A little Wordy, this Wednesday (WW-22)

I really want to get back here…..damn, I missed this blogosphere so much – of course, it goes without saying that “I missed you ppl”. Its good to be posting even if its simple updates. Of course, I didnt want to miss another WW…. 😉 😉

So, the update is : Dad has been discharged and is at home. Recovery will be slow and might take a few months, but all seems to be well on the road to recovery. So, thank you guys, for all the prayers, which certainly helped. 🙂 🙂

I’ll be around, am trying to read the posts which my reader is glaring at me….guys, u have all been busy posting, I tell you !!! 😉

So, here’s one more fav pic of mine, from the recent Navrathri Kolu….to ward off the bad vibes – thats the purpose of these faces, really !!!


63 Replies to “A little Wordy, this Wednesday (WW-22)”

  1. Ohhh so good to have you back and hear about your Appa. Now that he is back home thee love and attention from all of you will speed up his recovery. Bless you all.
    The faces look awesome 🙂


  2. Good to know that your father is getting back his health! He must be feeling better with you and your children around!

    A different type of Kolu…interesting faces! All bad elements will run away!


  3. I have been a bit irregular in the blogosphere and hence read about your father just today. I am glad he’s been discharged from the hospital and is on the way to recovery.
    My prayers are with you.


  4. Thats a wonderful news that ur dad is recovering.

    Super picture uma,would love to see ur entire collection of toys kept in navarathri kolu.

    btw when u find time visit my blog to see something yummy….


    1. Hey Sari, thanks a lot for all the wishes and prayers…..they made me feel good for such support and certainly made an impact on my Dad’s recovery. 🙂 🙂

      Sure, will post one pic after another….what are WWs for ???? 😉

      Just coming over….nothing can tempt me more than the word “yummy”…. 😛 😛


  5. Ums! Good to see you back! 🙂 {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}
    So glad to hear your dad is doing better and is on the road to recovery! God Bless! 🙂

    Missed you! Good to see you back! 🙂


    1. Hugs back to u…..me too very glad to be back…..my fingers were itching to type, u see… 😉 😉

      Yeah, Dad is getting better slowly….thanks. 🙂

      Missed u too……


  6. Cheers to his recovery… we all knew he was to come home soon … after all how long can he stay away from your scoldings 😉

    Fingers itching to type I agree … but hope the eyes are itching to read too 😉 😉

    Lovely masks … u know they do this in Sri Lanka also, as my Singhalese friend tells me 🙂


    1. So happy to see him home. 🙂 Scoldings from me huh ???? Naaah….. 😉 😉

      Oh yeah….the eyes are drinking the pictures of today…..I missed so many happenings around here….abt which I am getting updated. 🙂

      I dont know exactly where Mom got all these….but I like them a lot. 🙂 I’ve a huge one at home, at the entrance – which is from Sri Lanka. 🙂


    1. Missed u too…..*hugs back to you* 😀 😀 Girls, u all made me live thru those days in the hosp…Thanks. 🙂 🙂

      Glad u like those masks…. 🙂 🙂


  7. Hey Ums…Glad that your appa is recovering slowly and steadily. Sending my prayers and wishes for his complete recovery!
    And glad to see you back blogging 🙂
    The hand painted masks are so good, looks expressive as well. Where did you buy them?


    1. Thanks so much Anu…..yes, your wishes and prayers does miracles. 🙂

      Me to feel good to be back. 🙂

      Thats mom’s – should ask her abt it…. 🙂 It was a gift, I guess. 🙂


  8. Welcome back Uma!!

    All wishes with your dad, and your family, while he makes his recovery.

    Okie, those masks look spooky! 😀

    we got them at my dad’s place in native too! I don’t look at them after dusk! 🙄


    1. Crafty, its so good to be back. I missed you all…and all the fun too…

      Thanks dearie….I am sure with wishes pouring in here, he’ll recover faster. 🙂

      Quite scary huh ???? I’ve hung my huge mask outside the house….to keep off bad vibes… 🙂


  9. Awww..this post brought a wide smile to my face, Ums…so so so happy to know uncle is back home! Hugs to you, dearie! I know how happy you must be now!

    May God help you in warding off all kinds of evil,obstacles or any kind of bad vibes 🙂


    1. Thanks Deeps for all the support….without you all, it would’ve been difficult for me.

      Let all bad vibes vanish away and let good things happen from now on….thanks so much, my dear. 🙂


  10. That is wonderful news, Uma! I am so glad to hear that your father is recovering. It must be such a relief to all of you. Hugs!

    And the picture is beautiful! I would love to see the whole Kolu, Uma!


    1. Absolutely….its a relief to be out of the hospital too. Even though we get treated there, it can get pretty depressing over there. 🙂 Praying to God that he recovers well enough to be on his own. 🙂

      The whole Kolu – I think I put up a pic in FB…will dig for more. 😀


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