Actually I was thinking of Influence for I. And then it stuck me Instagram…ha ha…the influence I wanted to talk about!

I have written this many times before but putting on record again- I have found some of the amazing souls here, in the virtual world – Facebook, Instagram!

I have always found people here who help me to embrace the changing me. When I started learning about yoga and started practicing it, I found people who were on a similar journey like mine. I was able to connect and learn more.

When the mandala art intrigued me, I found an amazing set of people who share with me the artistic passion.

I always found people who are crazy about nature, who share pictures of skies, trees, plants, flowers, fruits, sea, waves, sand, mountains, snow, flowing rivers and just everything they appreciate in nature.

When I started my account in Instagram, Facebook helped in the setup and followed all the food accounts I was following in Facebook. I used to cook like crazy in those days, made so many lunch box ideas, baked almost every week, wrote a tambram cookbook which is still in drafts and it was always everything about food. The reason behind this food fetish was my motherly love for my daughters. I wanted to cook delicious food for them, all the time.

Slowly, the daughters went their own way to college and work and I just didn’t know to cook less or not cook at all! Menopause happened and then that changed a lot of things in my life. I stopped cooking like crazy and allowed my body to rest. I unfollowed all food accounts. I started following those accounts which felt good for my mental space.

I found amazing people behind those accounts and I have made good friends over these years.

While many people may wonder at influence of Instagram as “a not so positive one” – the one in which all the time is lost by unnecessary scrolling and random following, I find it an enriching experience where I have met amazing people, people who have inspired me, and people who are like-minded like me sharing similar passions!

The app is an app…what we make out of it is what we are looking for in it. Right?