The Prize of being HONEST !!!!

So, what do you all think – Am I honest with you all ???? Does my blog sound like an honest one, when seen at a glance ?????

I try to be sincere and honest most of the time – only when the fictitious side of me overtakes me and starts typing something else.  I try to make sure that doesn’t happen always. 😆

But, Nancy, my wonderful friend, here’s my heartfelt gratitude for bestowing the Honest Scrap Award on me.  I am really honoured.  This award will stay close to my heart.

So, here is the freebie that came along with this award.  I am tagged as well as be awarded. Wonderful, isn’t it ????? 😆

The rules for this Tag and Award are :

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.
Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do).
Link back to the blogger who tagged you.

10 HONEST things about me !!!!  I’ve already done so many tags, which asked me so many questions, that I am sure you all know a great deal about me.  So, I am breaking my head to list those things, which has so long managed to stay inside me.

– While I love sipping my tea from a cup, my drink from a glass, I just can’t sip water from a glass.  I’ve to crane my neck backwards, raise the glass a few cms above my lips and pour it in my mouth.  You get the picture ?????  This is how I was brought up.  So, no amount of exercise can change me, now. And for this wonderful task, I prefer to use a steel tumbler, that doesn’t have blunt edges.

– I love TOM & JERRY the most.  I have so many CD collections of T & J.  They are my all time favourite and I can watch them several times, without getting bored.  I also love those Barney series, Baby Looney Tunes (Love Lola the most – She’s absolutely cute) and so many cute cartoons meant for toddlers.  hehehehehe – please keep this as a secret between you and me !!!! 😆

–  The musical movies are always close to my heart.  Like the Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Hum Aapke hai Kaun – those kinds. I love the music in these movies.  Because it is a musical, more importance is given to the music and the songs, which I just love.

–  I love Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy team for the music they make – and my favourite movie and music by them is Dil Chahta Hai. I like Rockford too for its wonderful music.  Then is of course, ARR.  In old tamil movies, it is always Ilayaraja.  He is the best.

– Even though I travel by flight, to save time, I am just not so fond of those travels. I am a train person. I love the second class the best – the non-stop activity, the loud talks, the wailing children, the making of new friendships – it’s all so wonderful.  Ship – Hmmm, maybe I’ll go on a cruise.

– I am the official Search Engine of my home.  I GOOGLE so many stuff for my loved ones.  From socks, clips, pen, fevistick, scale for my daughter to bills, office papers, goggles, reading glasses, credit card for S, I search everything.  The best part is I find those things in the same place, they’ve already searched and couldn’t find the things there.

– I just love to gift my loved ones, actually surprise them with the gift.  The look on their face, when they receive the gift and the surprise look, happiness, the smile all make it worthy of buying for my family.  It need not be an expensive one, but I try to get them what they need.  BTW, I would like to add, that I too would love to receive gifts as surprise.

– I am very choosy about my friends.  It takes me quite sometime to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.  The only exception has been with the blogofriends and I am a bit surprised at my self.

– My daughters are always waiting to find fault in my English – like a wrong pronunciation or when I blabber something incoherent (words misplaced, due to non-synchronisation of the speed of thought and speed of speech – Has this happened to you ?).  They are waiting for moments like these and catch me at the right time and laugh their heart out.  Naughty girls – I honestly love it, but put an act that I am very annoyed about the issue.

– I love to entertain family and friends, at home.  When I call people over for lunch or dinner, I take extra effort and time, in making sure that everything is ready on the table, before the first guest arrives.  There won’t be any panicking run into the kitchen to cook something last-minute !!!!  And I also go that extra bit, to look good when the guests come.    Thank God, my cooking and ahem ahem baking, is good enough for people to ask for more.  Now, of late, I am trying out Bengali dishes.  My husband and his brothers were mighty impressed (they were all brought up in Kolkatta and those dishes were their favs).

OK !!! Those are the 10 Honest things about me !!! Maa Kasam – sabh sach hai !!!!

Now, comes the most difficult part – to AWARD and tag 10 people.   I am just writing down all the names, which comes to my mind first.  Please break your head and do it.

I pass on The Honest Scrap Award and Tag to :











Friends, hope you’ll all do justice to this Award and Tag, as sincerely I’ve done. See, I am very honest !!!  Now, lets see how honest you are. 😆

Now, waiting for yours !!!! 🙂


53 Replies to “The Prize of being HONEST !!!!”

  1. Why don’t you drink tea like that too? What about cool drinks from a glass?

    LOL @ pronunciation one. Happens to me too. I normally jumble the words…not sure why but usually happens at the most bizarre of times…

    All Moms are the official Google of the house. And all wives too..for their husbands! 😀


    1. @ Masood
      I cant drink tea from a steel glass – I need a Cup. Cool drinks – yeah, I can sip them. Its strange – its only with water. What to do ????

      The girls are around me at the exact time, I mis-pronounce or jumble words. 😆

      @ Meira
      Lucky you !!! Hubby searches things for you – HHHmmmmppphhhh !!!! LOL.


