Thoughts become things


I was putting kolam in the mandapam like thing at home, which is my place of worship and to a certain extent, faith. I always put the Aiswarya Kolam, in which I got trained as a kid and these are some hard-core impressions, made in the mind and I refuse to change sometimes.


And about a decade back, one of my relatives, taught me the cute little 3 petal lotus flower kolam. She is very good at heart and she kept insisting that I put this lotus flower kolam, as much as I want everyday, for this will bring me the lucky signs of buying a house of my own.  So, I started putting this kolam regularly. lotus_flower_drawing

Then, someone told me that, if you have a picture or painting of a house and keep looking at it everyday, your dream house will become a reality. And of course, it was pure luck that my girls learnt “Emboss Painting” and one of them did a picture of a house. Voila ! We even got a house picture, painted by the girls, framed and hung very nicely for me to see everyday and dream about my new house.

And I kept talking about putting this kolam regularly to my relative and she assured me that soon enough, we will be living in our own house.

You won’t believe it, in a matter of six months, we bought our new house and moved in too.  Now, everyone appreciated the power of the 3 petal lotus kolam and the framed house picture which made such a fabulous thing of buying a home, happen in a matter of six months. I also believed in them, till recently.

Now, I believe in the power of words and related thoughts.

All the while, I was putting the 3 petal lotus, my mind was constantly thinking about the dream home which I wanted to own. Whenever I saw the framed house picture, my mind kept thinking about the house I wanted to buy. This constant thinking about something I desired was so strong, that the Universe listened to it and made it happen. It was pretty obvious, but it took me a decade to understand the power of words and thoughts.

Everyone says, circumambulate a North facing Ganesha 9 times, if you want something to happen. Write 108 times “Sriramajayam” for things to work out well. Tell a particular sloka 9 times for better life. Observe fast and do this puja or that, for a better career. We do all these things and positive changes do happen in our life. And all this while, I was thinking that it’s the power of the circumambulation or the fast or the repeated writing. What I failed to understand during these exercises, was that the mind was constantly thinking of something good to happen / a better career change / positive changes in life. And it’s those thoughts of what we want to happen, has made it happen. It’s so powerful that sometimes it does scare me. I am training myself to always think good and positive.

It also helps to visualize things, which we want to happen. Keep looking at a picture of what we want quite often, to get that image ingrained in memory.  Then our mind’s focus and thoughts are always on this thing and its difficult to get distracted. When the yearning becomes more, the power of thinking helps us get the thing we wanted.  This power is amazing and I’ve started experiencing it in many small ways.

Its my faith that what I think will become things ! Now, doesn’t that make the Brain all the more powerful ??


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Making my own Pizza at Pizza Corner

Pizza Corner is dearer to my heart. I remember very well, when my elder one was about 2 years old, Pizza Corner opened its outlet near our home. And we used to take our girls to Pizza Corner, for that play area, which my kids loved being in. Because of the more frequent visits, we became friends with the Store Manager and we even went inside the kitchen to see how they make Pizza. Never I thought that I’ll be re-living that experience and make my own Pizza.

It was indeed wonderfully different and exciting to make my own Pizza at Pizza Corner, last Saturday.

Pizza Corner hosted a “Pizza Party” specially aimed at bloggers to come appreciate and enjoy the Pizza making experience. And who in their right minds can refuse such an offer ! I agreed immediately, even though I had to travel quite a bit to this particular branch of Pizza Corner.

When I reached Pizza Corner, Virugambakkam branch, a few bloggers had already come and I came to know that another big group of bloggers are coming soon. It was time to introduce and make friends.  This whole thing was organized by Ms. Deepa, for her company and she turned out to be another sweet soul.

Then we were taken into the kitchen of Pizza Corner for that amazing experience of making the Pizza base. Lots of techniques, methods to get that perfect round shape, were used. I did try my best but with help from the superbly trained staff, my Pizza came out in super shape and corner


Now, doesn’t it look deliciously yummy ?? :P

And I didn’t stop with this…I went ahead and tried my hand in making the Conizza – the Pizza in a cone. A wonderful twist to the Pizza !!


