing the analytical, critical, logical, weird, crazy waves that go through my mind. But, for the past few days, there has been innumerable moments of EUREKA for a post idea…sigh…which never materialized.

And now, tonight, as we stay awake to watch the Sachin Vs Warne match, all that my mind could think of is the utter neglect my blog is facing, at my hands. I feel for you, my buddy…all is not lost with the blogger in me ! Just keep up the hope…its just a matter of time that I may even attempt a NaBloPoMo and you’ll be surprised at my blogging speed :D

So, some random thoughts, as there is no particular purpose to this post.

  • Saw the “Martian” – amazing ! Whatta story and what a beautiful way to picturize it. Life on Mars – there’ll be a day to experience it !
  • Its raining on and off in Chennai and not as the meteorological department predicted. They said non-stop rains for 3 days and all we saw was a drizzle. The result is excessively sweaty days in November…can’t believe this !  The only consolation is the beautiful cloud formations, the awesome twilight colors over which my lens is feasting :D
  • This Diwali is not so interesting for me, as I’m missing my both my girls at home ! I’ve had many wonderful cracker filled Diwalis before they were born. But after the post of Mother, things have certainly changed to include the girls in everything. Now, they being away in the hostel sort of makes me feel bleh. But of course, this too shall pass, for me. May be I’ll start enjoying the festivities as before, just for myself and my happiness.
  • Finally caught up with Bahubali on Set Max. Wanted to watch on the big screen. But missed it. Sigh…I know…I know…the CGI effects are too good on big screen.  I thereby promised myself that I’ll catch Part 2 first day first show…ha ha…let’s see :D
  • In an effort to search for something, I pulled out half of my wardrobe out of the shelves…sigh. Now, tomorrow is tough day ahead in sorting them out !! Of course, I didn’t find what I was searching for !! What did you think ?? ;)  I know it is quite safe in some place :D
  • I want to have a girly girly meet with friends and laugh my head out…anyone game ?? :D
  • Been on a reading spree too – Memoirs of a Geisha, Two fates, a silly romance novel – feeling good about it.  And the best thing is I’m reading a Tamil short story collection and it is AWESOME :) Its called “aram” meaning “that which is morally right / just”. All stories are real ones which make it all the more interesting to read about such wonderful people who stayed on the track of what is morally right. The author Jayamohan has done a brilliant job. Even though it took me some time to start again with reading Tamil, its going great !

Do you hear any crunching noise ?? Its me munching biscuits – mid-night snack :D :P I’m hungry as hell…ha ha…but that’s to be expected when I’m awake at this hour !

So, what have you been up to ?? Anything interesting from your side ??

I’ll leave you with a favorite picture of mine. This Shiva statue and his associate Nandi is so beautiful and can be found en-route to Kanchipuram from Chennai.

Shiva and Nandi

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Weekend rant

I’ve done it before, of course, the rant – here.

And it keeps happening again.

My household help is Muthu, a very sweet and naive woman, mother of three little girls – read something more about her here.

She keeps throwing up questions at me, which shakes me up so much ! So, what was her question now ??

Akka, have you read Bhagvad Gita ??

Yes, sort of (as I’ve read a few chapters of it).

Does the Bhagvad Gita tell you that you should not allow people from other castes to touch things in your house ?? Like me touching the Pressure Cooker or the Gas Stove or vessels or things like that ??

***Absolute shocking silence from me***
And then, I shake myself and ask “Why such a doubt suddenly??”

I work for this other house…you also know her. In her house, her mom doesn’t allow me to touch any vessels. She washes them all after I clean up. Is this what the Bhagvad Gita says?? Because all people follow their holy book, right??

Muthu….Muthu….not only Bhagvad Gita, none of the holy books talk about discrimination to people based on caste or anything. All the holy books talk about way of life – by doing good things to others. The caste and other things like touching or non-touching have been created by us, humans and its a terrible thing to do.  To treat another human being lowly just because of silly reasons like caste is the biggest of crimes. 


Even though I sort of explained things to her, it was a slap on the face moment for me.  I wondered how for all the lowly things which the humans are doing, the holy books are held responsible…sigh…



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Weekend fun: That playlist made me…

shop more !! Seriously people and I’m pretty shocked too.

I went to buy bread to the supermarket. May be I would’ve sent someone else. But what with this browsing-through-the-aisles-make-you-feel-better thought of mine over-riding everything, I went in myself.

