What are you dreaming ?????

It was a huge bungalow.  Very beautifully done interiors take my breath away.  Lovely colours on the wall, the plants are beautiful and placed well.  Ah !!! There’s lot of light and good ventilation, too.  The kitchen is the best – very tastefully done modular kitchen.  The best of the best is the stairway that starts in the centre of that huge living room and curves its way up, to where the bedrooms are located.  In that balcony, there is this huge swing, which is my favourite,  from childhood days.

And I am wearing a beautiful silk saree. I am so engrossed in conversations and at the same time, I pause and admire the beauty of the house.  WOW !!! It does look so grand.

I am the proud owner of this amazing bungalow !!!! How lucky I am.  Suddenly two Labrador dogs come and start licking me and jumping on me.  I am so delighted to see those loving dogs.

TTrrrnnnnggggg……..TTTrrrrnnnnggggg…….Goes the alarm and suddenly I pop up on the bed – OMG !!!! Was that a dream !!!! But it looked so real.  I really felt myself in that dream.  How can it be a dream ????? OH !!!! Why can’t it be true ???????

So, what are these dreams ????? They have always held my curiosity.  How do those dreams happen ???? Do they send us any messages ???? Is there a hidden meaning behind the dreams ?????

While I remember some dreams with vivid clarity, others are just a blurred activity.

Some dreams are in black and white, while others are in colour.  Isn’t it strange ????

I used to work as a Software Programmer.  And there were times, when I used to break my head on why a particular piece of code didn’t work.  The whole day at office, will not give me any solutions.  And I’ll sleep on that problem.  Miracle of miracle !!!! I’ll get the solution to my problem code in my dream.  New ways of writing code, will materialize in my dream.  How ???? If all these ideas are there in my mind, then while I am awake, why doesn’t such ideas come to me ???? Why does it have to come only in my dreams ????

My daughter had a dream recently that she is walking on a road.  On the left hand side, she sees the shops of T.Nagar (the famous shopping place in Chennai) and to the right she sees the General Bazaar (of Hyderabad) !!!! She thinks that even though she enjoys Chennai, she’s missing Hyderabad – Its her version of explanation for her dream.

And she gets such fairy tale dreams – Hogwarts, World tour through space and many more !!!!!    I think that she eventually will turn a Travel Journalist – My prediction after listening to her dreams – Howzaat !!!!!

And there have been dreams in which she is writing her exams – either she has forgotten the answers or the time is up and she is still not finished.  She wakes up, totally upset.  It takes a herculean task from my side, to pacify her that the dream will certainly not come true and that she needs to be more confident and do her best.  So, is her inner fears coming out, in her dream ?????


If it is the sub-conscious mind telling me something, then why sometimes I forget what happened in my dream ????

Rarely, I do see those loved ones, who are not in this world anymore.  So, whats their message to me ???? Why did they come in my dream ???

Sometimes, the dream is just full of bad incidents and sad happenings.  Why ?????   Are the dreams trying to alert me to avoid something ?????

Wiki, please help me.

Dreams are a succession of images, thoughts, sounds, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.

Throughout history, people have sought meaning in dreams or divination through dreams.  Dreams have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from gods or predictions of the future.


While there are so many studies and researches going on, nobody has been able to nail the indications of a dream correctly.  Some speculations have been proved, but I believe there have been instances, when they were not.


So, when people tell you Dream Big – doesn’t it actually mean to Think Big – Because, most of the times, I don’t remember my dreams.

May all your Dreams come true – Oh !!! No !!! Certainly not those bad incidents one !!!!  Let only the good ones come true !!!! After all, I am human !!! I certainly opt for the better ones.


So, what are your dreams ???? Do you believe that the dreams are telling you something ?????


23 Replies to “What are you dreaming ?????”

  1. I sleep pretty late at night and mostly when I am dead tired. So mostly I don’t see dreams. Don’t know how normal is that. lol!

