The gates to Heaven will open, BUT…

Sr : Knock !!! Knock !!!!!

Sh : Who is it ??????

As though there is a dozen ppl living in this house.  S never knocks, when he knows that his daughter is inside.  It’ll be either me or Sr.  And when I knock, I’ll always call out her name, while knocking.  It’s only Sr who knocks and waits.

Sr : Open the Door !!!! Now !!!!! I need something urgently !!!!!

Sh : What do you want now ????? I closed just 2 mins back.  If you are inside the room and I knock on the door, you never respond and neither you open.  Just imagine how hurt I felt.  Now, its ur turn. Wait.

The conversation is flowing without opening the door.

Sr : Knock !!!! Knock !!!!!

Sh : Maaaaaa !!!!! Look at her !!!!  Sr is not even allowing me to change !!!! Can’t she wait for just 5 mins ?????  Do you remember how much I waited outside the room the other day ?????

Ma is just neutral – She has learnt better not to take sides during such arguments and especially when they are leaving for school.  I try to keep up my cool with a great effort by doing Kapalabati Pranayama (the breathing exercise, which does wonders to your body) !!!!!   🙂 🙂

Beauty bath and changing to their uniform, is the most important and only thing they do, before going to school everyday.  And so, the bathroom is occupied for long times.  Not only the bathroom, the bedroom too is gone for changing to their  uniform.  And My God, how much time these girls take, to just change into one dress ?????   And when one of them is inside, the other just cannot wait outside.  Exactly at that particular instant, the other one will remember of something and will knock the door down, till the other opens it !!!!!

So, dear God, when will my daughters learn to do things smart and fast ??????   And what’s this funda about closed doors ??????   🙄

It looks like there is a LOC near the entrance to their room and a prior permission (VISA) is required for valid entry.  And I certainly don’t think that I’ll be given a VISA so easily !!!!   I may have to bribe her for that VISA.  😉

For them, closing the door of the bedroom and doing their STUFF, is the way to live.   And when all the cousins get together, its madness !!! All those teenagers are IN, but we, elders are all OUT of the room !!!!

I wonder what goes on behind the closed doors !!!!!   🙄

Are they dancing ????? Singing ??????  Are they preparing for their exams ????? Why can’t they do it in front of me – after all, I am their Mother ??????  I think, I’ll enjoy those stints too !!!!

Dear God, I pray for the doors (to my girls’ room) to open !!!!!   🙂

But God feels that is quite a difficult wish to grant me !!!!  🙄

Instead God grants me this wish – The doors to Heaven will be open for YOU, BUT I can’t open those Doors, to your Girls’ Room !!!!! 🙂   🙄

I guess that behind the doors to my daughters’ room lies my forbidden area  !!!!!!  🙂 🙂


38 Replies to “The gates to Heaven will open, BUT…”

  1. Yesterday i read abt nancy’s daughter and now seems these girls are growing way fast then us 🙂
    Obviously they must be chatting with cousin abt recent crush or hot hunk in school 😆 😆


  2. hehe…
    you are the mother and thats why you have no visa to enter their room!!
    back when i was in my teens, we did the same thing. when friends got together, we got into one room and locked it. ofcourse our discussion used to be about that hot chick or that eternal crush….


  3. Oh my god…this was almost an exact re-play of wht happens when my daughter takes her own sweet time to get ready for school! I’m also locked out and the bathroom turns into a spa! Yes,exactly my qn-_why does getting into a school uniform take so much preparation time! Oh! Poor you, UMS! I can totally understand what ur going through! Sigh!


  4. Heyyy, there could be so many stuffs that they would need to hide ! What do you know about teenagers ??? Yeah yeah, go on with that usual mother dialogue “even we had crossed the age and blah blah….” 😀 😀 😀

    “Beauty bath and changing to their uniform, is the most important and only thing they do, before going to school everyday” — what else do you want them to do early morning before school ???:D 😀 😀 and by the looks of it, you are only in yoga and so they dont get their breakfast too !!! 😀 😀 😀

    konjam overaa thaan pesinenaa ?? 😀 😀 😀


  5. That was a fabulous post Uma loved the hilarious narration.

    I am with with Vimmuuu on the need to hide so manythings before get a look at them and their room. I was a teenager not very long ago and I could understand it well how dearly I loved if only my mum wold knock before stepping in my room which never happened ;(

    Loved the end note to this wonderful post 😀



  6. These girls are not done messing with. I used to stare wonder eyed when u used to go thru these proceedings. I kept wondering how i’d handle it.

    p.s: the door closing days are here for Neha. Yes, God help us.


  7. LOL….this reminds me of my days at home and my sister & I banging on the bathroom door :-D. My kids have locked themselves inside the rooms once or twice so as of now door locking is banned….but I know those days are not far away :-/

    I myself was not exactly a model daughter[esp during my teenage years] so I’m not really looking forward to their teenage years 😦


  8. Hi Uma

    Was lovely meting you today and thanks for the yummmmy cake!!!

    hahahaha@ the post.. my mom is going thru this with my sis.. whereas i wasnt allowed to lock the room, and even if i did, was given the 3rd degreee..!! 😀


  9. LOL!
    We always had our room door closed! whether there were guests or not… 😀 😀
    We were taught as kids to say hello and then move to our rooms and to keep the door closed till ma comes and calls!

    Even now, I close my room door – both at home here in Bangalore or in Mysore when I’m reading something or if my parents have guests over.
    So, I can totally understand the need your girls have for clsoed doors! 😀


  10. Maybe this will repeat in my house after few years.The only time my 2 year old closes the door when she wants to hid and eat the chocolate,she is scared that i will ask her a bite.

    These girls now itself know what to wear,my elder kid selects her dress and she will never wear what i select for her.


  11. Awww… the door will open and you might get to hear some very interesting, adorable stories 🙂 I face some similar scenes at my place too 🙂
    No matter how annoying we find these today, we are going to be remembering these years from now …with loving smiles 🙂


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