Fun time, but no time to sleep !!!!

Hello everybody !!!! Its back to blogging time for me, in this wonderful New Year !!!!

So, how have you all been ???? I am sure, that you all had a great time, welcoming the New Year 2010 !!!!  Were you with family or friends ???? Were you partying or having a cozy time on the couch, watching the celebrations all over the world ?????

I had a wonderful time – it’s always family time for me during Christmas and New Year !!!!!

I had baked a wonderful and delicious Chocolate Temptation on demand from my girls and their cousins.  Even though I couldn’t take a picture at that time, here’s something that closely resembled my cake.  We had an awesome Christmas dinner !!!! 🙂

New Year was too good with fantastic family time.  It was wonderful being with the whole family of brothers-in-law and their wives and kids. What an awesome time we had.

In all this celebration, there was something I forgot to do.   Actually, I deprived myself of that luxury.  Know what ?????

Yeah, I forgot to SLEEP !!!!!!   ROFL @ my own statement, now !!!!  😆 😆

One mad week of non-stop activity, cooking all the time as everyone was hungry all the time, including myself  and most importantly talking, talking and never-ending talking.

The men were making fun of us – What do you women have to talk so much all through out the day ??????

But the moment, the men sit and talk about their nostalgic childhood and all – they are no way less than us, in talking !!!! 😆

I thoroughly enjoyed those talks which went into late nights, depriving people of sleep.  But no one was bothered about that at all.

I remember at this time, about that Tom and Jerry cartoon, in which Tom parties all night with friends and comes home to sleep. But the lady of the house, will want Tom to catch Jerry. But Tom will be so sleepy that his eyelids will close on its own.  He’ll try to keep it open with tooth picks – it won’t work. He’ll drink lots of coffee – even that wont work.  He’ll even tape his eyelids – nothing works for him. Poor Tom – Poor UmaS – I was exactly in the same situation. My eyes were drooping and begging me to just lie down on the next available cushion or shoulder, but I was not willing to go to sleep and miss out on the fun conversations that was happening.

Here is the Tom and Jerry that pictured myself in Tom – only the situations were different for me and Tom.

Only after New Year, when everyone went to start their routine lives, did I get my luxury sleep. And I slept like a log for 2 days.

Am feeling good to take on blogging and the New Year in great spirit and happiness.


21 Replies to “Fun time, but no time to sleep !!!!”

  1. Wow the cake looks yummy…
    Me : Tasted yummy…..

    haha..i remember seeing this cartoon back when I was a kid..but atleast you managed to get your sleep..eventually!
    Me : I had to sleep, my body stopped co-operating after some time. 😆


  2. And all I did during the New year weekend was sleep, read, sleep, eat, sleep, party, sleep. Bliss! I deprived myself of sleep for a day…when my mom n sis came for a visit. I know, we do have a LOT of things to talk about. 🙂

    Me : Thats how a true weekend shld be. I do over-time on weekends. 🙂 Mom and sis – thats a wonderful chat time, na ??


  3. wow!! You surely had a hell of a time 🙂 and that chocolate looks so so so yummy!!! It is inspiring me to bake one, have been postponing it for months 😀
    Me : Sure, with drooping eyelids !!!! LOL. Come on, Smita, what are u waiting for – go and bake now !! Treat yourself !!!!

    As my post says we did nothing much on 31st 🙂


      1. There were no comments when I landed here actually .. oh wow! thatz a lottt of awesome celebrations na 🙂
        What fun to spend the two special days with family 🙂
        Me : Just loved the gossips and the long conversations. 🙂

        LOL @ the TnJ video .. glad u caught up with all the lost sleep 😛
        Me : Finally…. 🙂


  4. Me 5th!! 😆
    Me : There sure is a queue, when there is cake on the blog. LOL 🙂

    The cake looks heavenly! 😀
    awesome celebrations Uma! looks like you had a great time and now you are ready to take on the New Year! 😀 😀
    Me : I know all the talk will be abt the cake. 🙂

    The cartoon is blocked at work! Will check at home! 🙂
    Me : Its one of my favs. Pl see.


  5. Welcome back Umi.
    Me : I shld be welcoming you back, after such a long time.
    I love that cartoon. I like that part where he has used tooth picks to keep his eyelids open and the break with the pressure! 😀
    Me : Even I love it !!!! 😆

    Oops, u forgot to call me and remind me of a certain something. Ur punishment is that I will mail it tonight!!!
    Me : Really forgot !!! U r mailing tonite !!! Grt !!! Waiting for it !!!


  6. 😀 well…even though I am late I am sure there is a piece or two left of that cake isnt there? 🙄
    Me : Sure, I’ve reserved some for you !!! 🙂

    Happy New year Ums 🙂
    ((hugs)) 🙂
    this is the best way to celebrate new year ..with loved ones 🙂
    Me : Wishing you the same !!! 🙂 So, were you with your loved one, too ????


  7. What a cake Uma, wonderful! I have never made a double layer cake, the one in picture is 1,2,3,4 layers?
    Me : Yeah, I did 3 layers and a much bigger one, to feed the demanding army of kids. 😆 You shld try it, Lakshmi. It gives you such satisfaction of creating something wonderful. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    Me : Wish you the same, dear. 🙂


  8. The cake is really yummy 🙂 🙂 seems to be you had a real great time during great time… God bless you… Get some sleep 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Me : Yes, fab time with family. Sleep has been taken care of, now. Thanks. 🙂


  9. Wow! you seemed to have had a real fantastic time eating loads of yummy foods and this cake has definitely made crave for one 🙂
    Me : Come and have a piece, CB !!! 🙂

    Am a big fan of Tom & Jerry thanks for sharing 🙂
    Me : 🙂

    Hope you have many more yummy food times with your friends and family this new year 😀
    Me : Thanks a lot. 🙂 Food times are always welcome.


  10. You better get one of those cakes this 16th !!! 😀 😀
    Me : If you had commented before Kanagu, he would’ve asked for the same. LOL 😆 Will try to, no promises.


  11. Happy New Year to you too !
    Me : Welcome, my New Year friend. 🙂

    That cake looks yummmy! Please can I have the recipe 🙂 pretty please 🙂 I have been trying to not bake but you guys are tempting me to start again 🙂
    Me : Recipe….Mmmmm…lets see !!!! 🙂 Baking is more fun for me !!! 🙂 And when my girls demand it, I’ve to do it.


  12. Happy New Year Uma !!!!! 😛 😛
    Me : Comment from Hitch on New Year – Gr8 🙂 Thanks and Wish you, Hetal and Hriday a wonderful New Year too !!!

    Families together, food, late nights… !!!! sheer bliss !!!! 😀 😀 😀
    Me : Absolutely !!! 🙂

    no wonder ur glad you forgot to sleep !!!!!
    Me : 🙂 🙂 🙂


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