Tummy khush ?????

BBBBuuuurrrrrppppp !!!!  Came the burp !!!! That was one delicious meal !!!  What a yummy onion sambar and aloo fry !!!! That rasam was no less !!! Simply delicious – it can be passed as Amruth from the Heavens !!!!  

I am khush, thinks the tummy !!!!  After such an elaborate meal, which tummy will not feel happy !!!!  😆  

After 2 hrs of non-stop digestion:  

Its been 2 hours after lunch.  Why is this woman not taking any steps to fill me again, thinks tummy !!??!! Lets make some growling noises, so that She’ll start munching something.  Hope she eats, what I really want !!!!  😉  

Oh !!! Ho  !!! I ate just 2 hrs back and see, my stomach has started growling. How did I digest so fast ???? Let me eat something. No, says the mind. Do you remember what Oprah told in one of the episodes – When you hear your stomach growling, don’t feed it !!! Then your body’s need for some energy will be taken from the fat deposits around your hips and thighs. Thats one easy way to reduce excess fat.   So, taking Oprah’s words seriously, I decide to drink a glass of water. WOW !! That’s good.  Stay away from junk food, I tell myself.  

Tummy is absolutely not happy with that glass of water. WWhhaattt ???? She gave me a glass of water, when I growled !!!! Maybe she has not understood, how loud I can be !!!!  And so here I go – GGGRRROOOOWWWLLLL !!!!!  

OMG !!!! What to eat now ???  It’s just 3 hrs after lunch.  OK !!! Let me munch on an apple.  So, I went to the kitchen and cut an apple and started eating that delicious fruit, which tempted even the Adam and Eve !!!!  Now, I hope that my stomach is happy !!!  😆  

This WOMAN !!! Why is she not giving me, what I want ????? Who wants this diet-friendly apple ???? Come on, give me that – what I really like !!!!! So, here you go – Grrrooowwwwllllll !!!!!  

This tummy is really bothering me today !!! I feel there is a big rat inside eating away all that I eat and asking for more !!!  What else to eat now ????  OK. Let me make some hot tea and have that delicious something, which I bought yesterday. Even, I’ve been wanting to eat it, but was resisting the temptation.  

The hot ginger tea is ready.  Now, I open the snack box, a lovely big Tupperware, which is the house of snacks in my home.  



I take a cup full of the wonderful mixture from Grand Sweets and Snacks and 2 of the kai murukku.  Sipping the hot ginger tea, I plonk myself in the couch to enjoy my afternoon snacks.  


Idha, Idha, Idhathan naan edhirparthen**  says Tummy, all smiles looking at the cup of mixture !!!!  Why didn’t you take it earlier, woman ???? From yday, I am dying to eat this.  


Now, what happens to my diet, she fumes at herself. Can’t you resist the simple temptation to eat mixture ????  But she is also all smiles, as the diet gets thrown out of the window and the mixture enters the heavenly stomach fort.  😆  


** This, This, This is what I expected – a dialogue from a famous coffee ad.  



31 Replies to “Tummy khush ?????”

  1. Lol… !

    you know what… once I finish my meals… I become very hungry !!! lol… !!! I have never dieted in my life… yea a couple of times feasted on fruits and juices to clean up the system… but cant diet at all… I simply believe in eat all you can… and run !!!!!! 😛


  2. Get away from me you, crazy mixture eating woman!!! Hey, u eat your lunch and then throw in some mixture in the end for added measure. 😀 That will take care of the growls!!


  3. you food freak !!! Do everything and blame it on the poor tummy !! and your tongue has no role to play, huh ? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Btw, that meal…yummmmyyyyy….its been ages since I ate that way; satisfying both my tongue and my tummy… 😀 😀


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