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The Female Blogoaddict  and   Beware !!! Its BIV…

These two posts depict my plight in being addicted to blogging.  It’s a wonderful feeling with the constant thoughts about my blogo friends, whom I’ve never met in person.

Thank you, dear God…

My attempt at poetry for the first time, on my birthday was just fabulous. Even though I was breaking my head on how to put it across, it did turn around good finally.  And thank you, everyone for the wonderful wishes….because of you all, my year is going great.

H for Husband   –     Act of kindness     –     The Headache Story     –      Whats the sound ????

These are a few good ones, which I wrote about S.   I enjoyed writing about him so much.  And he has taken to all the chiding so kindly.  Actually, he is very happy with the encouraging comments he gets from the male readers of my blog.  Thank you, friends, for making my S very happy !!!!

Nostalgic Childhood

My best so far, according to Blogadda. Chosen for the Tangy Tuesday Picks, it made my day.  My memories of childhood and the Blogadda’s recognition all made it so wonderful.

Joint family or Nuclear family ?????

This post has one of the best Comment Section, so far.  I love this post, for the wonderful points or opinions I received from you all. It made me sit straight and think again.

Traffic – Comedy or Serious ???

In this hyper world of vehicles zooming their way past us, let us stop for a moment and think, whether we follow the traffic rules to the book.  Even though the post begins hilariously, it goes on to become serious on the implications of bad traffic sense.  Lets all work towards safe driving on the roads.

The Journey So Far

This is my 100th post and I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart to make it happen.

I think, thats it.  Let me not bore you with any more best posts stuff.

Here’s wishing you all a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2010 !!!!!

I am might be off this blogosphere for a few days and I promise to catch up with you all, next week.

Take care !!! Party till midnight !!!! Enjoy and have a great New Year and an awesome weekend too !!!!!

Looking back…

Tomorrow is the last day of this year – 2009 !!!  It looks like only a few days back, I welcomed 2009 !!!  And I’ve travelled so fast at a maddening speed, that my head is spinning thinking of the all the things I did, saw, enjoyed, celebrated, cried and felt sad.

The blogging world also saw me writing at maddening speed this month.  This writing journey was wonderful and my blogo friends, all deserve a major credit, for coming all the way with me and encouraging me and boosting my confidence. Why, so many of you, have given me ideas on what to blog, next !!!  That has made this NaBloPoMo very successful with this and the next post of mine. A big Thank you with Hugs to all the readers of mine, especially to those who leave their wonderful comments !!!! 🙂

There cannot be another great moment for me, where my posts have been nominated by my friends for the Avant Garde Awards.  Its a great honour and I am extremely happy and thrilled to be nominated by you all !!!!  It makes me feel satisfied and I’ve touched a chord or two here and there in people’s heart with my blogs, to get nominated by them.  Thank you, friends, once again.

As I look back on the wonderful journey of the blogger UmaS, I thought of doing the chewing the cud business, by going through my archives.

My best posts, from my point of view are :

Weight loss is never a Cake Walk

My effort at hitting at the weight monster and the consequences of each and every effort, makes it hilarious to read.  I can laugh now, reading all those. But, when I went through the whole exercise, I used to sit and cry so many days – Why am I unable to bring the weight under control ????

But, now with Yoga, I’ve learnt the secret to a wonderful and healthy life !!!

Waking up with Alarms !

I am a sleepy head.  The moment my head hits the pillow, I just doze off. S is terribly irritated with this habit of mine, as he cannot sleep early.

So many people say that this a God’s gift – the ability to sleep immediately !!!! But the other part of this habit is so irritating for those, who try to wake me up.  I get annoyed easily, when ppl wake me up for silly reasons.

This blog was on my experience with alarms and my mom’s experience in waking me up !!!! I love this post !!!!

Then and Now !      and     Then and Now (Part II) – The Television

Through this post, I talked to my daughters.  It was great comparing my childhood days and my daughter’s.  Even though, my daughters have an answer ready for everything I say, this post really made me think of all the differences between the childhood days of THEN and NOW !!!!   Its a lovely journey and I am sure, you all will enjoy reading it.

I love being a MOM !