That’s it. That’s the end of the deal where I buy only bread and come out in a jiffy.

The moment I enter, the melodious voice of SP Balasubramaniam welcomed me with the wonderful track which goes like “Kadhalin deepam ondru“. And there I fell from my “buy bread and go out in a jiffy“.  This song is my eternal favorite and that movie was a super hit during my school days and Rajnikanth – I still go WOW at the way he holds people’s attention.  And SPB…sigh….no words for him. His voice is the one which can sooth the soul in any form – happy, melody, sad – whatever. And you know, he sometimes laughs in between the singing for a few seconds – you’ve to really look out for it – there, me and my sister will pass on a shared smile and hold onto our heart. Too beautiful, I say. We even had a collection in a cassette of those songs, where he laughed a little in between. I’ve digressed enough. Let me continue my supermarket journey….I went around the bakery section three times, went through all the bakery products available, posed as though I’m reading the date and ingredients and then to the freezer section too. By the time, the last line of the song was playing, I had picked up the bread and almost decided to check out.

And that is the time they choose to put Atif Aslam from that Ranbir Kapoor movie…Oh my God…I just went back into the shop and was swaying to the music yet making everyone around me think that I am seriously debating which biscuits and cereals to buy.  The fingers were going tap-tap tap on the trolley giving away my soul’s attraction to that track being played. Someone smiled…someone else hummed and I felt good browsing the coffee and tea sections too – of course, listening to the song :D

The trolley was filled with a cereal box – we both don’t eat cereals, some flavored tea which we don’t like and then a few other things, I’m sure which will be of no use to us.

As Atif Aslam was coming to an end, my promise to buy only bread has weakened and I was waiting for the next song to start. And there are more aisles waiting for me to visit ;)

This was the next on the playlist – Alvida – I hope you know that KK is another of my favorite singer and this song from Metro always steals my heart…Alvida…Oh dear…how much do I sigh…that voice is magical !!

I think I entered the shop during the last song of the tamil playlist and got to listen to the hindi ones next.

I really want to find the guy who knew exactly what song to play to keep people like me inside the shop for longer durations and may be we will end up buying something or other.

See, some unwanted items bought – a sauce pan, some door mats on offer, two big loaves of bread (I wanted only one small one), cereal, flavored tea – I’m telling you, these songs are making me buy more ;)

What if I’m a sales girl in that super market ?? WOW…I get to listen to all the songs there :P :P

Or a more simple idea would be to have that playlist on phone and keep listening to it…what do you say ?? :D

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WW – Umi’s Podis

sambar podiThe Umi’s Podis, a new venture for making your kitchen more fragrant with the smells of sambar and rasam, to stack your shelves with awesomely tasting curry leaves podi, idly milagai podi and paruppu podi. Wanna try it ?? Connect on Facebook [here].

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Weekend Musing : Being Religiously Correct

When Thursday was a holiday on behalf of Ganesh Chaturthi, it felt like a “mid-week weekend break”.  It’s during these break times that my mind goes into some serious thought process which has resulted in this musings post.

Yesterday’s visit to a legendary place of worship in Chennai brought my focus on to the right track and here are a few for you.

There is the sign in that place of worship which prohibits people of other religions to enter inside.  Reading that sign, I was angry and ashamed at the same time.

Now, can anyone explain in the truest sense what does it mean “to belong to a particular religion”???  Is it wearing the traditional clothes associated with a particular religion?? Or blindly visiting places of worship?? Or simply being human and kind, as all the religions in this whole wide world says?

If anyone truly looks into any of the holy books for reference, all one could get is that all religions talk about a way of life – the way to live, the way to show love, the way to show kindness, the way to show charity – it’s the way of GOOD. All the other customs or traditions were the making of the people and in effect created a vast discrimination among people.

And we still follow those customs and traditions blindly not understanding it one bit and in effect, not allowing a particular sect of people to come into places of worship. Isn’t God the same for every human being??  Why should there be differences in allowing people into places of worship??

I recently had the opportunity to visit places of worship belonging to other faiths and I was humbled by the whole experience. God is the same everywhere…people go with such tremendous faith in the Supreme to help them in their personal lives.  Now, is it wrong of me to have enjoyed those experiences of being in a different place of worship other than mine??

There is also one more thing that keeps bothering me – that holding onto the fact that you can do charity only to people of same religion. Where is humanity in this?? Hunger is the same in all religions and food should be given to people who are hungry not because they follow a certain faith.

