Nothing can be messier than this…

Yet  again, TC makes me think and think differently !!! This week’s topic being MESSY,  I was wondering what to post on this.

Then saw this picture down from my balcony and decided that nothing can be messier than this. This picture is outside the Community Hall in our Apartment, after the lunch session of a Wedding. One of the top places, where there is maximum wastage of electricity, water, food and money is the Wedding….sometimes customs are too expensive to follow, I guess.

Wastage outside a Marriage Hall

63 Replies to “Nothing can be messier than this…”

      1. Its too much na, Swaru…I hate the way the plastics are being used and thrown away without any concern to our environment…. 😦 😦

        Telepathy….may be something told u that I might do something like this ???? 😉

        So, whats ur TC pic abt ???? Am waiting….. 🙂


    1. Yes, we just dont seem to get it, after so much of shouting aloud with loudspeakers, to reduce the plastic wastage. 😦 Esp, the ceremonial functions are the place of highest wastage…. 😦 😦


  1. I was wondering what you would post . Saw the Buddha and liked it very much . Followed you from Pal’s blog.

    Yes , the waste disposal after marriage and functions leaves you wondering about the meaning of the word ‘ cultured ‘ . And to think that this mostly happens with the top class marriages :0


    1. Krishna Leela, Welcome here…. 🙂 🙂 Thank u for liking my picture posts…. 🙂 🙂

      Exactly, this messy outside of a Marriage Hall, cannot be classified as Cultured….its high time ppl take these things seriously and reduce wastage.


      1. Including ladki going waste right ….absolutely 😉 😉 … this time when I go home … tell that to my aunt that that is why I refuse all the marriage proposals she’s gettign for me … I’ll introduce you as the ‘fighter for the wastage cause’ 😉 😉 .. Game???


            1. Dont u agree for those waste proposals…. 😉 😉 Then life also is wasted….

              Genocide is against the law – I guess you know abt it… 😉 😉

              Wait till u get the best partner to share ur life… 🙂 🙂 I am sure you’ll get one. 🙂 🙂


    1. Still looking ???? Was wondering when you’ll post ur pic !!!! 🙂

      That was one horrible mess, Shilpa….I just wanted to whack them all….for creating such a mess. 👿


    1. LOL !!! Is that an effect of marriage – blog hopping at an unearthly hour ???? :mrgreen:

      But seeing the messy garbage out there, its better if we have weddings with less wastage of money, food and other things…


        1. Hold on to the ring he gave you, instead of allowing it to be swallowed by some fish…. 😉 😉
          Or even more, marry him with the blessings of the elders, otherwise their curse might make him forget you…. 😉 :mrgreen:

          Better get his signature affixed on to some Register…. 😀 😀


  2. Real mess picture…
    I so agree…whole wedding is ful of waste…..ppl shd marry simply like court marriage..
    If you see north indian marriage…there is bigger show and pomp which always lead to bigger wastes of food, tins, all plastic stuff etc.


    1. So true Rash…weddings need not be so extravagant which involves a lot of wastage. The show of pomp certainly needs to be checked.

      I was very saddened to see this garbage pile….. 😦 😦


    1. So true Priya….esp I cant tolerate Pappads being wasted….me love them….the fried ones… 😛 😛

      On a serious note, it irritates me to no end, looking at the wastage – there shld be a way out of this mess….


    1. LOL Swaru…that was another song on my mind, since Monday…it came in Chitrahaar… 🙂 🙂 Thank you darling….am feeling all good inside to see Rafi sahab singing for me… 😉 😉 Of course, S lip syncing… 🙂


    1. Thanks Pinoo…. 🙂 🙂 Indeed its becoming a fashion to have 30 to 35 items on a menu….how the hell can any person do justice to that kind of food ????? Thats the main reason for more wastage.


  3. Real Mess! Apt picture Uma! How true!
    This much of wasted food would have been a feast for someone else!
    when do we realize the meaning of wastage and hunger? God knows..


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