If there is one thing on earth, which I love being, it’s certainly being a Mother to the wonderful girls of mine.  Even though I was totally unprepared for this, the motherhood has given me everything and made my life complete.

This is actually a tag, but the tag I enjoyed writing the most.   Here I talk about those moments in life, in which I love being a Mom !!!!  And I think, it’s actually every living moment !!!

Dosa Lover

Yes, its me !!!!  This is one thing which I love beyond dreams.  And in this post, I go on to explain the reasons for my love for Dosa !!! Also, the list of mind-boggling varieties of Dosas, can make anyone drool over it !!!!

My daughters are answering !!!

This tag made me read my daughters’ perception of me !!!! It was wonderful reading their answers then and even today.  Those innocent words and the confidence and trust in me, made me really wonder, if I am worthy of such awesome love, from them.  It made me work more hard to justify their trust on me.

To be Continued….

Crushed with Tag

OK !!! I was digging up archives to do interesting tags, to fill up my NaBloPoMo – its really getting difficult, as I am nearing the end of the month.  And Vimmuu has taken time to go thru the tags he had done, so that he can tag me officially.  See here to read the list.

According to the tag, I am supposed think of myself as a guy and list those five beauty queens, for whom I have a crush.  But there are other women, whom I respect and admire.

So, I decided to do two lists.

List 1 – The women for whom I could die a thousand deaths.

1. Madhuri Dixit as in Dhak Dhak

2. Zeenat Aman as in Churaliya Hai tumne jo dil ko

3. Julia Roberts as in Pretty Woman / Notting Hill / Runaway Bride

4. That wonderful Madhubala of yesteryears !!!!


5. Dimple Kapadia as in Bobby / Sagar



List 2 – The women whom I admire, respect and look upto.

1. M S Subbulakshmi

2. P T Usha

3. Enid Blyton

4. Indira Gandhi

5. Mother Teresa

Brand Loyal

Today morning, when I was opening a pack of biscuits to have with tea, I just realised that it was not a Britannia product.  I was surprised.  How did that brand of biscuits find its way into my biscuit box ?????

Then I realised that it was given free with some other product.

Anyway, the point is, I am a great big fan and that too, a loyal one, of Britannia biscuits for nearly 20 years, now.  Never do I go and buy some other brand of biscuits, because a particular variety is not there.  I hunt through every shop till I find the Biscuit brand, I love.

The best I like is the Milk Bikis and the Brita, the small energy pops.  The Marie from Britannia is certainly the best – Now, don’t ask me, whether I’ve tasted other brands to give this statement.  I’ve not tasted, but I know from the looks.

When we go out on vacation, some hotels provide tea or coffee with biscuits, sometimes. And I’ve seen S eating those biscuits with tea. With all other brands, I’ve seen the biscuit fall back into the tea-cup.  Only with Britannia Marie, it never falls back into the cup.  It waits to fall into your mouth !!!!!!

But, as much as I am a fan of Britannia biscuits, I am not very fond of their dairy products.  For Dairy products, there is only one King and that is Amul.  The butter, cheese, cheese slices, cheese spreads – name anything, they are the best.  Even the Mozzarella Cheese from Amul is the tastiest and makes the home-made Pizzas so yummy !!!!!

And there is this Aashirvaad atta from ITC, which I’ve been using from the time, they introduced.  I remember that day, so well.  ITC was doing a promo for the introduction of their new Aashirvaad atta, some 9 to 10 years back.  And, I was there at the supermarket, on that day and so, I was given a 1Kg packet atta as a free sample.  I even remember the girl, who gave it to me, because, she was so sweet and talked so nicely to me and when she gave me the atta packet, she told me that I would love this brand of atta and she hoped that I would go for this atta again and again. And yes, she was right !!!!! After using the sample packet, I was so thrilled with the quality of the chappathis, that I forgot that other brands existed.  And never I’ve changed to some other brand of atta. This is the best one for me !!!!

And Red Label Tea is my tea !!!!  The journey together started from my teenage and is still going strong !!!!! I love the chai and the more lovely chai conversations !!!! Remember their ad – It’s a gud time to talk !!!!!!

