I am fascinated with my breath. The more I stay with it, feel it, understand it, it leads me to those deep parts inside me – those parts which I didn’t knew existed before. Imagine the breath being like a bright light that lights up those dark parts inside me – I have felt like this many days! I have felt lighter as my breath lightened my concealed dark parts – I have grown into a better person – I found peace with myself!

One day, I sat with my breath to do small experiment. I tried to inhale as long as I could but couldn’t go beyond a level as my lungs could expand only to a particular extent. And finally I had to stop inhalation and go onto my exhale.

As inhale is energy for us, I tried to hold that inhale for sometime, thinking that will make me energetic. But there was a limit to how long I could hold that Inhale.

It was a very similar experience with exhale and holding breath after exhale too. Of course, there was difference – I was able to exhale for a longer duration than inhale and hold my breath after exhale longer than the hold after inhale.

One thing was glaringly clear – as and when I inhale, the exhale has to happen. There is no holding it or storing it for later. And the exhale or the letting go is a beautiful process which makes every inhale a welcome process!

As we learn to feel comfortable to relax those abdominal muscles, to let go of the air, we gain a lot by the fresh air that enters our lungs on the next inhale!

I think I can go on and on about this😁

The best thing that we can do is be observant of our breath, how we inhale, how we exhale and stay with our breath as long as we can. Try staying with your breath at many times during the day – when you walk, when you sit to read, when you do your everyday household chores – just try – you can learn a lot of things about your own self!


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