I was standing with the utmost delight with the Conizza in my hand, like a child :D Thank you Pizza Corner, for this amazing experience.

A few things which caught my eyes which I really need to appreciate and mention are :
- The staff are Pizza Corner are ever smiling and ready to help and make our mistakes vanish.
- The kitchen is damn neat, things in the right place for ease of use by everybody.
- A friendly atmosphere by the staff helped in making friends easily.

We were offered a welcome drink and some knick knacks too. And of course, we got to eat the Pizza we made or share it with other friendly bloggers. But, the Conizza was all mine :P

A warm afternoon, spent well among friendly bloggers, in one clean Pizza Corner kitchen, making Pizza and eating it too !! Life is a blessing :)


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When I wrote for my friend

Dear Janaki,

It was IndiBlogeshwari Group in FB, which made us meet and the moment I saw your DP, I wanted to be friends with you. Your face exuded such warmth and that smile was inviting enough for me, for a friendship.

And when the friendship happened, I loved meeting you online, knowing you, your likes. It was fun discovering the many similarities between us.  I wanted to surprise you on your birthday by calling you. But you shocked me by identifying me before I could surprise you :P :P

I’ve experienced this with many of our IB friends, that we are able to bond well, in spite of not bonding over blogs.  This is a first for me, as I always base my friendship on what people write in their blogs.  This time the blogs came in later, after the friendship was already formed.

So, when you asked me to do a guest post, I couldn’t refuse. But I know I took a lot of time to write. You were amazingly patient and big hugs to you on that.

I am so happy to have written about my amazingly inspiring Patti – its just a facet of hers that I’ve shared.  If I am a freedom-loving individual with a penchant for food and related activities and to make a business out of it, the whole credit goes to my Patti. She inspired me personally and genetically too !
Am glad that you asked me to write for your blog, Janu.

Much love

Continue reading my post here at Janaki’s blog…

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Some ticketing experience

Now, you all know about our famous Tatkal booking at the Online Railway Reservation page. It always fails me when I need to book Tatkal tickets.

Since I needed one for my husband, I decided to go to the nearest Booking Counter and stand in the Tatkal queue. I reached the Booking Office by 7.15am. There were about 20 people in all. The shutters were closed. The office itself was not open. As I saw the people who were not even in a queue, I wondered who is the first one and where do I stand now ! Little did I know that there was one gentleman who was writing down names in a sheet of paper, so that there is some order, when the shutters open.

Whatever said and done, the Booking Counter officials are so punctual and they opened by 7.30am. Set up everything including their computer. And sharp by 8am, the counters were open to public.

This gentleman who wrote down the names was not part of the Railways. He’s also one among us, who has come to book his Tatkal ticket. Every day, a different person takes up this role.

Around 8.30am, he started calling out the names from the list and whoever has written the name and not present at the moment has lost their chance to stand in the queue. The others formed a queue and went and sat in the chairs.

Sharp 9am, I see a lady aka Headmistress walk over with a bunch of forms. Its then I realize that they have printed new forms separately for Tatkal booking. I was reminded of a typical examination hall, where we are being given question papers to solve. She kept reminding everyone that they should have the xeroxed ID proof of the person who is travelling along with his signature and also the original during the time of booking the ticket. Some instructions – one after the other, kept reminding me of the strict disciplinarian she was.

We were given time till 9.30 to fill our forms. She then came and checked our forms along with the ID xerox and put her initials on every form. Also there was a separate counter if you are buying for someone else (Representative) and three counters if you buying for yourself (Self). At sharp 10am when the counters opened for booking, she sat there along with a policeman and regulated the booking of tickets guiding every person as to which counter is becoming free. Even though some people might think like she is treating all of us like children, I found her strict way of dealing with everyone a better approach than to keep shouting at an unruly mob, who want tickets urgently.

