Day 24 – Manifest your world

My little one is great at playing games. And the best memory I’ve is this:

When she was about 2.5 years old, we used to live in the first floor of an independent house. The house-owner stayed in the ground floor and they were very good people and very fond of my daughters. Every evening all of them will jointly play with my daughters and my younger one will conduct her famous game.

During those times, my husband was a lot into travelling and he’ll be talking about going to Trichy, then to Madurai and then to Tirunelveli. The little one was observing every word of this and made up her bus game.

Every evening, she’ll sit in the big cement seat in the ground floor and all the others will sit behind her and she’ll call out “Tissyyyyy”, instead of Trichy. And the elder one acting as the ticket conductor will ask everyone to pay money and buy ticket.  Off we all went to Tissyyyyy every evening, sitting on that cement seat, while she’ll be making the sound of a moving bus, with her lips vibrating against each other, increasing and decreasing the tempo while taking a deep breath, with saliva splashing during high-speed times – Oh my !! I still remember the tiny girl in a frock fake-driving a bus to Tissyyyyyy 😀

And behold !! My husband got a wonderful job offer and we moved to Trichy (Tissyyyyy) within six months.

My little girl, you manifested that brilliant move for you and in effect for your daddy too !!


This Horlicks Ad was a favorite with my girls, when they were about 10 and 8 years old.

Why this was a favorite one?? Having spent so many years in individual houses, they really wanted to play with more children and be part of a big group of friends. Whenever this Ad used to come on TV, they’ll squeal with delight that this is the kind of place they want to live in – a huge apartment with many flats in it.  And that they’ll have a lot of friends, go swimming, keep playing till night and never ever get bored.

And when we took them to book our own flat, they were excited but they didn’t realize how their manifestation has worked. After we moved into our new home, the girls were super excited – they made a lot of friends, went swimming, played till night and never got bored there 😀 Yeah…seriously, it happened !!

See, isn’t this wonderful !! How you manifest your own world by thinking about it and game-playing about it – actually the belief in your heart is what matters.

So, what are you waiting for ??? Just manifest your world and be happy.

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