I begin my day with prayer. I light a lamp and stare at the light that can find its way into me, embrace it!

There have been days when I didn’t have the energy to move myself to the puja room; I told my prayers lying on the bed.

Many days I have sat in my puja room, cried myself dry, as I tried to tell my prayers.

There have been days when I was jubilant with joy when I told my prayers.

These were some statements which I used while praying – that this situation is not going the way I want it to/ that person is not doing things right / this has to change / that has to change / please give me this / make me happy…and the list was endless! Whatever the situation I was never happy!

One day it struck me – I observed a pattern in the statements used during praying. I understood that my emotional state was directly related to these intentional statements I said during the prayer.

I started meditating from 2018. There has been a lot of acceptance about me, about others and the way each and everyone does their work. I learnt to deal with those thoughts, people, circumstances which I had pushed under the carpet before.

It was a difficult process but done with great effort. This has led to a sense of appreciation for myself and the people around me. Everyone, like me, is doing their best and trying hard to be their best!

Nowadays I just have a deep sense of gratitude as I light the lamp – a simple thank you, for the day, for that particular moment, for the current breath, for good people around me, for the blessings in my life!

This gratitude inspires me to wake up every morning earlier than others. It gives me the inspiration to light the lamp, offer flowers to my Guru, and to the Higher force that I believe in. This gratitude inspires me to move on with life! It inspires me to be myself, to be able to express the love I have inside me without fear of rejection, to be the best version of myself.

There are days when things are not aligned inside me and there may be feelings other than happiness. On such days, my guiding force is my intention of gratitude for that space on which I stand, feeling my prana in my body!

There is no great inspiration to write today. So just took these words from an Instagram post of mine. Grateful for being able to do this work of copy and paste!