An evening to remember…

Zee Classic is the latest addiction to my list. All my fav old hindi movies are coming in this and so another chance for me, to see them all again. 🙂

And so one evening, the TV found itself being surrounded by three girls, watching the classic “An Evening in Paris” !!!

While the Mommy was all praise for the songs, the location, the Sharmila’s beauty and all….the two little girls watched their mom in awe and wonder – Has she become a child again, was their questionable gaze !!!

Whether it is

aasmaan se aaya farishta

pyaar ka sabak sikhlaane

dil mein hai tasveer yaar ki

laya hoon woh dikhlaane (2)

kaho pyaar hai tumse

Sharmila: ja ja

o jaana kaho pyaar hai tumse

Sharmila: ja ja ja


Or the evergreen melody

Akele Akele Kahan Ja Rahe Ho

Hamein Saath Lelo Jahan Ja Rahe Ho

Koi Mitt Raha Hai

Tumhe Kuch Pata Hai

Tumhara Hua Hai

Tumhe Kuch Pata Hai

Yeh Kya Majra Hai

Tumhe Kuch Pata Hai

Akeke Akele Kahan Ja Rahe Ho …


Or the passionate love song

F: Raat ke hamsafar, thak ke ghar ko chale

Jhoomti aa rahi hai subah pyaar ki

M: Dekh kar saamne, roop ki roshani

Phir luti ja rahi hai subah pyaar ki


It was a delight to watch the couple on-screen and listen to the songs – brought back nostalgic moments of my childhood viewing of this movie. 🙂

While the elder one was absolutely stunned at the occurrence of songs, more than the dialogues…the younger one was totally glued to the screen.

The Mom was wondering when did these girls become interested in watching old Hindi hits !!! 😉 The movie got over and as I was stretching myself and feeling the happiness of a good movie watched without disturbance, the younger one observed,

“Hey, this movie is damn good, dude.”

“Really ???? You like it, huh !! I didn’t think that u like old movies…. ;)”

“But this is certainly better than the Chandni Chowk to China, which also has double action lady lead – one good and the other bad.”

It was a total LOL moment for me…. 😀 😀 😀 😀


45 Replies to “An evening to remember…”

    1. Oh…the old ones are my fav, Ritu….they do look silly in some places, but certainly and definitely better than today’s stupid flicks…. 🙂

      And the more hype created for movies, before release, the more they flop at BO. 😉


    1. I think so too….even though I’ve not seen CCTC !!! 😉 U’ve reviewed that movie, huh ???? Will chk it out…. 😉

      Oh it was super fun !!! The next day we watched Kashmir ki Kali – damn good songs and total fun. 🙂 🙂


  1. Ohhhh My FAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE too, Uma.. esp the song Raat ke humsafar.. its in my playlist on my cellphone.. and it creates euphoria in my mind..
    Also, akele akele.. and deewane ka naam to poocho.. even that is good.

    Ahhhhh… I want to play them rightt nowww.. ab toh reh gayi editing beech mein !!



  2. 🙂 I discovered this recently too! Actually my sis was watching an old movie on this channel and I asked her the channel name. BIL says it shd be named Zee classic and Priya O… lol. Coz.. when he became first acquainted with us.. he found me watching only old movies most of the times 🙂
    Good that ur girls enjoyed too 🙂


    1. Hi-5 to you – Zee Classic is very good na…. 🙂 🙂

      Yeah, now my daughter comes home from school to ask, which movie is coming in Zee Classic today ???? 😉


  3. oh damn, i knew i shud have come in morning to be first 🙂

    and the first one aasmaa se aya oooh man nostalgic times .. good old days I can think of and the shammi kapoor akele akele wah ji wah

    and indeed the oldies were much better movies no second thoughts about it …


    Bikram’s blog


  4. LOL @ the younger one’s observation 🙂

    And those old movies have a charm of their own! Or is it just us 🙂 Either way, I could watch them again instead of some of the junk that gets made these days 🙂


  5. LOL! I havent seen CCTC and I will never see it too. Aaj kal I m in classic movie phase too… not hindi but english. You know to do the list I m watching all movies again :P. I like old movies, i prefer watching Chori Chori than Dil Hai ki manta nahi.


  6. favourite too! I simply love watching shammi kapoor on screen! What a legendary actor! Ofcourse sharmila too! I looooooove akele akele in this movie! No wonder this gen also like movies of 70’s and 80’s. I’m sure your girls will accompany you for some more old hindi hits! That’s what you call first impression!


  7. What you didnt like CHandni Chowk to China !!!!!!!! It has Deepika !!!! she flies in the air and kicks people !!!!!!!!!!! Totally awesome !!!!!!!!!

    also there is a Ganpati in the potato !!!!!!!! how can you not fear GOD !!!!!!!!!

    you had it !!!!!


    1. Ghosty, its my daughter who didnt like CCTC….I didnt even watch that one…. 😉 Deepika ???? U like her, kya ???? 😉

      LOL !!! Thats one stupid reason, I’ll never watch it…. 🙂 🙂


  8. Good old movies…. the way heroines blushed…. the hero and heroine dancing around the tree…. one villain who is behind hero or heroine…. some things are really unforgettable. 🙂


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