In our country, we don’t follow rules on our own. We do only if we are forced to and only if someone is watching us closely. We don’t wait in queue patiently. We don’t give way for others, especially senior people. In these of kind of situations, such a dynamic lady’s active guidance was greatly welcome.

Am so proud to have got my tatkal ticket. With some order in place, queues do move faster :)

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Faith came back to me…

in recent times, but in a different way !


Wiki defines Faith as

Faith is confidence or trust in a person (as in their ability), thing, deity, in the doctrines or teachings of a religion, or view (e.g. having strong political faith) even without empirical evidence. It can also be belief that is not based on proof, or as confidence based upon varying degrees of evidential warrant. The word faith is often used as a conceptual synonym for hopetrust, or belief.

I remember those childhood days, where at every opportune moment, faith in our religion, our Gods, our customs, our myths was being thrust upon me.  I rebelled sometimes. “Why should we do namaskaram?” “Does God sit and watch me do it?” “What is the use of chanting all these sanskrit slokas, without understanding the meaning?” “If I don’t apply Vibuthi and Kumkum, why should God hate me?” The questions were endless. Some were asked aloud and some were swallowed with a gulp, for the questions were met with a final glare like “Just do what we say”.

I went around the temples just for the sake of it, wondering to myself if God is watching me do this and if He’ll be happy to see me doing the rounds around the temple.  I asked those Gods, the Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu – if they are able to hear me chanting the slokas.  Since the meaning was out of my reach, at that age, I wondered what will happen if I am wrong in my pronunciation.  Then one fine day, my aunt introduced me to the Skanda Shasti Kavasam, a long long sloka for the Lord Muruga. First, I was attracted to the music which goes along with singing the slokam. The most important thing was the sloka was in tamil, a language I could understand and so when I recited the sloka, I felt like talking to God. And immediately, Muruga became the favorite God. And of course, my paati gave me permission to recite this sloka even during the menstrual cycle. All other slokas were banned to be recited during those times. There was also this thought that if God gave us the cycles and he wants us to recite the slokas, then why not during those times ?? Some questions were never answered.

This Muruga phase kept on for a considerable time as I became more comfortable with the tamil lyrics and that wonderful tune.  I thought it was faith that I had in Muruga, that good things were happening to me. I did my college well, got a good job, married a good man…all those good things that happened to me, was the result of my never ending in faith in Muruga, or so I thought.

During the times of handling two little girls and the motherhood demands, I did take a break from reciting the slokas.  That faith for my daughters’ good health and happiness was the only thing that I cared about.  God was present with me in the form of my girls and that was the only faith that helped me to move on.  The good things didn’t cease to happen, even with the break given to recitation of slokas. The realization, which is often quite late, hit me – there are certain things that are meant to happen to me and that they happen at any cost.

Of course, the good things were also followed by a little bad phase. This didn’t mean that the non-recitation of the slokas were taking a toll on me. By this time, I was much matured and started understanding how things happen to us and its all in my mind and attitude to make things happen.

The more positive thoughts that I develop, the more positive are the things that happen to me. Faith meant a new thing now, which is positive thinking.

From a strict orthodox family with meticulous following of the rituals and customs, we have come a long way, where we take pride in doing my paati’s funeral ceremony the Arya Samaj way.  Its not the rituals that count, but how sincere we have been in doing it.  Amma has been donating to charities every month during paati’s thithi date. Its the faith in the new way of thinking that by feeding the hungry, helping the poor, we find God in that act.

There had been ups and downs in life.  But every phase was met with a smile saying “This too shall pass…”  There is a new Guru now, who guides me from time to time – my Sai. There are many Secrets and Alchemists to show me the simplest way forward.  All in all, there is only one message – Think Good, Help others, Be happy, Do not change yourself for others !  That faith has evolved inside me from time to time and now I feel more closer to the Super power, which sets this world go round.

