Traffic – Comedy or Serious ???

S is a great fan of the Aditya Channel – which telecasts only the comedy scenes from Tamil movies.  Even though I find the scenes very repetitive, I don’t mind watching the ones starring Vivek, for I greatly appreciate his comic timing and the way he gets back at people for their silliness and superstitions.

Last week, when we were glued to this Aditya Channel, I happened to watch one of my favourite scenes by Vivek.

In this scene, Vivek is travelling by bike with his friend and they happen to wait in a traffic signal.

Vivek says at this point, “We’ll put the right indicator, show our left hand and go straight ahead, to confuse you all, as we always do in India”.  It’s a pun alright, but sadly its also the plight of traffic in India.

It’s quite surprising that people in India, have got this idea of going first, over taking everybody on the road.  Are we in a race or something ?????

If we allow the vehicles ahead of us to move forward, then automatically we’ll get our way.  There’s certainly no patience, especially when people are on the roads, behind the steering wheels.

At this point, I am reminded of a funny incident, in Hyd.  Whether its funny or not, it just shows, how even stupid people get a driving license in India. There’s no need to know the traffic rules and regulations.

One of our friend, was driving his car. He is a very cautious driver and never crosses the speed limits.  And at a particular junction, he wanted to take a left turn. Since, there was free left available at that junction, he just put on the left indicator of his car and turned left.

Suddenly, there came a scooter, over taking his car, with a ferocious man on it.  He parked his scooter just in front of the car and asked our friend to get out of the car.

Our friend, being quite the docile type, didn’t want to get into any confrontations. With lots of hesistation, he got out of the car and the man on the scooter started shouting.  Without understanding the reason for his shouting, he quietly asks him to state the reason before shouting.

That man on the scooter asks our friend – Why did you turn left without any indication ?????

Friend (with a bewildered look) – Of course, I did put my left indicator !!!!

Man – No, all that is not enough.  Why didn’t put your hand out and show that you are turning left, with your hand ??????  You saw me doing the same while I was driving the scooter, eh ?????

Our friend was stunned beyond belief.  How in heaven’s sake, can you put your hand out and tell that you are turning left, while driving a car ?????

This is the height of traffic sense !!!!!  I still wonder,  How did that guy ever get a driving license !!!!

And another irritating thing in Hyd traffic, is people don’t take their hands off the HORN !!!!  They are always honking. Even if the traffic is stand still, due to some reason, the honking will go on and on.  Its absolutely irritating.

I’ve also noticed that people give more respect to the traffic signals than the traffic constables on duty.  While they listen without any question, to the red / orange / green lights, they argue and talk badly with the traffic constables.  Even if the traffic constable says STOP, the people give him a stare and drive away.

Even though we make fun of the road sense in the people of India, the whole scenario is really pathetic.

One, there is a sudden surge in the number of people owning a four-wheeler. Every Bank is calling the people walking by their branch and giving them a Car loan. Who wouldn’t want to buy, when the banks call you and give you loans ????

Second, the Government is totally unprepared for the increase in number of vehicles and there are no concrete plans accordingly to widen the roads or build flyovers or take any measures to ensure smooth traffic.

Third, the people want to reach their place of destination, in just a few minutes of sitting in their vehicle.  There is no patience, no giving way for ambulances – the top priority is only themselves.

Fourth and most important is talking on the mobile while driving. This certainly distracts the driver and confuses the person driving behind this man. The reflex is quite slow, because of the distraction of talking on the mobile phone.  Even though it’s a rule – TALKING & DRIVING DONT GO TOGETHER – people are just going on talking on the mobile, as though this rule doesn’t apply to them.

Any phone call can wait – no call is more precious than your life.

Follow traffic rules and have a safe and enjoyable Driving experience !!!!! 🙂