I stand Humbled

It was one of the soul-humbling experience for me, yesterday. I had to try hard to suppress my tears.

We visited a home for destitute children and differently-abled children, yesterday evening, where my BIL had arranged for dinner to these children @ AMS IPD Orthopaedic Centre, Chennai.

OMG !!! The selfless service attitude people around that place, made me feel that I’ve wasted my life, thinking only about myself and my family.

The children staying there,  also help the others, in feeding and serving.  There are so many children who cannot eat on their own….all of them were fed by other children and volunteers.  These children are given mixed food (sambar or dhal + veggies, mixed in the rice), because they cannot mix it on their own and secondly its easier to feed them like this.  Not only this – a patient Nurse was going around giving medicines to the children….for some it’s before food and for some after food. The concern shown towards each and every child, is certainly a way towards the higher domains of life.

Here I am sulking about life and other silly things around me, whereas people with so many disabilities carry on life with such vigor, smile and happiness and the feeling of caring and sharing among them, really touches one’s heart totally.

We happened to meet a person whose hands and legs too, were disabled. He came towards us in a flat wooden board with wheels under it…but with a huge smile on his face, which was quite infectious. Even with such sorrow in my heart, I saw myself smiling at him. He wished us all and showed us some greeting cards from his bag. All these movements of opening the bag and taking the cards were done so deftly with his leg. While I was amazed at his use of legs, the cards surprised me even more. All the pictures in the cards are drawn by him, with his leg…WOW, what fantastic pictures he has done…an artist with amazing talent in his toes. And he was selling those cards for a price. I, then understood the confidence with which he wants to live life on his own earnings and not to expect money through charity…WOW, certainly a lesson to learn there.

We were there for an hour or so. And I would really like to appreciate the Warden, the care-takers, the helpers, the Nurses who take care of these children and the grown-ups, with such patience and love.

The whole experience yesterday, has humbled the soul-within and here I say a Thank you Prayer, for all the blessings to me, in life. And this is what I am telling my daughters, right at this juncture, to count the blessings in life.  And also to lend a helping hand to others, in whatever way they can. 🙂

27 Replies to “I stand Humbled”

  1. After we hv started serving thru our NGO, I hv realized hw much indebted to life we are. One, we see people who dnt hv so many things yet they complain. On the other hand, there r ppl who are serving them selflessly without looking for appreciation or rewards.
    U r so rt abt counting our blessings 🙂

    And I hate ppl who blame India for this one reason. R they even keeping count of people who r doing what they can instead of cribbing? I think ppl shud start dng something instead of sitting and cursing the country!


  2. We should indeed count our blessings.. there are so many less fortunate people in this world, who face it with a smile, and here we are cribbing about every small thing that affects us in a tiny way. Nice post Uma.


  3. Such a good post!How much we take for granted nah? I can imagine what an amazingly humbling experience that must have been! And it was so nice of your BIL to arrange for the meal for them! 🙂


  4. Indeed We shud be thankful to god for what we have .. My dad always told us all along that we shud not crib or moan over things going on as there is always someone somewhere who is more worse off then us …

    Indeed we are blessed and lucky to be in the position we are in and shud make the best out of it …

    Bikram’s Blog


  5. OMG, what a beautiful post to begin the week with. Seriously Uma, it is only when we see those who don’t have even basic good health, that we realise how fortunate we are, and that we really must stop cribbing. Thanks for this.


  6. Have done it so many times; but everytime, there’s a new surprise. Everytime, one is hubled and starts counting one’s blessings. i must say, AFTER this became a habit I HAVE become a better person 😀 I swear. If you have a bit of goodness in you, these places can really make you a good person!

    Way to go Uma, and your BIL, for this!


  7. I can’t add anything to what the others have said, but it’s true, it seems to be the only time we realise how fortunate we are, and probably gives a little nudge to us to try and contribute something, how much ever little, to help.


  8. Yes, we need to remember all we have to be thankful for. And I applaud people like you for going out there and doings for people less fortunate than us.


  9. Hugs Uma for sharing your humble experience with us! I’m sure its heart-wrenching on one side, but leaves us with so many questions unanswered!!

    Reminds me of my dear brother who is also phisically challenged with no hands, but just a few cms long limbs. He does everything beyond imagination with his leg!!


  10. Such places really puts things into perspective, don’t they? My dad volunteers at a place like this, and this time in India, we went there, and as you said, it was such a humbling experience..

    It opens our eyes to reality, doesn’t it? Your advice to your daughters is so apt, Uma.


  11. Thank you everyone for your comments. 🙂

    Visiting places like this and taking part in helping the people is humble start in realising what we really are lucky to have in life. These visits will continue – thats the promise I’ve made to myself. And I am sure to take my daughters too…for knowing about these differently talented children, will change their perspective to life. 🙂


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