Randomly random facts…

Chatterbox tagged me for this. According to the tag, I need to list 7 random facts about myself.

You know, I’ve done different versions of the same tag, at various times.

I am Tagged  : It was the first time that I got tagged to list 25 random facts about myself.  It was damn difficult, letting out personal things out in the open the first time, but still I did it.

A Hundred Questions about me !! : Nancy tagged me to do this  and even though some of the questions were boohooo to me, I still did it. 🙂

I love being a MOM :  This is one tag, which is very close to my heart and I totally enjoyed doing it.  I think all the mothers will feel so happy to do this tag. So, if anyone of you mothers have missed writing this, please do so and see your heart soar high in the sky. 🙂

A Questionnaire on ME, again    –     My daughters are answering  –   The best FOURS of my life –   Image Tag   –   Crushed with Tag   –   All these are my tag posts. Hey, this is definitely a lot of tags, which I’ve done.  And I loved doing them all and loved more to surf through my archives, to search for them. 🙂

So, why did I do the above exercise of searching through my archives and reading all that has been written there ??? Just a peek-a-boo, to make sure that I don’t repeat the same stuff.

If a person can write so many random facts about themselves, then they sure are crazy in so many ways, right ????? 😉 😉  And I am so crazy, doing this tag – But, I am loving it. 😉

OK, enough of introduction, now let me get on to that tag.

1. I am not all athletically inclined.  But, I love to watch sporting events. And I hate the gym.  Only yoga has been safely accepted by my body and soul. 🙂

2. I don’t grow my nails long, they irritate me so much.  But, I would love to go for that French Manicure, at least once in my life.

3. I need to eat in time and my tummy follows some time-table to the gun.  If I don’t feed my tummy in time, the growling noises will wake up everyone in the house. 😉

4. Having done my typewriting course, I pride myself on typing very fast. But, my thought process is pretty fast compared to the speed of typing and I end up with a lot of silly mistakes like missing words, which I thot that I typed. 🙂

5. I am extremely loyal to specific brands for specific products and people just cannot convince me that I am buying the wrong one.  It has to dawn on myself and then there’ll be a change.  And also, first impressions of supermarkets matter a lot to me. And I choose to go to the same supermarket, once my first impression satisfies me. 🙂

6. I would always pick up my phone in the first or second ring.  But the difficult part is that I expect others to pick up my call in the same way. 🙂

7. I somehow don’t feel comfortable with air conditioners, but S is obsessed with it.  I feel that my skin and throat dries up a lot, when I stay in an A/C room for some time.  I prefer the natural breeze, that sets in during the evening in Chennai.

Now, that wasn’t difficult at all.  Too much of experience in writing tag after tag, and being so crazy to take up more tags, has made me like this.

Hope you enjoyed my silly things. If possible, share some of your own. 😉


39 Replies to “Randomly random facts…”

    1. Wow! U hv done so many already … lemme go catch up with them 😉
      I remember reading the Momma one and the daughters answering one 🙂 That hd a nice pic too isn’t it?

      Luved reading so much more abt u .. pls do some advertising for those brands too 😛


      1. Please read them all at your own time !!! 🙂

        Yes, the daughters answering one has a pic !!! 🙂 You remember !!! 🙂

        Advertising for brands – Oh, that’ll be a tag or more precisely a post !!! Thank you, Swaru, for giving me ideas !!! 😉


  1. Wow! you’ve randomly shared so many things about yourself through these tags 😀
    Thank you for doing one more for me 🙂 🙂

    Am with you on all except #1 and #7

    Am off to read the rest of the tags you’ve done 🙂



    1. OK !! That was lot of similarity between us !!! 🙂

      It was lovely doing the tag – actually I feel so good after doing it. Thanks for tagging me. 🙂


  2. Uma I’m exactly opposite in most things here. Heeheee.. I love sports, like long nails, type quite slow, don’t eat on time always, not so loyal to brands/showrooms except select few and as for my phone..one of the most common complaints is that I never answer calls (not on purpose AT ALL). I love your zest for taking up tags !!! Great read 🙂


    1. OOPS !!! Thats a lot of dissimilarities. But, still we’ll get along well, when we meet. May be there are other things which match.

