My daughters are answering !!!


Tagged again, by Nancy. God bless you, Nancy for doing this favour to me.

But there is a difference. I am not answering those questionnaires, but my daughters are.

Wanna know what I did ?  I prepared a Question paper for both my girls and when they were busy with their school work, quietly slipped this question paper to them and instructed them to answer without discussing with each other.  Both of them thought for a moment that I’ve given them some Maths question paper. But when they read thru the questions, they exclaimed – Mama, whats this ?  Are you tagged ?.

My girls came to know abt tags, from the way I was bla bla bla-ing abt it in the house.  And they absolutely enjoyed Nancy’s tag on the same lines. My younger one was rolling on the floor laughing away and the best she liked was  – Nancy’ll become famous for watering plants.

Anyway, coming back to my tag, I Thank God from the deepest point in my heart for blessing me with two wonderful girls !  I am thrilled beyond expectation at the way they adore me, admire me, respect me, cuddle with me and most importantly for the highest place they have given in their hearts. Thank you God !!!


Let me introduce my daughters before you start, as you’ll understand their answers better then. My elder one, Sruthi, is in Class 9, and is just a darlingto have. She is very innovative, matured, diplomatic, sophisticated and too much loving. The younger one, Shalini, is in Class 7, and is the mischievious one. She smiles a lot to hide her naughty stuff.  She is very frank, a temper queen, cuddly, childish and oh so lovable.

Mama: What is something I always say to you?

SRUTHI :Dont fight with Shalu. Learn to adjust and share. I love you so much. Clear your room and study table – its a mess. Enough of home work, go and play !!!
SHALINI: “SHALINI”, Dont do that / Kannamma, enna da chappai ? ( The second part is cuddly talk in tamil)

Mama: What makes me happy?

SRUTHI: A smile.   When me & Shalu dontfight and we share and when we appreciate everything you do for us.
SHALINI : When I do something good like getting full marks.

Mama: What makes me sad?

SRUTHI : When me and Shalu fight. Also when I am sad or angry or unhappy.
SHALINI : If I trouble you or irritate you by not doing my work at proper time.

Mama: How do I make you laugh?

SRUTHI :By tickling us or by telling us funny incidents in your life.
SHALINI : By tickling or cracking a joke.

We also have tickling sessions as punishments !!!

Mama: What do you think I was like as a child?

SRUTHI : Very caring, lots of fun, loves to enjoy with friends and family, sometimes a bookworm, never got angry….
SHALINI : An intelligent scorer (just like me) HA, HA, HA.

Mama: How old am I?

SRUTHI : Say about 36

Girls, u let me down, by revealing my secret no.

Mama: How tall am I?

SRUTHI : Shorter than me by 2 cm. I am 164cm and you are 162cm only.
SHALINI : As tall as me, except that I am 1 inch shorter than you.

They are absolutely proud of being taller than me ! Shame on u, Uma. Grow up (I mean taller).

Mama: What is my favourite thing to do?

SRUTHI: Hang out with me, Shalu and Dad and go out together.
SHALINI: Cook, Swim, Blog.

Mama: What do I do when you’re not around?

SRUTHI : Maybe some work at home or go to the Bank, but you always tell us what you do.
SHALINI : Something special (cooking, what else)

Mama: If I become famous, what will it be for?

SRUTHI : Best Chef, Best Artist and the Best Mom on Earth (UNIVERSE).

SHALINI : Cooking, Swimming Champion, Best Mama.

Best Mom – Thank u girls.  I do swim reasonably well, but to be a Champion in my Shalu’s eyes, its simply gr8.

Mama: What am I really good at?

SRUTHI : Everything you do. U R Awesome.
SHALINI : Drawing, Cooking, Trying out new things.

Mama: What am I not really good at?

SRUTHI: Mmmm….. Nothing.
SHALINI : I dunno.

I am speechless. I really dunno what to say !!!!

Mama: What is my job?

SRUTHI: You dont have a job. You do things for us becoz you love us. ITS NOT A JOB.
SHALINI : To take care of two little stars.

Two contradictory statements – two girls who are extreme opposites.

Mama: What is my favourite food?

SRUTHI: Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani, Home made curd rice and Mavadu*
SHALINI: Curd Rice, Rava Dosa, Vella Adai**, Chicken 65.

Do I look like a gr8 foodie ? Of course, I am.

Mama: What makes you proud of me?

SRUTHI: Becoz you are awesome and you totally ROCK.
SHALINI : When you try something new and it came out very well. When ever you promise me something and keep it up.

Mama: What makes me proud of you?

SRUTHI : Whenever I am disciplined, good natured and somebody appreciates that, when I achieve something really awesome like the Best Student Award or House Prefect.
SHALINI : When ever I promise you something and keep it up !!

Mama: What do you and I do together?

SRUTHI : Have fun, go for shopping, sit and talk for hours on various topics.
SHALINI : Watch a movie.