For each and every product, I stick to brands like these. I use them the first time and if they are good and my family is happy, then that is the brand for me.  Under no circumstances, will I change the brand.

Even if the other brands give me the best offers, I don’t buy other brands. I am very BRAND LOYAL.

So,  How Brand Loyal are you ?????????

Christmas time and New Year Resolutions !!!

Its festive time for all and holiday time for the kids.  So, celebrations are around everywhere !!!

The mood to enjoy and have a great time, is being injected into everyone of us through the city’s glowing lights and the Shops and Malls shouting about their New Year Sales !!!!!

We had put up a Christmas Tree this year too and my daughter had decorated to the theme of White Christmas !!!! Its so beautiful and I just love it !!!!!  You can even see the gifts beneath the tree, which the girls have put up for their cousins and everyone !!!!! We had such a great time with the awesome Chocolate temptation made by ME !!!!! It was just yummylicious !!!!!

Somebody asked me recently – Have you ever made any New Year Resolution ??????

No, never.  I think that I don’t need a New Year to make a resolution. If there is any change that I want in Myself, I had to implement it immediately. What do u say ?????    But, S is a great fan of New Year Resolutions and he’ll sure make one every year, only to leave it outside the door, in a matter of a week or a month.

So, just wanted to ask you all, one simple question –  Do you have any NewYear Resolution ???? Do you take such resolutions seriously and work towards fulfilling it ??????

Twisted facts.

NaBloPoMo is just getting onto me, too much.      What to post ???   What to blog ????? Somebody tag me, please !!!! Please give me some ideas !!!!!    –    These are the thoughts that swallow me these days.  After so much of thought, I’ve decided to go ahead with the following twisted facts of life, which is a forward from my friend.

So, go ahead, read and find the truth !!!!!

Whenever you find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

To Err is human, but to forgive is not a COMPANY policy.

The road to success??.. Is always under construction.

Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, but if you think again, neither does Milk.

In order to get a Loan, you first need to prove that you have ability to repay back.

All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive or fattening.

Since Light travels faster than Sound, people appear brighter before you hear them speak.

Everyone has a scheme of getting rich?.. Which never works.

If at first you don’t succeed?. Destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

You can never determine which side of the bread to butter. If it falls down, it will always land on the buttered side.

Anything dropped on the floor will roll over to the most inaccessible corner.

42.7% of all statistics is made on the spot.

As soon as you mention something?? if it is good, it is taken?. If it is bad, it happens.

He who has the gold, makes the rules —- Murphy’s golden rule.

If you come early, the bus is late. If you come late?? the bus is still late..

Once you have bought something, you will find the same item being sold somewhere else at a cheaper rate.

When in a queue, the other line always moves faster and the person in front of you will always have the most complex of transactions.

If you have paper, you don’t have a pen. If you have a pen, you don’t have paper. If you have both, no one calls.

Especially for engg. Students : If you have bunked the class, the professor has taken attendance.

You will pick up maximum wrong numbers when on roaming.

The door bell or your mobile will always ring when you are in the bathroom.

After a long wait for bus no.20, two 20 number buses will always pull in together and the bus which you get in will be crowded than the other.

If your exam is tomorrow, there will be a power cut tonight.

Irrespective of the direction of the wind, the smoke from the cigarette will always tend to go to the non-smoker.

Before borrowing money from a friend, decide whether you need more.

There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side.

An expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it sound confusing.

Many things can be preserved in alcohol. Dignity is not one of them.

Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.

When you’re right, no one remembers. When you’re wrong, no one forgets.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Well done is better than well said .

Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is looking.

Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY, Where there is MONEY, there are many WAYS..

Where there is MONEY, there are many FRIENDS and RELATIVES.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die..

This is also called Marketing

I had been to Spencer’s one fine Sunday, two weeks back. Two men were blocking almost every person trying to enter into Spencer’s. And they were distributing some forms for filling it up.

When I tried to walk past them, S called out to me with forms in his hand.  I looked at him questioningly.

Fill up these forms and get a free gift from Spencer’s – S told me, as that was what that sales man had told him.

I was hesitant. If Spencer’s is giving a free gift to all the customers, they’ll do it inside, where you bill the things.

