I flicked it, to make my own.

Flicked it from someone, who flicked it from the other…..it just goes on…… 😉

But the tag is interesting, you see. So, all the more reasons to flick it. 🙂 😉


1) Tell us about three ways you express your creativity.

Cook, Click Pictures, Of course Blog !!! 🙂

2) Who’s your favorite character from a book, play, film, or other work of art?

Draupadi from Palace of Illusions.

3) What’s something you do really well that other people are amazed by?

Planning well in advance.

4) What are you shy about? Or, what situations do you find make you shy?

When being praised by hubby – I shy and try to switch topics, instead of accepting them happily…. 😉

5) What was the best day of your life so far?

The day we made snow-man in Solang Valley – as a young bride.

When my in-laws appreciate things I do – as a DIL.

When hubby beams in pride – as a Wife.

When my daughters blabbered MAMA for the first time – as a Mother.

6) What are the next five books you want to read?

The Ramayana Series by Ashok Banker – There are 5 more for me to read in that series… 😉

Three Cups of Tea

Sister’s Keeper

7) Write about something you feel should not have been invented.

The Television – I hate it – We can very well survive without it.

8) What do you want to be admired for?

For being a caring person and a one to depend on, during hard times. 🙂

Of course, my picture clicking skills tooo….. 😉

9) What do you prefer listening to, music with lyrics or music without?

Music with lyrics – they are the best way to soothe the mind and soul. 🙂

10) Kant said that we require three things by which to measure happiness: someone to love, something we like to do,and something to look forward to.

Someone to love – Not one, but two lovely amazing daughters.

Something I like to do – I like to be totally supportive of what my daughters want to do in life.

Something to look forward to – Their passions becoming their future.

11) Tell us about the day you were born.

I was born on my Mother’s Star Bday !!! But just missed sharing the same star with her…..its the one next to hers. 🙂

12) Tell us about some of the things you experienced for the first time in 2010.

On the sad note – How the greenery on the side of bank is not at all any shade of green….. 😦 😦

On a happier note – Am reading a lot of books, which didnt happen before…. 🙂

13) Describe what happiness means to you using just six words.

Do things, but dont expect any.

14) What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven, where, and why?

Me ???? I’ve driven the husband totally mad, with my adherence to cleanliness, while he is a clumsy dog !!!! 😀 😀

OOPS, but I dont drive any vehicle. 😉 😉  Who wants to drive, when they have a handsome looking guy as a willing driver. 🙂 😉

15) Do you have a special, non-traditional cure for cold or some other illness? Share it with us!

Applying lemon and honey mix on pimple scars, makes them vanish in a week. Sachi. I guarantee. 🙂 🙂

16) If you had been born the opposite sex, what do you think would be different about your life right now ?

I probably would’ve followed my career, with more passion.

17) What’s the best thing someone could say to you right now, right this minute?

Would you love to have a Lemon Soda ?????  And I nod my head to say – YES, YES, YES. 🙂 🙂 😀



My Sinful Man !!!

This tag by IHM is so infectious, I tell you.

I had been reading this tag in various pages from yday and had been commenting ferociously that the keys are hurt badly !!! OOPS, my fingers too !!! 😉

And after reading the Girly Hitchy and Masood’s Sin list, I was tempted to attempt this tag, for my dear S.

It goes on to say, we love doing things – doesn’t matter whether it is manly or womanly !!! Its the passion and love for things, that matter the most. And we sure will break the stereotypes, but go on, Bravo, go for it !!!

1 He is very sensitive – some silly senti scenes bring a tear or two !!! But a major action lover !!!

2. He loves gossip – at least 10 mins is spent every nite discussing abt ppl…

3. He loves to cook – actually he watches Cookery shows, notes down ingredients and invents something new and extremely tasty.

4. He can stay awake the whole night, if need be. So, he has done the baby sitting, when kids were not well. I need my beauty sleep. 😉

5. He blushes when I compliment him.

6. He loves home shopping – cushions, crockery – he loves them all.

7. He is a great host – he can make great cocktails / mocktails for ladies and he’ll go out of the way to make varieties of snack appetizers.

