Microblog Mondays – Tears

At the Railway Station
The train at the platform
Loaded the luggage or the heart
Feels so heavy

I hug her so tight – to remember later
I try to act normal
I do this every semester, I tell myself
And I succeeded too…

Until I saw another one like me
Who was holding back tears…
What do I care for now ?
I let the tears roll by my cheeks…

Felt the bonding with that mother
Her son looked perplexed
The children are clueless
To the emotions that a mother holds.




21 Replies to “Microblog Mondays – Tears”

  1. I know .. and this brought some memories .. the day i was to come to uk.. and now this has left me crying .. wish i can turn the clock back …

    as I had so much to say to my mom and dad that day .. which i realised as i sat in the plane alone …

    I am sure he is thinking the same too mam

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    1. Those unsaid words need to be spoken Bikram. Make that call and talk to your dad…
      We need to pamper our parents as much as possible, for all the love they showed us when we were born 🙂


        1. Oh dear….I am so sorry Bikram !
          Even I felt the same when my dad passed away – that I didnt spend enough time with him. Now I am trying my level best to be there for my mom !


    1. I always think I am strong and I am facing it better….but the emotions hit you when she’s actually leaving…
      ((hugs)) mommy…we need to face it when the time comes !


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