But S was insistent and put a pen and a form in my hand. They only need our name and phone number was his argument – it won’t take a lot of time to fill.

I am again against giving my phone number to Tom, Dick and Harry on the road. And there was no indication on the form, that its Spencer’s who are doing this free gift promotion.  No Company Name was printed on the form. Why does S take it so easily ?????

So, we filled up two forms, one in my name and one in S’s name, but I wrote S’s number on both the forms.

After a fortnight, yday, one man called up.

“Sir, you filled up a form sometime back at Spencer’s. Remember ?????  Congratulations, Sir !!!! You have been shortlisted among the top 20 winners. And I am very happy to inform you, that you have got gifts, not one, not two but three. They are Kitchen set worth 5000/-, One week stay at Munnar and a One Night stay at a Beach Resort on the outskirts of Chennai.  Can you come over to our Office by 5pm today and collect your gifts ?????? ”

Now, I am sitting stunned listening to all these.  Who on this earth will give three free gifts, to the top 20 shortlisted winners, just for filling up a form ????? What do they want from us ???????

Then, when I checked out their Office Address, I found that they are a Holiday Resort Company, trying to sell the holiday shares to people. They make a few people attend a meeting and talk and talk and mesmerize the crowd into buying holiday shares.

And when we didn’t turn up at the meeting, at the scheduled time, they kept on calling us.  Even after politely refusing the gift offer and clearly telling them that we cannot attend the meeting, the calls continued.

Then my Dad told me that he had attended one such meeting and Thank God, he got some urgent call, he left half-way through.  Only if you buy the holiday shares, you’ll get all those free gifts, was explained later in the meeting, I believe.

It’s such a cheap marketing initiative, is my opinion.

Image Tag

I dug into everyone’s archives for the tag posts they’ve done.  I need something to write for my NaBloPoMo and it better be gud too.

And this tag, I found at Nancy’s and the googling of images made it interesting for me.  So, here I go.

This is somewhat similar to Vimmuuu’s Flickr Mosaic Tag !!!! Both are fun and sure keeps us busy for sometime.

The rules states that for every answer one has to do a Google Image Search and paste a picture from the first Google Image Search page with minimal explanation. So here goes….

1. The age you will be in your next birthday: I’ll be celebrating 39 wonderful years in this Earth.

  To tell you the truth, when I just wrote my age, all I got was some old woman (she really looked old), celebrating her bday. So, I modified my answer to get a wonderful picture of flowers, which I felt is more like me.

Sorry for that, but see, I am honest !!!!!



2. A place you would like to travel : Switzerland


WOW !!! I just love this place.  The most scenic place in the World, according to me !!!!

I would also like to go skiing on the Mount Alps !!!! Dear God, When will that day come ??????

3. Your favourite place : My Kitchen

 Hey !!!! I like this picture.  Even though, my kitchen doesn’t look like this, who wouldn’t want to cook in a kitchen looking like that !!!!  This Kitchen is my favourite place, where I relieve my stress !!!!

And I love the modular kitchens !!! They are so damn neat and easy to use !!!!

Even the central island, like the one in the picture, is so wonderful !!! Overall, the Kitchen is a great place to be, for me !!!!

4. Your favourite food / drink : Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani / Mocktails made by S

This is the first picture in Google Image Search.  But the second one looked more spicier and yummy !!!!

But staying in Chennai, I’ll learn to be satisfied by this.

S is great in making mocktails, when we have get-togethers and I love the combinations he uses. S sure has a great future !!!! 😉

5. Your favourite pet : Labrador Retriever

  This friendly dog certainly is my favourite.  He is such a darling and so lovable. His caring eyes and his gentle ways with children are his wonderful qualities.

Now, this extra image of a Labrador Pup, is here because of one simple reason.  I had a pup exactly like this, but due to various reasons, we gave him away.  I miss this little guy – he is no little guy now.

Whenever I see a Lab, I go and cuddle them, missing my little one so much.  Recently, I met one lovely Betsy in my apartment.  The moment I called her, she just jumped on me, licked my face totally and went mad with joy.  I could feel that she is excited.  Actually, I was in the same state like her.