8. He feels sad if I don’t appreciate some effort of his – Remember that Comfort Ad, when the wife says “he never says anything”  – Total reversal of roles.

9. He’s shy to talk with ladies, inititally !!!  He takes his own time !!!

10. He makes me, my mil and my girls to eat first, get the best servings and then eats after us !!!

OOPS, I forgot to add, that he loves Chocolates !!! 😉

Apart from all these, he is the usual manly husband

– with dirty towels lying on the bed

– not bothered about house hold cleaning

– loves to take the kids out rather than sit and teach them school work

– he is not the romantic to buy flowers for his wife, unless threatened by the daughters

– he is the sports loving husband model

– holds the TV remote, car in a higher position than his wife

– loves to play cricket, even if it is with the 5yr old boy of next door, but will not play badminton with his own daughters

– just given the keyword “cricket” or “sachin” or “kapil” or “viv richards” or “don bradman” – he just starts talking, there’s no stopping him

– watches movies – but efficiently surfs the channels, so he gets to see the dishoom dishoom parts only – perhaps the climax !!!

– reads the newspaper from the last page – sports first !!!

But he is the best for me, just as I am for him !!!  😉

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

IHM has tagged me to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.  WOW, another tag and this is a brilliant one. Just didn’t wait for another day…jumped into it at once !!! 🙂

First of all, IHM, I love blue pants !!!! So, I would love to skip this tag and continue wearing blue pants for the next 12 years !!!! :mrgreen:

But the blogger in me is trying to hit the real me and daring to go ahead with this tag !!!

So, here I am, listing all the things, considered un-womanly by the people of the world !!!

– Being the engineer in the house, I am responsible for the gadgets and Oh, I love them. Even things like wiring, repairing the TV cable socket, plumbing repairs, changing tube lights / starter problems – are all done by me.

– I love dogs and love to roll and get dirty with them !!!

– I like to wear chunky shoes than delicate sandals – suited perfectly for mountaineering !!!  Actually I want to do river rafting, bungee jumping, para sailing – before I say bye to this earth !!!

– Are chocolates considered womanly ???? Anyway, I surely don’t like them !!!

– I love the Black color and I feel its suits me better !!! I run away from pink….

– I’ve worked, managed my money, been to all parts of the city alone and never been scared.

– Always have come home from work, well past the time allowed for girls and have traveled alone.

– Never been scared of the insects – actually I am the one who hunt them at home. U get the drift ??? 😉

– I love my cell phone and my camera – actually am addicted to it. Waiting to get the latest one, soon and probably a SLR !!! 😉

– And of course, I love books more than tailoring, embroidery and crochet !!! 😉

And of course, I love wine, flowers, home shopping, pani puri, cooking, baking, lip sticks, nail colors, mehendi, lovely kurtis, mangoes…..its an endless list, I think.

Now to tag my friends, here they go…








Ash (PNA)





Come on, ladies ahem… and gentleman, decide for yourself,  whether you want to be cursed to wear blue pants (women) and pink shirt (men) for the next 12 years !!!  Have fun, attack the tag !!!

Color me RED or BLUE !!!

Nu has tagged me to do this Chicken 65..OOPS…Strike 65.  Thanks Nu, you are a darling, giving me fodder to fill up my days… 🙂

But WP seems to disagree with me on doing this striking thing….this is not fair….. 😦   I’ve done it 4 times now. Every time I save the draft, do something else and come back to see, the strike effect is gone. 😦

So, I’ve come up with an intelligent solution.  All things done by me are in RED.  And the others in BLUE.  Can’t help it…majboor hoon. 🙂

1.Graduated high school.

2. Kissed someone.

3. Smoked a cigarette.  Yes, tried once, to prove that its horrible. EEEEwwwww…..It is horrible.

4. Got so drunk you passed out.  Not passed out…but totally high enuf to scare S…LOL…

5. Rode every ride at an amusement park. Done once during college…but now, gives me the scares.

6. Collected something stupid. Stupid Collection ??? Me  ????   🙄

7. Gone to a rock concert. Waiting for some tickets…. 😉

8. Helped someone. Yes, in my own small way. 🙂

9. Gone fishing. Going by Hitch’s idea, I’ve caught the fish from my fish tank with a net, of course – while trying to clean it. 😉

10. Watched four movies in one night.  OOPS, just can’t do such things. 🙄

11. Lied to someone. Yeah, to make someone feel better !!

12. Snorted cocaine.

13. Smoked weed.

14. Failed a subject. NEVER.

15. Been in a car accident. While waiting in a signal, an army truck tried to squeeze in the gap between our car and the median on the road. There by, the truck’s bump guard smashed into our car window and we were all so terrified to even scream. Then they had to call a tow van to lift our car out of the mess, as that bump guard couldn’t be taken out easily. Terrifying incident.