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.” - from Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, J.K.Rowling


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So alike, yet so different

Comfy’s posts always makes me gooey inside, whenever I read about her cute little girls. I feel bad for all the lost out posts of mine, where I could have written and stored about my kutti girls doing this, doing that and my early motherhood hangovers and stuff like that.

Time is not lost totally and I want to go ahead and write about my girls who are totally alike yet different in many ways.  Let me put the thinking board to work !! They both are alike in many ways – actually they are like me in many ways. I loved the gene transfer that happened here ;)

Starting from being engrossed in a book till we reach the last page, watching TV shows like Castle, Two and a half men, Big Bang Theory, rom coms, those heart wrenching romantic movies, eating at our favorite Paradise in Hyderabad – we three are the same total romantics to the core !! Me and my younger one still shed a tear or two while we watch K3G !! And we all love watching JWM, for that “Kuthe, kamine” scene… :D

Oh ho…I have ventured diagonally to my similarities with them :P

The elder one is calm and composed, gives her opinion only when asked for it, plans ahead for all things that happen, is organized and absolutely creative. She has a great penchant for drawing, doing posters, making crafty things learning from the net, surprising everyone around her with a beautifully made card by her and her dedication and patience is something to applaud.  If people talk bad about her, she just ignores them and goes on with her life. She chooses her friends with whom she can have a great friendship through her life.

On the other hand, the younger one is like a storm on a quiet night, tells aloud “loud and clear” that this is how she is, never stops at voicing her opinion and also cares a damn if people don’t like her opinion. She hates to draw – all her science drawings were done by me and the elder one. That was one main reason she opted out of Science group ;) Plans don’t work for her…even when she makes one, she just cannot follow it !! Impulsive, high on temper – actually emotions, very demanding of everyone – including love !!  If people talked bad about her, she will hold their collar and ask them to explain why. Then she’ll ignore them. She thinks that all thats white is good and pure and is slowly realizing the meaning of true friends who stay put with her and the others who smile with her and talk behind her back.

And of course there are some things which they do equally with great synchronization. Like the days, when they give a tight hug, telling me to stay calm and that they are there !! They bug me with their continuous ranting of “Ma” “Ma”, simply for the fun of it. Their overflowing love towards us is something unparalleled on this Earth.

Both of them have this wonderful art of giving to others and helping the needy. I feel blessed to see them help others.

When me or hubby get back home tired and they greet with a hug, a smile, a glass of juice / cup of tea – that moment, I am glad that I gave birth to them.

Bindu’s post on Parentous made me actually ask my girls to describe me in one word. The elder one, being such a sweetheart, described me as her “Universe”, which made me glow in the enlighted motherhood !! The younger one, first dodged me, saying its difficult to describe me in one word. But, all that she can think of at that moment is, “Ma, you are like the air I breathe…” !! And I was breathless with joy !!  Later, when I was getting ready to go for a wedding reception, she came and asked me, “Do you want to know one more word to describe you?” I nodded. She said “Pretty”. Who will not go Awwww at this moment !! I am no exception.


With so much of love here, I feel this is one apt post for Valentine’s day…what do you say ??

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Conversations with your little girl…

I recently came across the news which is generally shocking to the nature of this Chennai city, which is that girls in Grades 6 and above have boyfriends. And that too, sometimes, more than 1.  This is a tremendous shock for the traditionally culture driven South Indian Society who live here.  These are unacceptable scenarios, for various reasons :

  • The parents were brought up in such conservative situations and ideas, that they think of this as blasphemy.
  • Since the concept of arranged marriages is a long-standing tradition here, this concept of having boyfriends at a young age is quite unacceptable to them.
  • There is also this stubborn streak inside families which still force to implement the “girls cannot talk to boys” rule, especially after the girl attains her puberty.
  • Also, there are many families who insist to the colleges to separate the girls from the boys, quoting the “focus on studies” is more important – that’s another post by itself.

