Swaram has tagged me to one more tag, as if the tags  I’ve done are not enuf.  But, the only difference is that this tag puts forth all that I don’t like / don’t want / totally dislike and stuff like that.

I’ve tried to do my best to list the 5ives in every heading.  But, some were just beyond me.  Hope its OK with you all.

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen

Saawariya – While being in Hyd, all my friends and their families went for this movie. And my God, we ran out of the theatre even before the intermission. Horrible. 

Tashan – Its was absolutely stupid and badly done. Hated the appearance of all the casts in the movie. Ridiculous is the word.

Rab ne bana de jodi – I like SRK and I like him smart like in K3G, KHNH..something in those lines. He was pathetic and dumb in this movie and the whole story was quite silly in that more silly glasses of SRK.

All the horror and scary movies are HORRIBLE to me, as I just can’t watch them. The vampires, the blood sucking insects….yuck. Please, not for me.

5 accessories you can create out of food

Beetroot / Carrot Flower mala – Have you ever seen the chef carve out different things out of a vegetable ???  Now, the beetroot and the carrot can be carved to make flowers and made into a mala for decorating.

I love to eat Onion Rings. May be you can use the biggest one as a bangle and the smallest one as a ring. Not a bad idea at all.

Those de-seeded olives I buy for the pizzas are quite handy, to bead them up into a mala, to match that perfect green dress.

The stuffed lady’s finger fry is a big hit at home. Actually, five or six of them tied together is the perfect accessory for a tribal dance, to wear around the neck or the waist. What do you say ???? 😉

The peels of purple brinjal (bt or the regular, anything is fine), cucumber, tomato can be used to make instant ear hangings to match the dress of the day.

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

Snake Park / Crocodile Bank / Any place for reptiles – OMG !!! I can’t stand those reptiles. Gives me the creek.

A Desert. I need water, even afterwards.

Any place that is lonely – I need ppl around me.  🙂

Where there is no mobile / internet connectivity – I need my regular dose of blogosphere, everyday. 😉

And certainly I don’t like to be in a place, where my fav food is scarce. It’s too difficult for a foodie like me, you see !!!! 🙂



5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

The teachers who give corporal punishment to the children.

All the ppl, who don’t care a damn about the world they live in.

Those ppl, who employ little girl nannies, to take care of their little ones.

The really insane ppl who hit animals or poach them.

And especially those ppl, who think that money is everything in this world, will get a big kuttu on their head from me.  (Kuttu is hitting on the middle of the head with the knuckles)


5 things you’d do to scare anybody

5 things, eh ???? I can’t even do one thing to scare anyone. 😦

I can walk like a cat without making noise. And I would use this to go behind ppl and do BOOOOOH.  Ppl, pl get scared, OK ???? This is the best I can do.

Now, to tag a few….

Nancy – Now, come back from wherever you are and do this in your own funny way. 🙂

Shilpa – You too write quite funnily. Let me see how funny you can do this up.

Shree – Come on Shree…let loose the thinking horses. 🙂

Pal – I think I’ve not tagged you before. So, here you go.

Tikuli – You asked to be tagged. And so, now you are officially tagged to do this. All the best.

Come on ppl, as silly and funny it looks, it surely is great fun to do this tag.

39 Replies to “Taghive”

    1. Sigh! U hv only one way to scare ppl 😛

      Thank God I did nt even venture out to see Saawariya and Tashan 😛

      We hd a Okra thingy like that for a tribal dance in school 😀 I like the olives idea 😉

      And gosh, there r so many ppl who deserve to get that kuttu no!


      1. There are many more ppl who deserve that kuttu – the list is endless, na !!! 🙂

        See, the okra accessory was copyright mine – how did u use it before ???? LOL 🙄

        To scare ppl, is just not me. 🙂


  1. Sigh second….. 😦

    I too hate all horror movies… yikes… 😦 Ppl love to scare me abt tat…….

    I had been wanting to do this tag thing…. You made me happy happy 2day… 3 cheers to u 🙂

    Yippie am going to write my tag… see u soon there….