And then when I’m given food because I belong to a particular religion, I am confounded with doubts of whether I truly belong to this sect of people, as I don’t have any qualities like them !  What if one of my forefathers lied to his successors about the lineage and I’m mistakenly taken as part of this sect??

Hunger, shelter, protective clothes are a need to the human kind and is certainly not decided on the basis of religion or faith. It’s just so simple to follow. I do not understand the adherence of religion to do charity.

We spend so much on cooking fabulous meals during Death ceremony and finally the left-over food is thrown in the dust bin. Yes, that food cannot be shared with anyone outside the family.  Or may be it can be given to the cow. Now, where is the cow?? My heart bleeds at such waste of food.

Just have a look at the food being wasted at weddings / parties / other small functions. Can we show a little compassion here and give the left-over food to people who are starving??

And then there are so many small family functions which are part of a bigger tradition relating to the welfare of the family. But entry is restricted only to people of the same religion.  Food and clothes are given only to people of the same sect.  Even if anyone is need of the food or clothes, it is not entertained.  I can say with certainty that religion is surely taking over all the core-values that maketh a human.

Let us make that effort to let people go into places of worship and let religion not be the restricting force.
Let us give food, clothes, shelter to people who need it very much and not restrict to people of one single religion.
Let charity be done based on morality !

And let us not allow religion to over ride the humanitarian values !


PS : What I wrote yesterday seemed quite blunt to the point, which I liked. But here is the polished version of the post, as I should be Religiously Correct on the social media !


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Microblog Mondays: My new love is…



Yes. I joined Instagram quite recently and am loving it.

I feel extremely happy posting “ONLY pics” from my phone.  The fun lies in writing interesting hash tags.  I’m there and trying to make better hash tags.

Somehow, it feels like my picture blog.  I put pics there for my happiness…there ends the matter.  Who’s online at that time – I don’t know – I don’t want to know !  Who’s ignored to LIKE my pic – again, I really don’t want to know !  As I write here for my happiness and I post pics with Instagram, for my self-obsessed happiness.

So, are you on Instagram too ??



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Stand up for your heart…

Dear first-born,

Stand up for your heart, dear one
For nothing else will matter in the long run.

I think it’s the need of the hour to tell you a few things of the heart.  You’ve crossed the legal major milestone, but you’re still a child in matters of the heart. And especially when it comes to your career, it’s better to follow thy heart.  For the one you choose with your heart is always the best one for you.  Now, you’re doing the culinary course listening to your heart. Now, take the big step of taking a job, in the same way – listening to your heart.

There are many who say that mind is logical and its best to follow that route – even I did.  I’ve had my great moments in my career as a Computer Science Engineer, but I wonder now, why didn’t I take to writing earlier !! I love it…I find happiness in expressing myself with words.  I find happiness in baking, cooking and I should have gone for that career.  Little did I know that all these matters of the heart should be taken seriously.   And these ways of the heart are the one to give us maximum happiness and satisfaction of a life fully lived.

To quote a living example : Your dad was exemplary in his career and had many a high spots in his marketing field. But it was only when his passion for food got converted into a business that he really found true happiness.  He took many years to realize and go for it. Sometimes, we are afraid to take the plunge as the mind keeps telling us logical situations and their outcomes.  And in the process happiness gets lost.

Break that fear, dear ! It’ll constrain you.
Listen to your heart…it’ll make birds of you !
Flying towards your passion
And hence you’ll be happy for no reason !

Use your mind to accumulate knowledge but using it for situations in life is something to pause and introspect.  I don’t know if anyone else will tell you NOT to think logically.  Because as I write for you today, I can tell you with assurance – I’ve been there in the logical side and all. But here, when I listen to my heart and bake or cook or write, I’m the happiest.  It doesn’t seem like work.  I’m enjoying every moment of it.

You think I’m the best mom ?? I listened to my heart, my instincts as a mother…that’s why you think I’m best. Now, you listen to your heart. You’ll be the best in whatever you do !

Life is short, life is once, live it to your maximum, live it by listening to your heart !
So, when your heart tells you to follow a path, stand up for it and walk through the path with your heart !


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WW – The Majestic Gopuram

DSCN1372Now, isn’t that magnificent ?? The Gopuram that reaches into the sky !! Couldn’t take my eyes off it !!

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