No – Nothing

“No post today” – I told myself yesterday on the day allotted for N. For the first time in my life, I just didn’t do something I committed myself to. I let go of the idea to write!

I have heard many times that NO is a powerful statement. But for me, more than the NO, the acceptance of what comes when I say NO is the powerful thing.

When I committed to this A to Z challenge,  I mentally made a promise to myself that I will try my best to write on all days of April except Sundays. So when I didn’t write on a Saturday, I first struggled to handle the disappointment that I gave myself. It may lead to guilt, self-pity, inability to do things which I like doing – it is a vicious cycle.

Yesterday, no such thing happened. My self-love was so strong that I felt I have conquered my biggest fear – the guilt of not able to do things. I slept the whole afternoon and spent the whole evening with family. Never once did the thought of not written for the day came into the picture. Am so very happy about it.

By saying a NO to a simple task of writing, I moved from a space filled with “do this” “do that” to a space called “nothing to do”. That felt very powerful for me.