Rashmee and I decided to write on the topic Freedom. After discussing with her, I had so many thoughts on that topic which I wanted to put it down before I forgot all about it. I opened a document and typed away furiously – yes the thoughts were coming in full speed!

Now, do you remember that little girl in Kuch kuch hota hai movie, who got the word “Pooja” to talk for one minute on it? You remember how she went on and on about that word? There was no connection between her statements. She just told facts in which the word “Pooja” was a part of it.

My post ended up like that – I had fragments which resembled paragraphs talking about freedom but I found them very random. Maybe it was a good one. I don’t know. I just left it in drafts and went to sleep.

This morning, as I did my meditation, I realised the path my post can flow through!

I scrapped that whole thing I wrote. Here is something that I can relate to, today…this moment.

For me, freedom has always been associated with a bird. To soar high among the skies represents Freedom. To feel that the wings that hold the power can help me roam the skies is Freedom.

And I yearned for that kind of Freedom in my everyday chores, when I was young. I wanted Freedom from household work as I wanted to read books. I wanted Freedom from cutting vegetables and cooking as I wanted to spend more time with friends. I wanted Freedom from the mundane things that made everyday to a routine, as I wanted to sit on the sands of the beach staring at the waves, the hands feeling the coarse sand, sometimes go to the water and stay there forever as though I can merge myself with the sea.

These were my thoughts whenever I used to think of freedom.

There has been scope to change and the scopes have been used well, for I see a lot of changes in the way I perceive freedom now.

The top most point is I would like is freedom from distractions. There is a wide spectrum of distractions which can choose to disturb whatever I am doing at that time. As I see myself transit from point A – that point in time where I could multitask and was super proud of that ability – to Point B – that point in my life where I would like to do only one task at a time, I wish for freedom from distractions.

When I am cooking, I try to do one dish at a time and enjoy it completely.

When I am sitting in a class, I try to keep my undivided attention there.

When I am watering my plants, I try to stay with my plants, talk to them and enjoy their presence.

When I sit to design my class content, I am absolutely with it, imagining the whole class happening in my mind space.

When I watch Friends (don’t ask me how many times have I watched it) with my daughters, I am present there completely and I find myself laughing aloud for those jokes which I have listened to so many times.

This feels like freedom now. The ability to avoid my distractions (trying hard at it…its no joke) and keep them at bay needs the mental space to do it!

Drawing and creating art helps in building that undivided attention. Meditating and allowing the thoughts to flow through me helps in keeping distractions at bay.

So, there it is. It is out in the open now.

I would like freedom from distractions.