Help me to CHILL OUT.

CHILLING OUT is an art cultivated through vast experience of keeping at bay, the excessive stress levels.  While advice is given to Tom, Dick and Harry for anything and everything, its difficult to follow the same.  And the times when the given advice stands out and laughs at the person, its such a humbling experience. Indy, just a few days back, it was your turn. Now its mine. I think, every one of us has our day of complaints. 😉

Today is one of those days, when I feel like CHILLING OUT.  There are so many things doing the rounds in my mind and irritation tops it all.

So, Help me to CHILL OUT, when

– the laundry is found lying around in various places and the laundry basket is absolutely empty.  🙄

– the wet towels refuse to leave the site of the comfortable bed. I thought the bed was supposed to be comfy for me !!!  🙄

– very important things to be done are being procrastinated for silly reasons.

– after a tiring day in the kitchen, supermarket, bank etc…feel that all the responsibilities are making me more tired.

– the maid ditches me and takes extra leave.  Knowing the consequences, the other maid who helps with cutting vegetables, also decides to call the day-off. Double Trouble.  🙄  🙄

– I am being dipped in sweat and barbecued slowly in the hot sun, while I just want to dip in cold ice cream !!!!

– the excessive heat and sweat causes a splitting headache by evening and the kitchen calls out to cook dinner.

– I take refuge in Supermarkets to chill myself during the day, in the pretext of shopping  and the kanjus ppl at the Supermarket decide to run the shop with only fans. 🙄

– we are all suffering from power cuts, ppl are advising to take part in Earth Hour !!!!

– I buy Limca for myself and don’t even get a drop to drink. These girls na – I really don’t know when they go into the kitchen, when they drink Limca !!!! LOL !!!

So, you can all help me CHILL OUT !!! Waiting for your novel ideas for CHILLING !!! 🙂


45 Replies to “Help me to CHILL OUT.”

    1. 🙂 How about sitting inside the fridge… 😛 and eating watermelons 🙂

      jokes apart… i know how the summer is in chennai… hated when we had to travel in those over crowded buses in peak hours with everyone sweating heavenly … (no other go… best means of transportation in chennai for long distances 😦 )


      1. Wonderful thot – except that I need to buy one first. My fridge is already over-flowing – water, juice, Limca (which I never get to drink)….. 😉

        I’ve to forget going out for sometime, till the heat reduces. Yes, the autos take half of our money – bus / trains are the best option. 🙂


  1. The first urge it to throw something against the wall 😀
    Then, it’s convincing myself that it’ll solve nothing…and that the thing being thrown isn’t the one responsible for all this!

    Drink some ice-cold water, pour some over your face, put fan on full swing, stand beneath it and smile to yourselves. In 2 mins, you’ll be cool enough.

    For all other irritations, use an mp3 player or a music phone 😀 make sure it’s on speaker n not on hands free 🙂

    It works for me. EVERY SINGLE TIME 😉


    1. Music – I know that helps me a lot and I listen to rafi – asha – lata a lot !!! Rafi voice just soothes me down. 🙂

      Thanks for the lovely idea. 🙂


  2. I could so relate to it after a mind blowing hectic week. Just got back home from work around an hour back and got your beautiful post as a refreshing treat.
    Refreshing cause you made me glad to learn I am not the only one looking for avenues to chill out 😀 😀

    These days my blog addiction make me go totally chill after a read of my favorite blogs and off-course comments on my own posts 🙂

    Ok jokes apart, Chill out with something you enjoy to cook. I know you too love baking and cooking just like me 🙂

    Give kitchen a chance to soak away all your fatigue, heat and irritation and to gift you with a satisfying yummy treat 😀 😀

    Chill out buddy!!


    1. Yeah, we all are quite similar in some way or the other. 🙂 Thank you.

      Yes, cooking is a fantastic option to focus the mind on something enjoyable. Baking will delight me to the core.

      Thanks CB, you are a darling !!! 🙂


  3. Actually, the electricity board is the one which celebrates Earth hour(s) @ its best! Come over chill maadi in hot Hyderabad 😛


    1. Btw, I ws in the kitchen from 5:45 in the mrng till 10 sday .. hd guests .. my fav ones @ that 😛 and then had to head to office immediately! Uff!


