Email, please !!!!

On December 7th, 2009 begins one of the most important meeting on tackling Climate change in Copenhagen.

The leaders of the world’s 180 countries, backed by a 20,000 strong army of officials, advisors, experts and journalists are attending a United Nations meeting to thrash out a new international deal to tackle climate change.

The receding glaciers, the rising sea level, the change in monsoon patterns, the temperature changes are all result of the global warming effects.  While some people say, that all these are natural happenings which are part of a cycle, there are others who say that we – the human race – have been responsible for such changes.

Which ever side is the truth is, we’ve literally raped nature at its best.

We’ve destroyed trees and forests, to make furnitures, paper, rubber, build industries.

In effect, we’ve killed animals and destroyed the ecological balance.

The industries built added to the pollution of the environment and the air and the water.

The so-called development of the human race has been achieved by destroying nature and the balance it maintains.

So, the leaders are at work at Copenhagen.  What are we doing here ?????

We can reduce the use of plastics, for instance. Please take a bag from home, while shopping and strictly say a NO when they offer to pack your things in a plastic carry bag.  Here you can learn on becoming a Brand Ambassador for a company which makes and distributes cloth bags for people to use and carry easily.

Reduce the use of paper, as much as possible. Try and use both sides of the paper before throwing it to the bin.

These are such small steps which can result in a better world.  The plastic and electronic garbage which we are throwing away today, might become the block which destroys our future tomorrow.  Think about it – How do we give a world that is fully polluted to our children, to live in ?????   Don’t we have the responsibility of giving a cleaner world for our children to live and enjoy, as we’ve enjoyed ?????

Lets do our bit and initiate others also to do so.  Let us be the living example which people can see and follow.

And the most important thing, EMAIL MORE, PLEASE !!!!!  Get your bills online, write letters online – email whenever possible, so that we use less paper.

Lets save the world !!! Right now, we don’t have another planet to migrate to.  This EARTH is what we all have. Lets join together for a greener tomorrow.

Source : Indian Express 6th December 2009.