16. Been in a tornado. The tornado of life ? YES.

17. Watched someone die.

18. Been to a funeral. Sadly, yes.

19. Burned yourself. All experts in cooking are born with a few burns here and there and I am no exception. 🙂  That goes on to tell a lot about the expertness.

20. Run a marathon. Walking is fine…Running….OOPS, can I take a break ????

21. Cried yourself to sleep. No. I can’t sleep, if there’s something bothering me. I’ll try to clear things and go to sleep happily.

22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day. Maybe half of it…

23. Flown on an aeroplane. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

24. Cheated on someone. Can’t think of that…

25. Been cheated on. I try not to think and remember those things.

26. Written a 10 page letter. Why can’t they have a question like – talked on the phone for more than an hour – I will happily say many times. 🙂

27. Gone skiing. Tried it at Manali.

28. Been sailing. Yeah, gone on a cruise ship.

29. Cut yourself. Many a times, with my big butcher knife… 😦

30. Had a best friend. Had and still have best friends.

31.Lost someone you loved. Yeah, my BIL’s pet dog Bruno. Bruno was the darling of the whole family.

32.Got into trouble for something you didn’t do.

33. Stolen / borrowed a book from the library. Borrowed many a times.

34.Gone to a different country. Yes.

35. Watched the Harry Potter movies. All of them and read all the books, many a times. 🙂

36. Had an online diary. No.

37. Fired a gun. Was holding the gun, while S fired all the shots – his finger was on the trigger. LOL – We had gone to a shooting club, in Hyd.

38. Gambled in a casino. Yes, At Genting. Knowing the limits, played and won a bit. But once is enough.

39. Been in a school play. Yeah, a tamil play, where I played the hero, saving the damsel in distress… 😉

40. Been fired from a job. I’ve left jobs, when I felt like.

41. Taken a lie detector test.

42. Swam with dolphins. Wish to do it one day…

43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show. Yeah, one Hyd singer was in top 5 of Indian Idol 2 or 3…cant remember…he was my daughter’s school ex-student…so the school requested us all to vote for him…and I did.

44.Written poetry. I dont know whether that qualifies as poetry, but I’ve tried my hand at it. Check my archives.

45. Read more than 20 books a year. Done it during college days…am waiting to do it now.

46. Gone to Europe. OH God, send me tickets.

47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have.

48. Used a colouring book over age 12. Of course, every mother would have done it, I think. I’ve done colouring books with my daughters – its so much fun.

49. Had a surgery. Yup – for the delivery of the girls.

50. Had stitches. Of course ya…If #49 happened, then #50 is a must na ???  Those days, it was a must.

51. Taken a Taxi. Oh, yeah.

52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once. I just cant do this. I cant even chat with two ppl at the same time. Focus on one person at a time.

53. Been in a fist fight. Verbal fight – yeah.

54. Suffered any form of abuse. Many teachers have abused us as a class, but we never bothered to remember.

55. Had a pet. Yes – my lab pup, Brownie.

56. Petted a wild animal.

57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it. Oh yeah.

58. Dyed your hair. With henna, yes.

59. Got a tattoo. Che, che…don’t like that.

60. Had something pierced. My ears.

61. Got straight A’s. Yes, have always passed in distinction. 🙂

62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.

63. Taken pictures with a webcam. Noooooo

64. Lost something expensive. I lost an expensive shawl, which my MIL gifted me – felt terribly bad.

65. Gone to sleep with music on. Oh, those were the wonderful teenage days…now, as a responsible FIRST LADY of the house, I switch off everything before going to sleep….