    I am open to all these Hogwarts dreams. your daughter is lucky that she sees Harry Potter stuff even in her dreams. 😀


    1. Welcome Rati !!! You dont dream ???? I think you shld once in a while – you’ll enjoy them. Try an afternoon nap – you might get some real gud ones !!!! 😆

      She was crazy abt Hogwarts till some time back. Now its the Twilight series… 😆


  2. Wowww! N I dreamt today mrng that I am gonna write a post on dreams n their inner meanings n here u go 😛 Whatta coincidence 😉

    I do believe that we hv gotta listen to our dreams sometimes since its prob. what we want or feel within the inner self .. but then, I hv hd a few stupid ones too 😛 which tell me otherwise 😉

    Her interpretation of the Chennai/ Hyderabad dream is a nice one 🙂


    1. Like Telepathy, we are on Dream-pathy !!! LOL 😆

      Absolutely Swaram, when I really want to believe in my dreams after a really nice one, the second day my dreams are so horrible that I am so confused !!!!

      You listen to my daughter – her dream interpretations are fantasy driven !!!! 😆


  3. If I am completely tired and sleep very late… I dont get dreams but other than that most of the times I have dreams some I remember vividly some I forget even as I get up… !!!

    too many dreams… !!! some I would share some just leave me puzzled… not all have any meaning … but one thing is for sure… I love nights full of dreams… !!

    sigh !


  4. I rarely dream. Though I don’t have troubles with sleep and neither do I sleep late.
    As far interpreting dreams, my current ones are all painted with pieces of the Twilight Saga, cause am still stuck with it’s last part.
    I loved your thought that we should think big as our thoughts are reflected and projected in our dreams 😀

    Though if given a choice I would choose to sleep dream-less sound sleep.

    Keep dreaming and smiling 😀



  5. I rarely recall the dreams I have nowadays…expcept for a few times when I keep dreaming of going to the loo…and going to the loo….and going to the loo
    I wake up I realise that I need to go to the loo so bad 😀


  6. Oh I get soooo many dreams. People say that sound sleepers dont dream. When the mind is affected, these pictures come it seems. Who knows! No ones been able to decode human brain right ! They also say all dreams are in black and white, but to us it feels colored. Again, no solid proof na ?


  7. Dreams… comes to me only when i feel strongly about a person or things…
    But for the better until no bad dreams for me… Or i Have forgotten that… 🙂
    But as you Have said its our thoughts only getting interpreted as dreams, i think… 🙂


  8. Very rarely do I remember my dreams. The other day, in my dream, my husband and I were in a car. The hubby was hungry and was looking for a place to eat. He got the car into a gully. It looked like a weird place and we came to a dead-end. My husband rolled down my side of the window to ask for direction. A car parked had some shady looking people in it. I told N to turn the car around and get us outta there. The people in car just looked at us. we turned and around and were just gaining speed when this guy walking from the opp direction latched on to my side of the window. As I was telling N to roll up the window, this guy heaved himself into the front seat. It was totally scary. I spent the next half hour trying to rewind my dream and do some awful things to that man, like sudden braking the car and having him fly off. Rolling up the window and having his hands jammed. Kicking him in the face with heeled boots (which magically appeared on my feet). It was just too much. I guess I don’t trust my husbands instincts in the car. He takes time to digest an instruction given to him in times of need!! 😀

    And the interpretation of your dream is: You were in my dream checking out the house of my dreams!!! 😀 Ha ha ha!


  9. Sheesh! I never remember my dreams. But I do believe that my dreams are adventurous, romantic, comic all rolled into one. No harm in thinking so as I won’t ever find out how they really are 😀


  10. I do try to find some meaning in dreams, and if it’s not a nice dream I convince myself, bad things in dreams are either warnings or an indication of exactly the opposite happening in real life 🙂
    The problem with dreams is some of them are so real! If we have felt any fear or sorrow in a dream, it is so real when we wake up!!!


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