      Yeah, I do love doing tags – which interest me – not the boring questions one !!!! 🙂


  3. nice read!! 🙂
    Me too loyal to some brands!
    Me too don’t like AC! we don’t have one at home either!!

    nice to know a little bit more about you Ums! 🙂


  4. So many information; I could write a book on you now !! 😀 😀 😀
    But dont give an intro like some sage came in ur dream and told you all this….LOL 🙂
    1. yeah, it shows ! I mean, it shows you are a yoga person ! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    OOOOHHHHH !!!! 🙂
    2. good for others ! 😀
    My nails are not weapons !!! 😛

    3. saapaadile irungey ! 😀 😀
    uzhaikarde sappida thane !!! 🙂

    4. Would you type for me too ??? for free of course ! 😀
    High hopes, you have !!!

    5. Not a brand person at all. When I go to a supermarket, I try all the new stuffs thats released ! 🙂
    Cant blame you…thats the effect of advertising !!! 🙂
    6. I am bad at responding to calls and sms ! 😦
    I know…I sent a mail long ago…no reply yet….sigh…. 😦
    7. and you switch off the AC, rt ? see, every husband has a sad story to tell !! 😀 😀
    Like how every wife has the saddest story….. 😀


  5. I agree with u on 7. ! I’m also not much of an A/c person. So sitting in a centrally conditioned office during the initial days of my job was very difficult. But now I’ve become accustomed to it…
    Even then I try to keep temperatures at around 23-24 degrees..! 😀


  6. 2,3,6, 7 I love them all. we share some common things 🙂
    been long since I DID ANY TAGS . WOULD LOVE TO DO SOME.
    it’s fun and gives something new for the readers to discover .
    Tag me next time and leave a message on blog.
    Best wishes


  7. Very difficult to disclose about myself but i tried in a witty way.
    Prakash, you’ve done well….I like it. 🙂

    1. Gym Vs Yoga & Dhoni Vs Sony

    I Wish to be Dhoni but ended with watching Sony.
    body says Gym but my purse says yoga and my mind says take rest. I obey my Mind
    Yeah, when in doubt, go with the safer option. 🙂

    2. Don’t vs Dos

    Even I don’t grow nails because of my wife,
    if i fails she will bring knife.
    Oh !!! Ho !!! Shld ask her now…. 🙂

    3.Tummy vs Yummy

    I can wait as long as yummy food for my tummy.
    Finally, its abt making the tummy kush. 🙂

    4. Typing hands vs Jumping minds

    Slow in typing. skip words due to typing minds, jumping hands.
    Even this sentence looks like that – hands jumping while typing… 🙂

    5. brand vs shopping

    Even I am specific to the brands and Hypermarket. Anytime I love to do Shopping. I am a excellent Window Shopper.
    Gud…next time will call you for my shopping ventures… 🙂

    6. VIP vs VIP LOL

    Vice Versa. Be Cool. LOL.

    7. A/c Vs D/C (Direct Circulation)

    We forced to use A/C here everywhere. if A/C fails start D/C (Generator / Inverter).
    You live in such a place. What to do ???


  8. 1. me too hate gym.. but I think I will be going there soon 🙂 🙂
    2. I never cared about nails…. don’t know why…
    3. hmmm… that I need to follow…. I never stick to a time…
    4. working in S/W company made my typing fast… without thinking fast itself I make lot of mistakes 😉
    5. I have never been like that… each time I check a lot before buying a athing.. and I love to try different things…
    6. he he he…. its about when I hear the ring 😆 😆
    7. hmmm.. same here…. 🙂 🙂


  9. Yoga is good Uma!! Sports and Gym can cause injuries and back pain, there is little chance of that with Yoga.
    I bite my nails 😦

    I would love it if we could leave our windows open and enjoy cool, fresh breeze forever, but Delhi is so hot. Desert Coolers are a brilliant option, but they don’t work if there is any humidity… Coolers are what everybody uses here until July when it starts raining once every ten days for five minutes, and creates enough humidity to drown a city… 🙄 Ha ha 🙂


    1. Thank you, yoga fan !!! I feel happy. 🙂

      OOPS @ Nail biting !!!

      Yes, aren’t the coolers better than A/Cs ???? I dont think that they dry up the skin and the throat like the A/Cs do.

      Even Chennai is damn humid and we are sweating severely now.


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