  4. Keep a dabba of Tang at your bedside. All you need from the kitchen where the girls finish off the Limca is some cold water and tada…your own drink is ready. I do that…on days that I’m too lazy to go fetch the Tang. But then I also end up using normal water since I’m equally lazy to fetch water from the fridge! Sigh!


    1. Thats what S tells me – “keep that damn dabba in the bedroom and have a cold drink, whenever you feel like it”. But, I never followed that idea – you see !!!

      Now, shld seriously consider this option. 🙂


  5. this is every home story…
    splly coming from hill station you feel delhi is becoming more and more hotter 🙂
    Go with family to water park…best way to chill out in this weather 🙂 🙂


    1. Yes, Rash !! Story behind every door !!! 🙂

      Water park – not a bad idea !! But my daughters are so worried abt tanning – already this past month, they’ve tanned so much. 😦


  6. Forget everything else go to Odyssey @ Anna Nagar buy a book and one cold coffee from CCD & just chill out!!!

    And yes switch off ur mob and don’t tell anyone where u are 😉

    P.S. Thanks for that mail, am sorry haven’t been able to reply to it. Have now updated the template and my blog looks better hehehe


    1. WOW !!! Fab idea – hit it with a book and cold coffee !!! Just like you !!! 🙂

      That mob idea too is tempting…I’ve never done that….might do it once !!! 🙂

      Yes, your blog looks beautiful – I love the colours and the side bars. Hv replied by mail again. 🙂


  7. Summers in Chennai?? Can not even imagine 😦 I once visited Chennai in Winter and was terrified to experience the extreme humid weather there…
    Cold shower is the best way to chill out,apart from eating lotsa icecreams..watermelons and tender coconut..Why don’t you visit some jazzy malls out there,who don;t do kanjoosi by using fans 😉 Also in leisure time its a good idea to grab a favorite book and enter in any CCD/Barista and spend great time over a cuppa icecream/cold coffee 🙂


    1. Cold showers happen twice or thrice a day…in spite of that, we all sweat so much.

      I love tender coconut – actually, live on it.

      Malls – am waiting for my girls school to start vacation – then, we 3 will attack mall after mall. Howzaat ????


  8. Watch Tom & Jerry !!! Half an hour will make you as lively as Jerry the mouse 🙂 I remember reading you know to swim.. why not hit the pool with your daughters!


    1. Awesome idea, LW !!! Tom & Jerry – those two thoroughly change my mood. Will watch that two naughty characters. 🙂

      WOW !! You remember !!!! Yes, pool is being cleaned today and tomorrow. After that, its swimming time. 🙂


  9. what to say??? just don’t take any responsibilities like me… 😀 😀 put everything on S.. LOL.. 😆

    /*I buy Limca for myself and don’t even get a drop to drink. These girls na – I really don’t know when they go into the kitchen, when they drink Limca !!!! LOL !!!*/

    this happens in my home too… 😀 😀 want to know who is sufferer??? 😀 😀


  10. Delhi is worse, my home with two teenage brats is worse. All that I hide is eaten first. The home looks tsunami hit almost through out the day . At night I always step on some relic from their adventures of the day.
    What I do to chill ?
    I just switch myself off at times pretending to be blind, deaf and mute, on other times I Pretend to be some character from Ekta Kapoor’s serial ( I hate her)

    on serious note the only thing you can do to chill is slowly sip a glass of cold water and say to yourself ALL IZZ WELL 😀
    cjillax girl


    1. LOL @ Tsunami hit !!!! 😆

      HAHAHAHAHA – some character from Ekta Kapoor’s serial – now which one are you ???? 🙂

      Thank you, all ijj well !!!! 🙂


    1. DP is gud ? – Credit goes to my daughter, even though the idea was mine !!!! 🙂

      Mocktail – that seems to be the sensible thing to do !!! Running to fix a drink….. 🙂


  11. LOL 😆 I have been through a lot of all this 🙂
    And these kids naa I don’t know when they open the fridge and finish all the ice cream, there is no way I can take a dip in ice cream either 🙂

    Ha ha 🙂 I think just pretend all eez well, sit with a cup of tea for five minutes, and then drop the cup in a full sink and throw a fit 🙂


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