The curious case of the Mouse pointer


The familiar pointed arrow of the mouse pointer on the Computer screen is such a reassuring thing while working with Windows. Never one realizes the importance of it, unless being doomed with a situation of no mouse pointer.  Anyone is lost in the Windows without that pointing arrow.  Does it point to life on the Windows ??

The reality is one is lost for life if the mouse pointer vanishes one fine day.

The guy who wrote Windows in one smart ass.  There are short-cut keys for every scenario in the Windows but that pointing arrow makes everyone so lazy to learn the short-cut keys.  If one had spent some considerable time just looking through those short-cut keys, life would’ve been a lot better, when the mouse pointer vanished.

Now, it looks like everything is doomed.

The short-cut keys are available online to check….but there is no mouse pointer to direct one to all the help.

There are hundred helps available on youtube, to bring back the mouse pointer.  One says its FN+F7. Another one says its SHIFT+ALT+NUMLOCK. Another one suggests to change the profile account by creating a new one.

But in some, none of these work.  There should be a way to bring back that life saving mouse pointer !

Now there is only one way – Let the Universe conspire to bring back to life the mouse pointer that has vanished off screen !!


6 Replies to “The curious case of the Mouse pointer”

  1. Ah, the humble mouse pointer. The importance of things we take for granted, eh, Uma? I sometimes use my mousepointer to drive away the fly that sits on the screen. And then it disappears. The pointer i mean. The fly just sits there, gloating away at my misery.


    1. Kudos to that fly for staying on-screen in spite of that pointer….trying to read your words 😀
      Of course…we do take certain things for granted until we lose them…sigh…


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