    1. Yes, second, dear !!!

      Yeah, while I get shit scared of horror movies, I dont have even one idea to scare others. 🙂

      OK, waiting for your tag… 🙂


    1. now i dont know what happened to that comment…. nyways…

      I too hate horror movies… 😦 ppl love to scare me 😦

      And thank you for the tag…. I wanted to do one…. you made me happy happy 2day… 3 cheers to u…..

      See ya soon at my blog with the taggy 🙂


  2. 🙂 I love tags .. they help me rediscover all that I do not wish to remember and also some wonderful things that I do wish to remember and share. will take it up right away. thanks Uma 🙂


  3. Wow! you’ve written all the answers I’d come up with for this tag 😀 😀 same pinch!!
    I too am not good at scaring people and we share the places where we won’t be found dead at 😀
    Loved the idea of beetroot flowers for necklace and yeah no reptiles and horror or action films for me too 😀 😀

    You are slowly getting to the point of winning the title of the ‘tag queen’ 😀 😀 😉



    1. Thank you, Sonali, for pointing out the mistake. I’ve corrected it now. 🙂

      Welcome here, and hoping to see more of you, here !!!! 🙂


  4. Ohhh, I agree on all the three movies mentioned !! They were horrible; especially the SRK starrer !!!

    Shouldnt that be places where you would be seen dead ??? I asked this to Swarr and she didnt even reply to that !!! 🙂

    Oyyy, you scared me, remember??? you dont ???? remember the day we met and you asked me to eat your baked cake ??? What should I call that ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀


    1. We agree on something…at last !!! 🙂

      Hello, I dont want to be seen dead even in those places !!! Even in death, think of wonderful places to die. What say ????

      You devil !! No more cake for you. You devil !!


  5. Wow! You’ve really worked hard on the lists !!! Oh and Rab ne was one of his really lesser movies, I totally agree!!! And ohhhh I’d love to join in and give a kuttu to those that think money is everything as well!!!! 😀


    1. Come on, join in the Kuttu club !!! LOL !!! 🙂

      Tags are really hard to do – they need to atleast slightly innovative / interesting and mainly should not be repeated – according to me !!! 🙂


  6. Even I cant stand the creepy crawlies….I absolutely detest and FEAR them…u knw I’m so scared of cockrpoaches and fear them so much tht I cant even kill them coz wht if they run in my direction in panic 😦

    U’ve tagged me. Actually somebody else tagged me with the same 2 weeks back but now I dont remember who 😦


  7. Movies… I don’t know as all are hindi and I didn’t watched them.. but like to see Rab ne bana de Jodi for SRK…

    accessories are quite interesting 😀 😀

    Oh my god… not like to be dead in a place where there is no mobile/internet connectivity… u are seriously addicted… 😆 😆

    Teachers you say… surely they need a beating 😛 😛 what about parents who push their kids beyond the limits??? 😉

    /*5 things, eh ???? I can’t even do one thing to scare anyone.*/

    can I believe this?? 😉


    1. If you watch RNBDJ – You’ll write the movie review in one word – HORRIBLE !!! LOL !!! Then its your choice. 🙂

      How much thot process has gone into making those accessories, like as though I am some jewellery designer…it better be good. LOL !!! 🙂

      Yes, blogoaddict !!! 🙂

      Those parents too need a big kuttu for pressurising their kids.

      Do I look like the scary one to you ?????


  8. “Those de-seeded olives I buy for the pizzas are quite handy, to bead them up into a mala, to match that perfect green dress.” Superb idea–i have an olive green salwar, and no earrings to with tht 😀

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: i swear, was the dumbest movie SRK could’ve done. I marvel at the stupidity of tht entire team: for cooking up such a pathetic story, pathetic dialogues, pathetic everything!!! And expecting it to be a hit (no one obviously does a movie and expects it to flop). Such people degrade all movies!!! 😀

    “5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere”: your answers to these are just what i’d also love to list!!


    1. AHA !! Someone has got inspired by my olive-green accessory !!! I am flying in joy !!! 🙂

      One more I forgot to add – SRK in Paheli !!! That was toooo bad !!!

      Yes, you can join in the kuttu club !!! LOL !!! 🙂


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