OK, now thats done with, all I can see is red and blue colors flashing in my eyes. 🙄  This is a tough questionnaire…I tell you guys, more tough than the CAT…

So, who else wants to do this tag ??? Come on, don’t think you’ll be tagged all the time. Please take some responsibility and do this tag on your own, OK ???? 😉

Now, come on, silent souls, out with your comments…dont just read, smile and push off from here….

If I am tagged, I’ll be doing this…

If I am a friend of Monu, I’d be doing this tag – Becos she tagged me to do this.

If I were a month, I’d be August – Born in this month, I wish for it every time.

If I were a day of the week, I’d be Sunday – So that, I can ask S to cook. 😉

If I were a time of day, I’d be 10 pm – Sleeping time – thats the best.

If I were a season, I’d be rainy season – To have more chai, what else 😉

If I were a planet, I’d be Earth – I am bound to this planet.

If I were a sea animal, I’d be a Whale – For being the only mammal in the sea.

If I were a direction, I’d be East – Sun rise is my fav, you see.

If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a huge dining table – To accommodate more food… 😉

If I were a liquid, I’d be red wine – Isn’t it good for the heart ????

If I were a tree, I’d be a mango tree – To eat mangoes right from the source.

If I were a tool, I’d be a Scissors – To snip the coriander and spring onions, like Nigella. Oh !! This craze never leaves me. 😉

If I were an element, I’d be Gold – Look at the sky rocketing prices… 😉

If I were a gemstone, I’d be Diamond – What else ?????

If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a Violin – Its tones can soothe the soul.

If I were a color, I’d be black – My fav of all.

If I were an emotion, I’d be contentment – Wish I have more of that.

If I were a fruit, I’d be a jack fruit – Love the tender sweet fruit, sweet like the honey

If I were a sound, I’d be the sound of wind in my hair, while going on a bike.

If I were a car, I’d be a Black color Mercedes – Just love this stylish car

If I were food, I’d be a Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani – LOL, couldn’t stop myself from writing this.

If I were a taste, I’d be Lemony – I love the lime and lemony Limca.

If I were a scent, I’d be Brut – Just love it when S uses it. 😉

If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be Nike Walking Shoes – To make me to walk more.

And if I were a bird, I’d be a Mynah – Am inspired by the nest they are making in my chimney pipe.

And If I were to tag people I will tag  – The first 5 people who comment here. Howzzaatttt ?????


Swaram has tagged me to one more tag, as if the tags  I’ve done are not enuf.  But, the only difference is that this tag puts forth all that I don’t like / don’t want / totally dislike and stuff like that.

I’ve tried to do my best to list the 5ives in every heading.  But, some were just beyond me.  Hope its OK with you all.

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen

Saawariya – While being in Hyd, all my friends and their families went for this movie. And my God, we ran out of the theatre even before the intermission. Horrible. 

Tashan – Its was absolutely stupid and badly done. Hated the appearance of all the casts in the movie. Ridiculous is the word.

Rab ne bana de jodi – I like SRK and I like him smart like in K3G, KHNH..something in those lines. He was pathetic and dumb in this movie and the whole story was quite silly in that more silly glasses of SRK.

All the horror and scary movies are HORRIBLE to me, as I just can’t watch them. The vampires, the blood sucking insects….yuck. Please, not for me.

5 accessories you can create out of food

Beetroot / Carrot Flower mala – Have you ever seen the chef carve out different things out of a vegetable ???  Now, the beetroot and the carrot can be carved to make flowers and made into a mala for decorating.

I love to eat Onion Rings. May be you can use the biggest one as a bangle and the smallest one as a ring. Not a bad idea at all.

Those de-seeded olives I buy for the pizzas are quite handy, to bead them up into a mala, to match that perfect green dress.

The stuffed lady’s finger fry is a big hit at home. Actually, five or six of them tied together is the perfect accessory for a tribal dance, to wear around the neck or the waist. What do you say ???? 😉

The peels of purple brinjal (bt or the regular, anything is fine), cucumber, tomato can be used to make instant ear hangings to match the dress of the day.

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

Snake Park / Crocodile Bank / Any place for reptiles – OMG !!! I can’t stand those reptiles. Gives me the creek.

A Desert. I need water, even afterwards.