6. Your favourite colour combination : Black and White


I love the colour Black.  Actually any combination with Black will look damn good, but my favourite is White.  I dont know, in what way Google related this picture to my query.  This picture has a lot of grey, isn’t it ??

Anyway, I like the solitude tree. 🙂


7. Your favourite piece of clothing : Pencil Jeans + Shirt



 WOW !!! These Pencil Jeans are damn good.  Such a wonderful fit and Ifeel quite thin, too.


That’s certainly not me.  Wish I could be as thin as the model in this picture.

8. Your all time favourite song : Pal pal dil ke paas, tum rehti ho



   The exact image of this song, was available as the third or fourth image. But this is the first one.

Just love the song – the tune, the lyrics, the wonderful Kishoreda, the awesome pair – Dharmendra and Rakhi.

9. Your favourite TV show : Travel & Living Nigella Feasts


 Nigella has done so many series – Nigella Feasts, Nigella Express, Nigella Bites, Forever Summer and so on.  But this specific series – Nigella Feasts, is my favourite.  She tells and does some amazing mouth watering stuff and has no qualms munching them all in front of the camera.  She is quite clumsy but the end product is exotic.  That gives the viewer more confidence in cooking !!!

Everyone in my home, loves this programme and its a delight to watch her cook the deserts.  I especially love all her cooking utensils, the spatulas, the ladles, her refrigerator, her oven, her bar – all in all, I just love this show.

10 Full name of your significant other : Srinivasan


OOPS !!!! Found a picture of a hippy guy, when I Googled.  I just can’t put the other Srinivasan’s pictures here, in place of my S.

 So, here is the picture of Sri Srinivasa Perumal, who abodes in Tirupathi, after whom, my S was named.

11. The town in which you live : Chennai


  I would have loved to put the Beach here !!!! Chennai synonyms with Beach, for me.

But this is the best bet for Google Images.  The tall tower structure you see, is the Railway Central and it certainly one of the busiest places in the city.

12. Your screen name / nickname : UmaS Reflections

When I googled my Screen name, see what image I got ??????

Can you believe this ???? OMG !!!! OMG !!!!!  I just can’t believe this.

Its my avataar picture !!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

I am all smiles !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  🙂

 WOW !!!! I am thrilled.


13 Your first job : Hardware Design Engineer


  Yes, now I remember the PCBs and the designing.  Its been more than a decade now, but I enjoyed doing it all.


The sad thing was, I didn’t continue with it after 3 years.

14. Your dream job : Microsoft


 It was my dream and it still is.  I had been fascinated with Windows when it was introduced and that day I decided that I would join the company which made this wonderful software.

Hope I’ll atleast visit the premises in Seattle, one day.

15 Bad habit you have : Irritation


I get irritated very easily.  Particularly, when I am sleeping well, someone wakes me up for silly reasons – thats the height of irritation for me.

Is there any Irritation Help Centres ???????  🙄

16. Your worst fear :  When others ignore me




This is my fear and the thing which saddens me too.


17 The one thing you would like to do before you die : Visit Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

 There is a saying which goes like this : Even if you put in your best possible effort, a visit to this temple will happen only if Sai Baba wishes you to come.

So far, he hasn’t called me. I am waiting to go.


18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000 :  Buy a Farm House on a Hill.

  And have a dog, too.  Just imagine spending lovely summers in that beautiful Farm House. Its divine bliss.

Oh !!! Cool !!!! Finished them all and it was quite interesting. Hope u all liked the collection.

The Journey So Far

Here I am sitting at my comp  

To write about an event of pomp  

Never in my dreams had it come  

I’ll be blogging till my fingers are numb. 





May be its an event, may be its a day of glory  

But for me, its my blogging journey.  






Hardly a reader to visit, when I started to write  

Slowly and steadily, got some to reply  

The moment of Pressing my Words  






Became the turning point to meet new people,  

New blogs and a World where I find friends for life.  





This is my place, my adda,  

Where I am myself without any cloak  

Blogging is second skin to me  

Rain or Shine, I write to see a happy me.  





Hyd to Chennai was my transition  

But I was glowing with determination  





Decided to post with a conviction  

The words came out without any confrontation.  