  2. This ws updated on my reader nw!!! When did u post?

    1 – me too me too .. but its nt anything with my upbringing also .. wonder y I am like that 😛

    U r the second one to tag me Uma ..I did nt do this as I felt ppl already know me enuf and anything more wud be dangerous 😛 😛


  3. thanks for the award 🙂
    I m so happy ..first from nancy and now from you…
    and i also got from my office…its seems awards are pouring like rain on me this new year 🙂
    My mother is same like you on searching things..she always find stuff which we kept somewhere and forget..:-)
    I m same like you in giving and receiving surprise gifts 🙂


    1. Rash, congrats on getting award from workplace too. Sure, you shld be flying high.
      This New Year is certainly looking gud for you. 🙂

      You love those gifts thingy – Oh !! Rash !!! May be we can gift each other, by surprise, of course !!!! 😆 LOL 😆


  4. Congratulations Uma on the award 😀
    That’s a fantastic list 🙂 I am a die hard fan of Tom & Jerry and Loony tunes. My personal favorite is the bugs bunny, Duffy duck standing second.

    You share plenty of common interests with me. Wow! am super excited after reading this post about you.

    Keep up the wonderful work 😀



  5. U writing abt Tom & Jerry reminded me abt a doctor saying that a family which watches Tom & Jerry for atleast half an hr before going to bed is a happy family 😀
    And I too adore Sound of Music & Mamma mia!!!

    And oh this is just great….I too love travelling in the 2nd class compartment hungama but without the children :-P. I actually suggested it to the husband this time when I was on vacation but he is a regular party pooper ;-/

    Abt correcting pronounciation we used to do it with our mom…..& she’ll be like “oooh 2 engrish madams from englaand come to teach me engrish” 😀

    U did the tag very well Uma…and once again I repeat ur honesty shines thru Uma:-)!!!


    1. Thanks Nancy – We used to call ourselves “A Maruti family is a happy Family”!! But no Maruti now, so T & J family is a super happy family – All of us love it.

      Yes, the men spoil the fun. S thinks that he has to give the best to me and he’ll always insist on booking in A/c. Even though I love second class, he is totally against it.

      Thats a gud one – engrish madams !!!! LOL 😆

      Am so glad u like it – was waiting for your comments for a long time !!!! 🙂


  6. Thanks a lot for the award !!! cant say the same about the tag though !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Actually, you didnt follow rule No.2 !! How come I didnt get a comment on this ???
    Me : You would have got a pingback, right ?????

    —do you do that even in a restaurant when you order for juice ?? 😀 😀 😀
    Me : When drinking juice, its OK !!!!
    — I love cartoons too !! nothing wrong in it, na?
    Me : Nope.
    —me too, but I couldnt stand HAHK. There was a song for everything – hide shoes, there is a song, get the shoes back, there is another song ! Annoying it was 😀 😀
    Me : But me loved it !!!!
    —SEL is my fav too; after ARR that is.
    Me : 🙂 🙂
    —I hate flight journeys ! too boring !! Even buses are boring !! Trains are the best !
    Me : True !!!
    —my google is my brother ! I call him at real odd timings for help; even now ! 😀 😀
    Me : But how can he search for things here, while staying out of India ????
    —I love accepting gifts ! 😀
    Me : You need to learn to give, now that you are engaged !!!! 🙂
    —I make friends on a blink of an eye. But I have just a few close ones ! 😀
    Me : Socialite !!!!
    —ya, even I go through that. I fumble words here and there during my speech ! 😀 😀
    Me : Thank God, there is a spell checker for ppl like us. 🙂
    —so, when are you inviting me for lunch ?? 😀 😀 😀
    Me : During Summer holidays !!!! 🙂

    donno how Im going to do it !! But wouldnt want to do this in the normal way ! hmmm..lets see ! 😀
    Me : After Sex change, what will you get converted, to do this tag ?????


  7. Thanks a bunch Uma for the award, but you are putting me in a spot to write things about me 😉

    You totally deserve this award. Very glad to know more about you and can relate a lot to some of it like travelling by train and the finishing cooking part 🙂 Your daughters definitely seem very interesting as well.


  8. wow… congrats on the award.. 🙂 🙂
    Me : TanQ !!!!

    The water thing always happens in a home that has 2 or 3 children… I am always happy to drink it without sipping… 😀 😀
    Me : Absolutely…Even I am happy drinking water like that. 🙂
    Tom & Jerry were my favorite too   who will not like them???
    Me : Thats one prgrm the whole family watches without meddling with the remote.
    I don’t like musical movies.. they always test my patience… 😛 😛
    Me : hehehe…I’ve great patience for such movies… 🙂
    My choice is always Illayaraja…. His music is divine.. he is the only one who gives good background score for movies…
    Me : Yeah, he is the bestest of all….such melodies… 🙂
    I am yet to travel in flight…. I always liked train travels…. And bus travels only for the movies they are showing in evening… 😀 😀
    Me : Very Gud, train person…. 🙂
    Home Google… LOL.. 😆
    Me : 😆
    Yeah. The gifts are meant to surprise the receiver na…. me too always prefer that….
    Me : You like giving surprises ???? Gud !!!! 🙂
    Hope I never meet your daughters… even if I meet them.. I will converse in Tamil only… LOL…
    Me : Thats OK. They are absolutely conversant in Tamil. 🙂

    Thanks for awarding me… 😀 😀
    Me : My pleasure. Do the tag. 🙂
    I have already put 8 points above so is it enough to write 2 points in my blog and receive the award… 😛 😛
    Me : Thats ur comment on my honest scraps. What are yours ?????


  9. At home I never drink from a glass… I only want a bottle !!! 😛 I love Shanker Ehsaan Loy tooooo and I am the google of the house tooooo though my son will soon overtake me… !!!!!!

    you tagged me… !! I think I have done this tag… wait lemme check !!!!!


  10. Congrats 🙂
    I can relate to #1. I do not like to put the to-go lid on my tea/coffee (except in the car) because I do not like to drink anything hot through a straw or a hole.


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