Ok…is it so bad to have a boy friend ? And why all friends who are boys, treated like the “boyfriends” by parents ? Is it wrong for a girl to have a good friend in the opposite gender ?

I don’t think it’s so terribly wrong to have a friend in a boy. If he is going to be a good support for the girl in all the friendship ways, then its all the more good for her.

Those fancy ideas that having a boyfriend is so filmy and that compulsion to have one that are to be given serious thought about.  “In a relationship” is so commonly seen in FB now a days.  If a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend then it should be ok. But the peer pressure to have one is so high now a days that it actually kills the girl.  Girls are sidelined by their friends during conversations and during play times, if they do not have a boy friend. The girls who have boy friends talk about it most of the time that the girls without boyfriends cannot join in this conversation. This makes this girl to think of herself in such low-esteem that confidence evades her. She starts going into a shell. During times like these, comes in the role of a parent, especially the mother, whose conversations with her little girl can do wonders.

It’s very important to have great conversation times with your child from the beginning and the underlined code is “never snub your children, when they voice their opinion on something”.  Allow them to talk freely about what they feel like. It’s very important to keep the conversation flowing. Do not make the child think that you are a strict warden with a whip in hand to slash her on every word mistake she makes. It’s ok to make mistakes, they learn from that. Being firm with moral values and being strict with them are entirely different. It’s very important for mothers to understand this basic difference. So, be firm not strict.

And share some secrets with your little girl. Take her into your confidence. Share a knowing smile that you two know something that even daddy is not aware of.  That gives a goad in the right direction to your daughter, to make her talk about her secrets.  You, as a mother, should be the first person she turns into to clear her doubts and share her anxieties. I remember how my daughter used to come to me every morning, with a question on menstruation among other things. It made me feel happy that I am the Google for her. She looked out for answers and explanations from me. And I had to be honest too. Sometimes, her doubts were far beyond her age. But I tried my level best to explain things that she could understand and later when she grew up, I explained all those missed out things.

One more thing to make conversations, is to greet your child, who comes home from school, with a “How was your day?? Did your friend come to school ? Did you play with your friend?” Concentrate more on the friendly relationships she has made in school than with a moronic boring “What homework do you have??”  Education is very important, I am not deviating.  But when relationships around your daughter are more solid, then she’ll be very confident of herself, of her friends. Studying becomes a natural thing to do, apart from playing.

Be very frank with your child. Even if you have made a mistake, accept it. Show that its human to make mistakes. But once we have apologized, we need to stick to it and not repeat it.  We cannot have different set of rules for us and for the children.  Also, when the child makes a mistake and admits to the mistake, let it go. Do not ponder on it by talking about it again and again. This is another way of shutting up your child.

A hug, a kiss, a praise, a smile can go a long way in building a great rapport with your child. Be the one who your child will seek first and see your conversations grow !!

**My understanding is based on the rapport that I’ve with my daughters. It might be different for you. If you have a better idea, method for great conversations, please share with me.

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There’s this new tag doing the rounds now, which is #100HappyDays, where people post a picture a day depicting their most happy moment for 100 days !

I wanted to do that tag…so badly, but couldn’t, due to various reasons. So, I made this post about the 10 happy things that are always doing the rounds around my home :D

It may appear as small things or really petty ones, but it did bring a smile on our face, made us more happy than before – such small treasures of happiness are what that makes this world go round and round. The contentment and joy of those small things which makes us tremendously happy is something to experience and live through.


A long drive always rejuvenates the soul, esp for me :D


The girls splashed paint and color for one whole day and finally came up with this poster. Loved it !



