Thought process…

Are you the wave?
Rising from deep stillness
With emotions and words
With ideas brimming bright
With elated happiness
And hit all those
Onto the silent shore
And as though the job is done
Recede back to being silent…

Or are you the shore?
The strong and sturdy
Resilient to waves
And taunamis too
The wall is strong
Which keeps the shore intact
And not dance to the tunes
Of the consistent waves
That keep hitting…

Or are you the wind?
That which stimulates
The stillness of water
And stirs deep within
For ideas to emerge
For waves to unfold
And also be part of the journey
Till the wave hits the shore…

Or are you the observer?
The one who knows the wind
The wave and the shore;
The stimulant
The object and the target…

Some days I am the wind
There are days when
I am overwhelmed like the waves
With ideas and emotions…
And then some days
I am the sturdy shore
With an attitude of “bring it on”
The yearning though
Is to be an observer!

Moving Waves !!!

Natural movements always make u feel so much at peace – like the swaying trees, the constantly moving clouds and of course the moving crowd of people on a busy road. And how can life survive without the ever moving Earth !!!  But being a person grown up next to the wonderful Marina in Chennai, my favorite among moving things are the Waves. 🙂 Aren’t they wonderful ??? I can just sit on the sands and watch the waves forever !!! Each wave trying to reach me and tell me something is an amazing experience – ppl who have done such things will agree with me. 🙂 🙂

TC’s theme : MOVEMENT (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,…)  and here is my picture for it. 🙂

The Amazing Beautiful Waves !!!