OMG ! How many movies Shalu made me watch in this summer break ? And how many times we watched each movie ?

Mama: How are we the same?

SRUTHI: V both are patient. If there’s a problem, we analyse it properly before taking any decision. We are artistic and creative, very systematic and neat, dontdo anything in a hurry.
SHALINI : In style (Western clothes) and in temper !!!

Sruthi, you are too much a darling.  And Shalu, she is very proud of her temper as she is a Leo.

Mama: How are you and I different?

SRUTHI: I dont get excited at things while you do.
SHALINI : In so many things. Like you are patient and I am so impatient.

Mama: What is one thing you wish you could change about me?

SRUTHI : Nothing. U R Awesome, awesome and totally awesome the way you are. May be you can avoid the high excitement, sometimes.
SHALINI : Your temper.

Sruthi – very diplomatic. Shalu – absolutely frank.

Motherhood, JAIHO !

Darling Daughters, JAIHO !


 *Mavadu – The tiny raw mangoes soaked in salt and masala.  Its a gr8 combo with curd rice.

**Vella adai – Its the sweet form of adai (dosa). Vellam is jaggery in tamil.


17 Replies to “My daughters are answering !!!”

  1. Nice one Uma. The beautiful bond b/w mom n daughters – am missing my Mamma so so much after reading this post 😦

    UmaS : Thank u. I miss my mom especially when I make rava dosa & vella adai.

    Nice pic .. On the way to Srisailam rt?

    UmaS : U guessed it right !

    So, u r a swimming champion yeah!

    I luv that word ‘Kannamma’ 🙂

    UmaS : When I call Kannamma, all the other 3 respond in my home. Its such a cuddly word to use.

    3 Cheers to the best Mom on earth and to the darling daughters Muah!

    UmaS : 🙂

    BTW, let me know when u get angry ok; I will run away from Hyd 😛

    UmaS : Its not that bad, yaar. People are still living with me.


    1. I know. I somehow can’t imagine u hvng a bad temper 😛 U seem to be really cool 🙂

      UmaS : Its the high note in my tone, which shows up when the girls are trying to skip their school work and watch TV.


    2. Kannamma feels very close to the heart. My mausa is from Salem side n his mom calls my cousin dat way. I really luv it

      UmaS : Totally approve it – it feels very close to the heart.


  2. Lovely Uma!!!! When I was reading ur daughters answers my thoughts automatically went to my mum & sister…we too are very close & us sisters thinks the world of our mum.

    UmaS: Thank u ! 🙂

    U married quite early huh…I mean at 36 u have grownup daughters & at 35 I have 2 itty-bitty kiddos 😮

    UmaS : Yeah, got married by 24. My parents think that was very late. Imagine U !

    Both Shruti & Shalini sound like children every mother would be proud to have 🙂

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

    UmaS : 🙂


  3. such cuties…

    hopefully my twins will grow and talk like this too…

    UmaS : Thanks. You’ve twins ? How old are they ? 🙂


  4. Hey Umi, Ur kiddos are the best. Whenever I see the three of u together, I wish I had another daughter.
    And congrats on moving!

    UmaS : Welcome to WP ! And Thank U, atleast u are getting inspired, to go for another one !!! 🙂


  5. hi uma, great reading the ans of ur girls. since i too have two girls it took me to a diff beautiful place. u have two wonderful girls and u have brot them up well. u r also a wonderful person,no doubt about that. hugs the girls.malu

    UmaS : Thank u so much. I was thrilled to bits at the admiration, trust, adoration, respect they’ve for me. I feel that I’ve to work more hard to be worthy of such trust and respect from my girls. Not to forget, all you ladies of the family have been a great inspiration to me on the dos and donts of bringing up the kids. So, credit goes to u all too, for teaching me right.


  6. Hi! My God, Sruthi and Shalu’s answers just blew me away. They were so thoughtful and respectful and they really do love you soo much! Both of them write wonderfully and you should be so proud of them! Mama was inspired by your tag and made me answer them as well. I’m pretty sure that she’s pleased! hehe =). Well, I miss all of you so please send my love to everyone. Lots of love, saggy.

    UmaS : Hey Saggy ! Glad u liked this tag by S & S. So, Mama made u answer all those, too ??? Where r those answers ? I want to read them. We all luv u too ! Hope u r having a gr8 time during ur hols.


  7. Adorable daughters you have 🙂 You must feel so proud!
    And though your daughters are all grown up and mine is just six, we are about the same age! And after going through your posts i find that our thoughts are so similar 🙂 Glad to know you Uma!


    1. Same here – glad to know you !!! Wish we can meet !!! 🙂

      Really, are we the same age ???? I thot I was much younger to you…. 😉 he he he ….

      Yes, its a proud feeling of motherhood !!! Priya, do this tag also !!! You’ll feel so happy to hear Ammu’s answers. 🙂


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