Colored headphones made the daughter smile and me too :D



This quilt was hand-stitched by my elder one for her elder cousin-sister as her wedding gift. The thought of such a gift to her sister is so touching and made me smile more :D



The Drummer at home, my younger one, always makes us happy with a beat or two :D We are proud of her :)



Happiness is balloon shooting at the beach. What do you say ?? :D



To quote Nigella – “I am the happiest, when I am in the kitchen” :D
Happiness is cooking for the family :D



Happiness is cake baking in the oven…that intoxicating baking smell, the anticipation that the cake should come out well is still the same even after many years of baking  :)



Cloud watching should feature in the list of happy things. We three girls, always love to sit in our balcony, gaze at the sky, laugh / amaze at cloud patterns. This collage is a collection of recently clicked sky-watch pictures.

Omnia Pics1


Finally, there is happy news which I want to share with all you readers of my blog – My blog has been shortlisted for BlogAdda Blog Awards in the Personal Category. Its thanks to all your readership, that the Jury has shortlisted my blog. Being made to the shortlisted category is itself a big win for me and I am tremendously happy to be there.

To make my blog win, please do click on the following link and like my blog there.


Its been a long journey in this blog world and I feel so happy to have made so many friends through this blog of mine !

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She came home with a big suitcase, all happy and thrilled about the thought of being home for a long time.

The things which she left behind didn’t matter anymore.

Like a whiff of fresh air, she made everyone happy.

But now, she left, the love of her family.

The holidays were over in a jiffy !

Written for BlogAdda’s WOW – Love Sho(r)ts !

(Picture courtesy : Google)

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The best part of being in Chennai

Moments are rare when I feel totally happy and absolutely thrilled to be living in this seaside city called Chennai. Many people have asked me “Isn’t this your home town ? How can you not like it?”. Yes, I do like it – all my near and dear ones are here. Except for that fact, this city has never captured my heart, as Hyderabad did, during my stay of 7 years there.

But there is this magic in this city, which I relish, savor and enjoy whenever I get the chance. And that is the amazing coast line this city is blessed with. How can I resist the sea breeze which flows through my hair, in a way inviting me to come and spend some time in those waves and sands ?? :D


Those moments spent on the sands, is one of the most invigorating moments in my life, especially due to the reason, that I walk barefoot on the sands. It’s an amazing feeling, such therapy to my feet and I love the way the sand flows through my toes while I walk.  And its an absolute blessing that my girls think the same way like me and totally enjoy their visits to the beach, walking barefoot, wetting the feet in the water – it’s a delight that such simple joys exist in this world and for which I can die for.

I remember growing up with the waves, as a small girl. We used to stay near the beach and the walk from home to beach will easily take 30 mins and that was the exciting half hour of the day. As me, my siblings and my cousins walk and run to reach the beach, the excitement builds inside us, anticipating the moment of getting wet. We never hesitated to get totally wet. That was the final objective of that trek of 30 mins. The big waves excited us, especially when the salt water went into our mouths or when it used to sting our eyes.

After having the ball of our life playing with the waves, we start with the munching things. Roasted corn, Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal, Kai Murukku – actually anything that catches our fancy will go into our tummies too. And by this time, we were totally dry in that amazing wind.


Then we start building sand castles and playing our heart out, till we were literally dragged out of the sands by our parents. Those visits happenned almost every weekend and it recharged us for the upcoming week.  I cherish those beach visits and the absolute joy it gave me.

Now also, the beach has the charm to mesmerize me and hold me in place just by a small visit to that magical place. There is no playing around nor the urge to make sand castles. But to just be there, watch the people throng the waters, the other kids playing around, the amazing rise and fall of the waves – there is such contentment in being there; living that moment totally and consciously. And those big waves that wet me totally are not my favorite anymore.  I feel that smaller waves that come and touch my feet lightly gives me the maximum pleasure. Is it the age or have I matured in my affection towards this amazing place called beach ??? I don’t know nor I want to know ;)

Visits to the beach, makes me come alive for my love towards Chennai. And like a small child, I don’t feel like going home from the soft sands and waves. It’s a blessing to be around such a place, right ?? :D

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