Day 23 – Block out negativity


Recently I happened to watch a wonderful program called “Positive thinking” on Discovery Channel.  And I liked it very much that I’m sharing it here, especially for you, dear girls 🙂

A simple situation – Throwing the basket-ball into the basket.
Audience – About 15 people, who are instructed to give a pre-defined response, for the sake of this study.
Volunteer 1 – A twenty something lady who has never played basket-ball before.
Volunteer 2 – A guy in college who loves playing basket-ball and is good at perfect throws.
Volunteer 3 – A professional basket-ball player, who is part of the Zonal team.

Situation 1 – The three volunteers are allowed ten trials to hit the basket.

Volunteer 1 tries hard to hit as she has never played basket-ball before.
Scores Nil.
Audience goes “Oh no!!”

Volunteer 2 does it with ease.
Scores 9/10.
Audience applauds with “YAY”.

Volunteer 3 does it with ease too.
Scores 10/10.
Audience applauds with “YAY”.

Situation 2 – The three volunteers are allowed ten trials to hit the basket, but blindfolded.

Volunteer 1 tries again.
Scores Nil.
Audience goes “YAY” even when she has not hit the basket, giving an impression of perfect baskets to Volunteer 1.

Volunteer 2 tries and there were misses and baskets too.
Scores 5/10.
Audience goes “Oh no” giving an impression of bad throws and no baskets.

Volunteer 3 does again.
Scores 8/10.
Audience goes “Oh no” giving an impression of bad throws and no baskets.

Situation 3 – The three volunteers are allowed ten trials again after removing the blindfold.

Volunteer 1 starts with a happy frame of mind.
Scores 6/10.
Audience applauds with “YAY”.

Volunteer 2 is quite low in confidence.
Scores 4/10.
Audience goes “Oh no”.

Volunteer 3 does it with ease again and again.
Scores 10/10.
Audience applauds with “YAY”.

Volunteer 1, a novice in basket-ball, has her confidence building cheers from the volunteers, even when she failed to hit the basket when blindfolded.  Her mind is telling her that she is too good in throwing the basket perfectly.  When her confidence levels are good, she gets a 6/10 score after the blindfold is removed.

Volunteer 2, a good player, loses confidence when the audience booed him during his blindfold throws.  He felt that he is not playing well and that showed in his third attempt without the blindfold.  His mind was feeling low when he heard the “Oh no” from the audience, thereby he got a low score of 4/10.

Volunteer 3, a professional player, always scored the same, irrespective of the audience approval or disapproval.  Her scores remain almost the same and her confidence levels are not based on what the audience say.

Now, my dear daughters, here is what I wanted to tell you, from this simple study…

In life too, there will be always some situation or other, where there may be a lot of criticism from people around you.  Do not let yourself down, based on what others tell you – like Volunteer 2.  Block the negativity that the people around you are giving.  Rise above it all and show them your true self.

You should feel good about yourself and what you do and have that supreme confidence that what you’re doing is right.  Then whatever negative comments that rise around you will not matter to you.  Just block those negative comments out of your mind.  In effect, block the crowd that makes the negative comments and focus on what you need to do in life.

I know….I know…I’m on an advice spree…but I just had to share this with you girls 😀

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