Brand Loyal

Today morning, when I was opening a pack of biscuits to have with tea, I just realised that it was not a Britannia product.  I was surprised.  How did that brand of biscuits find its way into my biscuit box ?????

Then I realised that it was given free with some other product.

Anyway, the point is, I am a great big fan and that too, a loyal one, of Britannia biscuits for nearly 20 years, now.  Never do I go and buy some other brand of biscuits, because a particular variety is not there.  I hunt through every shop till I find the Biscuit brand, I love.

The best I like is the Milk Bikis and the Brita, the small energy pops.  The Marie from Britannia is certainly the best – Now, don’t ask me, whether I’ve tasted other brands to give this statement.  I’ve not tasted, but I know from the looks.

When we go out on vacation, some hotels provide tea or coffee with biscuits, sometimes. And I’ve seen S eating those biscuits with tea. With all other brands, I’ve seen the biscuit fall back into the tea-cup.  Only with Britannia Marie, it never falls back into the cup.  It waits to fall into your mouth !!!!!!

But, as much as I am a fan of Britannia biscuits, I am not very fond of their dairy products.  For Dairy products, there is only one King and that is Amul.  The butter, cheese, cheese slices, cheese spreads – name anything, they are the best.  Even the Mozzarella Cheese from Amul is the tastiest and makes the home-made Pizzas so yummy !!!!!

And there is this Aashirvaad atta from ITC, which I’ve been using from the time, they introduced.  I remember that day, so well.  ITC was doing a promo for the introduction of their new Aashirvaad atta, some 9 to 10 years back.  And, I was there at the supermarket, on that day and so, I was given a 1Kg packet atta as a free sample.  I even remember the girl, who gave it to me, because, she was so sweet and talked so nicely to me and when she gave me the atta packet, she told me that I would love this brand of atta and she hoped that I would go for this atta again and again. And yes, she was right !!!!! After using the sample packet, I was so thrilled with the quality of the chappathis, that I forgot that other brands existed.  And never I’ve changed to some other brand of atta. This is the best one for me !!!!

And Red Label Tea is my tea !!!!  The journey together started from my teenage and is still going strong !!!!! I love the chai and the more lovely chai conversations !!!! Remember their ad – It’s a gud time to talk !!!!!!

For each and every product, I stick to brands like these. I use them the first time and if they are good and my family is happy, then that is the brand for me.  Under no circumstances, will I change the brand.

Even if the other brands give me the best offers, I don’t buy other brands. I am very BRAND LOYAL.

So,  How Brand Loyal are you ?????????