Microblog Mondays – Am reading on the phone now :)

Quite recently, I upgraded myself to a smartphone. And that too after repeated requests from elder one to get on to Whatsapp.  It seems that I was missing out on so much fun if I was not on Whatsapp.

I was always of the thought-process that a phone is only for making / receiving calls and what is the point of adding other features to it ?

But, of late, I am liking the fact that I can read my mails over my phone, apart from the various other things. I also Whatsapp with my girls, friends, click pics and send them too, which I was not comfortable doing before.

Now, I have the privilege of reading mails while travelling or wherever I am, even when I don’t have access to my computer. Its a boon for a working person like me. I can read all the blog posts, to which I’ve subscribed by email.  It gives me ample time to read everyone of my friends’ posts. Even though, I am not able to comment on every post, but I do make sure to read them all.

So, rest assured, my blog world ppl, I do read your posts, now a days.

What is your favorite thing to do with your phone ?? (Other than making calls…that is 😛 )



14 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – Am reading on the phone now :)”

  1. I love the fact that other than typing out blog posts for which I still prefer the laptop, I can do pretty much everything I need to online via the phone. This includes reading stuff, facebooking, booking tickets, playing games and also shopping! 🙂

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  2. Playing games! Shopping list (always have it with me). Timer. Watch movies (this is really only for travel). Read books. I switched over to a smart phone a few years ago, and while I’m still terrible with the phone part of it (talking on the phone, answering texts, etc), I do love that I always have a book in my pocket on the phone. Or 12.


  3. Me three… though blog posts take a while to load, mine being a rather basic smart phone 😀
    So not blogging via phone, but emails, yes, and lurking on FB yes 😛
    The phone has a lag, so it is irritating to use it much, for online activities unless I really need to urgently 😀

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  4. Whatsapp is my favorite.. because it keeps me connected even though I have deactivated Facebook! 😀
    I don’t blog or read blogs on the phone.. I feel its too small and it gets uncomfortable after a while…
    I also enjoy Yelp because that helps me with restaurant searches!! 😀


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