Waking up with Alarms !

Trrrnnnng ! Trrrnnngg ! Ahhh ! What is that noise ? Who is disturbing my sleep ?
I hate these alarms. This was me when I was studying for board exams and this is still me when I try to get up and send my daughters to school. I love to switch off the alarm and go back to sleep and continue with my dream. Ah ! Such wonderful dreams come only in the early morning hours, which I’ve to cut short to get up.

When I was in school, every night before going to bed, my standard dialogue to my mom will be “Ma, please wake me up early. I’ve got to read”. She’ll give me a dirty look and walk off. I know this look, as I get it everyday. Early morning, when my mom starts waking me up, I’ll just open my eyes a little and tell “5 mins, I’ll be up”. And then I’ll cuddle nicely with a pillow and close my eyes to continue my dream. My mom will come again after 5 mins and this time she’ll have a very stern voice. I’ll actually sit up and again fall back on the bed. My mom walking from the kitchen to the bedroom and me changing poses will continue for another half an hour. To put an end to this situation, my mom will just get a glass of water and pour it on my face. Alas, dreams shattered, sleep gone and I am totally awake. As this situation was a regular everyday, both my mom and me got used to it, kind of. Now, you understood why she gave me a dirty look.

Actually, the problem arised because of my sister. This sister of mine will get up on her own in the ungodly hour of 3am to study. While I can study late into the night, I can never do this morning studies. I try and study during regular days so that I dont need to keep awake just to study. Why miss out on the wonderful dream-full sleep ?

And now, when I dont have anything to study, I’ve to get up early to the ringtones of the mobile alarm, so that my daughters get ready for school in time.

What a wonderful invention is the SNOOZE option in the alarms of mobile phones. It’s just like what I did, when I was young. Those days, it was my mom who used to snooze and call me every 5 mins. Now it is the mobile, which has taken over from my mom. I set the time in my mobile 30 mins fast. When the alarm rings, it is actually 30 mins in advance to the actual time. It is a great delight now, to keep snoozing the mobile for the next 30 mins and enjoy some more sleep, the way I wanted.

The holidays are the time when the mobile alarm is totally off, but I’ve to live with the real life alarms – like my daughter, who gets up at 5.30am even during days when she has off.

Now a days, as political parties in India follow the footsteps of Obama, they are becoming more gadget oriented. I keep getting election messages in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours. I am totally against these smses in the night times.

Finally, as the exams are getting over, I am just about to get a break from the alarms and blissfully sleep till the sun rises. Here’s to beautiful dreams and great sleeping time to myself !

10 Replies to “Waking up with Alarms !”

  1. Uma, the one thought on my mind as I read about the daily morning splashes of water on your face is : U must have had one soggy pillow!

    😀 Yeah, three cheers to the snooze button.


  2. I am in complete agreement with the 5 min. extensions; those 5 minutes wanting to continue, not wanting to get up, and, the agony of knowing that someone will wake me up after that time is over…torturously enjoyable times! I see my daughter repeating it now!!

    Wish you wonderful, alarm-less holidays.


  3. Bins : Over a period of time, I came to learn when the water splashing will happen – depending upon the speed of my mother’s walk + the tone of shouting + since how long she is trying to wake me up.
    So, when it is just about to happen, I’ll sit up and smile at her.
    Soggy pillow – yes, I’ve to put it out on the terrace everyday before going to school.

    Ram : As u rightly put it, my daughter is doing the same thing – the 5 mins thing. I think it has come in the genes.
    And thanks, I am waiting for the alarm-less holidays.


  4. 😀

    U knw we used to get these water treatments regularly & gradually when it stopped having any effect my mom used to pour iced water….that too using a empty syringe.
    Just the thot of it used to make us charge out of bed as soon as we heard her coming:-D

    Seriously even I'd rather stay awake at night than get up in the moring:-P


  5. rofl!! i can see my future in your post. I am EXACTLY like you. even worse, I’d say. I won’t even wake up with a glass of water pourin on my face. my husband gives me the SAME ‘dirty’ looks these days when I tell him I am going to wake up early. haha never happened before and it aint gonna happen. i’d much rather not sleep all night than bother getting up early.

    🙂 thanks for the smiles!!!


  6. hehe…
    Thank God for snooze… but for me, dad does the snooze thing 🙂 And I await Ammu’s vacation time for the much needed sleep 🙂


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