Any place that is lonely – I need ppl around me.  🙂

Where there is no mobile / internet connectivity – I need my regular dose of blogosphere, everyday. 😉

And certainly I don’t like to be in a place, where my fav food is scarce. It’s too difficult for a foodie like me, you see !!!! 🙂



5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

The teachers who give corporal punishment to the children.

All the ppl, who don’t care a damn about the world they live in.

Those ppl, who employ little girl nannies, to take care of their little ones.

The really insane ppl who hit animals or poach them.

And especially those ppl, who think that money is everything in this world, will get a big kuttu on their head from me.  (Kuttu is hitting on the middle of the head with the knuckles)


5 things you’d do to scare anybody

5 things, eh ???? I can’t even do one thing to scare anyone. 😦

I can walk like a cat without making noise. And I would use this to go behind ppl and do BOOOOOH.  Ppl, pl get scared, OK ???? This is the best I can do.

Now, to tag a few….

Nancy – Now, come back from wherever you are and do this in your own funny way. 🙂

Shilpa – You too write quite funnily. Let me see how funny you can do this up.

Shree – Come on Shree…let loose the thinking horses. 🙂

Pal – I think I’ve not tagged you before. So, here you go.

Tikuli – You asked to be tagged. And so, now you are officially tagged to do this. All the best.

Come on ppl, as silly and funny it looks, it surely is great fun to do this tag.

Randomly random facts…

Chatterbox tagged me for this. According to the tag, I need to list 7 random facts about myself.

You know, I’ve done different versions of the same tag, at various times.

I am Tagged  : It was the first time that I got tagged to list 25 random facts about myself.  It was damn difficult, letting out personal things out in the open the first time, but still I did it.

A Hundred Questions about me !! : Nancy tagged me to do this  and even though some of the questions were boohooo to me, I still did it. 🙂

I love being a MOM :  This is one tag, which is very close to my heart and I totally enjoyed doing it.  I think all the mothers will feel so happy to do this tag. So, if anyone of you mothers have missed writing this, please do so and see your heart soar high in the sky. 🙂

A Questionnaire on ME, again    –     My daughters are answering  –   The best FOURS of my life –   Image Tag   –   Crushed with Tag   –   All these are my tag posts. Hey, this is definitely a lot of tags, which I’ve done.  And I loved doing them all and loved more to surf through my archives, to search for them. 🙂

So, why did I do the above exercise of searching through my archives and reading all that has been written there ??? Just a peek-a-boo, to make sure that I don’t repeat the same stuff.

If a person can write so many random facts about themselves, then they sure are crazy in so many ways, right ????? 😉 😉  And I am so crazy, doing this tag – But, I am loving it. 😉

OK, enough of introduction, now let me get on to that tag.

1. I am not all athletically inclined.  But, I love to watch sporting events. And I hate the gym.  Only yoga has been safely accepted by my body and soul. 🙂

2. I don’t grow my nails long, they irritate me so much.  But, I would love to go for that French Manicure, at least once in my life.

3. I need to eat in time and my tummy follows some time-table to the gun.  If I don’t feed my tummy in time, the growling noises will wake up everyone in the house. 😉

4. Having done my typewriting course, I pride myself on typing very fast. But, my thought process is pretty fast compared to the speed of typing and I end up with a lot of silly mistakes like missing words, which I thot that I typed. 🙂

5. I am extremely loyal to specific brands for specific products and people just cannot convince me that I am buying the wrong one.  It has to dawn on myself and then there’ll be a change.  And also, first impressions of supermarkets matter a lot to me. And I choose to go to the same supermarket, once my first impression satisfies me. 🙂

6. I would always pick up my phone in the first or second ring.  But the difficult part is that I expect others to pick up my call in the same way. 🙂

7. I somehow don’t feel comfortable with air conditioners, but S is obsessed with it.  I feel that my skin and throat dries up a lot, when I stay in an A/C room for some time.  I prefer the natural breeze, that sets in during the evening in Chennai.

Now, that wasn’t difficult at all.  Too much of experience in writing tag after tag, and being so crazy to take up more tags, has made me like this.

Hope you enjoyed my silly things. If possible, share some of your own. 😉