Yes, this is my 100th post  

And without you all, it would have been a dream. 




So, the credit goes to you all  

For the success of this Blog.  





I was scared to face the bat  

Wanted to be the last in the race of rat.  

But your comments bowled me over  

And I didn’t get out, but hit the century tower.  





So, here I am waiting for you all to come  

To hand me a brick or a bouquet. 





   I am ready for whatever is to come.

Traffic – Comedy or Serious ???

S is a great fan of the Aditya Channel – which telecasts only the comedy scenes from Tamil movies.  Even though I find the scenes very repetitive, I don’t mind watching the ones starring Vivek, for I greatly appreciate his comic timing and the way he gets back at people for their silliness and superstitions.

Last week, when we were glued to this Aditya Channel, I happened to watch one of my favourite scenes by Vivek.

In this scene, Vivek is travelling by bike with his friend and they happen to wait in a traffic signal.

Vivek says at this point, “We’ll put the right indicator, show our left hand and go straight ahead, to confuse you all, as we always do in India”.  It’s a pun alright, but sadly its also the plight of traffic in India.

It’s quite surprising that people in India, have got this idea of going first, over taking everybody on the road.  Are we in a race or something ?????

If we allow the vehicles ahead of us to move forward, then automatically we’ll get our way.  There’s certainly no patience, especially when people are on the roads, behind the steering wheels.

At this point, I am reminded of a funny incident, in Hyd.  Whether its funny or not, it just shows, how even stupid people get a driving license in India. There’s no need to know the traffic rules and regulations.

One of our friend, was driving his car. He is a very cautious driver and never crosses the speed limits.  And at a particular junction, he wanted to take a left turn. Since, there was free left available at that junction, he just put on the left indicator of his car and turned left.

Suddenly, there came a scooter, over taking his car, with a ferocious man on it.  He parked his scooter just in front of the car and asked our friend to get out of the car.

Our friend, being quite the docile type, didn’t want to get into any confrontations. With lots of hesistation, he got out of the car and the man on the scooter started shouting.  Without understanding the reason for his shouting, he quietly asks him to state the reason before shouting.

That man on the scooter asks our friend – Why did you turn left without any indication ?????

Friend (with a bewildered look) – Of course, I did put my left indicator !!!!

Man – No, all that is not enough.  Why didn’t put your hand out and show that you are turning left, with your hand ??????  You saw me doing the same while I was driving the scooter, eh ?????

Our friend was stunned beyond belief.  How in heaven’s sake, can you put your hand out and tell that you are turning left, while driving a car ?????

This is the height of traffic sense !!!!!  I still wonder,  How did that guy ever get a driving license !!!!

And another irritating thing in Hyd traffic, is people don’t take their hands off the HORN !!!!  They are always honking. Even if the traffic is stand still, due to some reason, the honking will go on and on.  Its absolutely irritating.

I’ve also noticed that people give more respect to the traffic signals than the traffic constables on duty.  While they listen without any question, to the red / orange / green lights, they argue and talk badly with the traffic constables.  Even if the traffic constable says STOP, the people give him a stare and drive away.

Even though we make fun of the road sense in the people of India, the whole scenario is really pathetic.

One, there is a sudden surge in the number of people owning a four-wheeler. Every Bank is calling the people walking by their branch and giving them a Car loan. Who wouldn’t want to buy, when the banks call you and give you loans ????

Second, the Government is totally unprepared for the increase in number of vehicles and there are no concrete plans accordingly to widen the roads or build flyovers or take any measures to ensure smooth traffic.

Third, the people want to reach their place of destination, in just a few minutes of sitting in their vehicle.  There is no patience, no giving way for ambulances – the top priority is only themselves.

Fourth and most important is talking on the mobile while driving. This certainly distracts the driver and confuses the person driving behind this man. The reflex is quite slow, because of the distraction of talking on the mobile phone.  Even though it’s a rule – TALKING & DRIVING DONT GO TOGETHER – people are just going on talking on the mobile, as though this rule doesn’t apply to them.

Any phone call can wait – no call is more precious than your life.

Follow traffic rules and have a safe and enjoyable Driving experience !!!!! 🙂