This flower has a story to tell
About its mother plant
And how it came to bloom…

The plant has a story too…
About how it was part of a bigger plant
The harsh way in which this branch was broken
How it felt barren and naked
Devoid of leaves
Feeling dried up
Till it found this pot
And the wet soil
To hold on
To nourish itself
To make new leaves
And to be the mother plant now!

The pot has a story
Of how it was made
And how the potter sold it…

The balcony has a story
Of how it hosted this garden
Filled with these beautiful pots
And the plants, of course…
Of how bare it was before
And now the scene has changed…
Of how it enjoys the sunshine
The breeze
The rain that splashes
And the joy of being clicked!

Every single thing
In nature
Has a story
If only we can listen!

I have a story too
To share
Of how I took up a career
In Engineering
And then left it
To embrace motherhood
And after two decades
Of running around the mill
Trying to figure out
What to do with my life
I found a hold
In Yoga!
I went there to heal myself…
Now I have learnt
To be a trigger
A nudge
A seed
To others
And help them
Find their own healing!
I am a teacher
And a student
Of yoga
And how it is a part of our lives!

You also have a story
Am sure of it…
Which you can share
I am a listener…

Thought process…

Are you the wave?
Rising from deep stillness
With emotions and words
With ideas brimming bright
With elated happiness
And hit all those
Onto the silent shore
And as though the job is done
Recede back to being silent…

Or are you the shore?
The strong and sturdy
Resilient to waves
And taunamis too
The wall is strong
Which keeps the shore intact
And not dance to the tunes
Of the consistent waves
That keep hitting…

Or are you the wind?
That which stimulates
The stillness of water
And stirs deep within
For ideas to emerge
For waves to unfold
And also be part of the journey
Till the wave hits the shore…

Or are you the observer?
The one who knows the wind
The wave and the shore;
The stimulant
The object and the target…

Some days I am the wind
There are days when
I am overwhelmed like the waves
With ideas and emotions…
And then some days
I am the sturdy shore
With an attitude of “bring it on”
The yearning though
Is to be an observer!

Connecting with nature!

As I wake up everyday, I try my earnest to connect with nature – even if it is in a very small way!

To begin with
I like smelling my tulsi leaves,
touching the leaves of my balcony plants,
looking at the sky (quite the obvious one), wondering about the cloud patterns,
the color of the sky,
listening to the playful mynah,
trying hard to hear the other chirpers,
look at the branches outside my kitchen window and see if they look the same like yesterday or has there been a new branch…

– its endless but there is a strong connection with nature!

This connection uplifts me the whole day!

Morning musings

The western sky as seen from my kitchen window!

I have this window in my kitchen which faces the western sky. The bright blue sky and the gently floating clouds are always my muses. And suddenly I am thankful for this! What is there to a window facing a western sky, you wonder?  The simple reason being that I am able to wash the vessels listening to the Bollywood Retro station playing my kind of old romantic duets and then I feel the cool breeze that hits me on my face, the sweat on me turning into a cooler of some sort and there is this feeling of immense gratitude for this moment!

Today I was a tad more lucky as I was privy to watch 4 mynahs playing (that’s my guess) and making so much noise, which was so nice to hear!

Sometimes, these moments of solitude helps me to get a grip back in life. As I face the window and look at the blue sky, I am grateful for this moment from the bottom of my heart! It is a blessing to feel this alive! Here are some pictures captured during such moments of feeling alive!

The sunset from my kitchen window!

Those moments that calm me!

When I look up and see the light that comes in!


Let the light in!

I recently got a tulsi plant for my home. Even though it is placed rightly in the balcony where there will be plenty of light for the plant, I am looking at it in wonder as it tries to grow out through the grill of the balcony. The light just outside of the grill is too bright than what is inside it and the plant is trying to reach for it. I am just amazed at these ways of nature – to always reach up to a higher level in the most gentle way.

And when a sapling grows into a beautiful tree like the one above, it doesn’t abandon or block the light that gave it the life it needed when it was young. Rather, it lets the light in and allows the light to shine through the leaves, flowers, fruits, and branches! It can result in such dreamy pictures from a nature lover’s point of view. But letting the light in is such a beautiful concept for any person to include in their routine too.

What we use in our childhood to become better beings – those habits, those people who inspire us, those passions – let them all into your life again and again and see your life glow!



The beauty of a papaya tree

As I walked around my apartment, I saw this amazing tree which caught my eye. Some people might discard it saying “What’s so great about a papaya tree, with some young papayas?”

But for me, everything about this picture is amazing. From the beautiful, big, broad leaves which can cover my face to the symmetry of the branches from this view, everything about this picture amazes me. Or should I put it like, everything about nature amazes me!

There is a beautiful symmetry in this picture, even though the leaves are not similar, the papayas are not in similar shape and sizes, yet there is comfort in watching this view. The symmetry gives me the comfort. I was gazing at it even though it hurt my neck. Such beauty should be absorbed by the mind and stored in the happy memories section. As I keep gazing at it, the impact of the beauty is strong and that makes a good memory.

These are the times that I stand small in front of nature and the amazing beauty it presents to the world in the simple things – in a small flower, in a small pattern on leaf or anything we have an eye for and are eager to see and absorb.

Have you ever felt enamored by nature? Share with me.

7 sisters

They stay together
In rain and shine…
Swaying to the breeze
In unison…
Touching each other
Giving strength…
Yet each one so unique
Standing tall
In its own space…
The perfect example
Of sibling love!

The mountains

I want to stand there
In the middle of those mountains…

Look at them…
Tall and beautiful
Capable of engulfing
You, me and everyone…

I want to scream
At the top of my voice…

Hear the echo
Or the lack of it…
The silence
That talks loud
I feel small
Actually nothing
Being enamored
By the magnificence of nature!


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Web page:


Lead us to places
Of interest
Or boredom!

Its all in our attitude…
Whether its
Interest or boredom!

Pausing from time to time,
Enjoying the beauty
Of nature,
As we go through pathways
Will make us 
From inside!

The end result 
Will not matter much,
As the journey
Was a happy one!

The other view

Grass is greener
On the other side…

The water is more blue
Than the sky…

The eyes see the difference
The mind makes a comparison
Its just so human…

But nature applauds
Both the green ones
And the fall colors too…
There is beauty
In dried up winter trees
For they represent
The upcoming spring!

Nature just lets it be
Both the bright blue water
And the reflecting sky!

For there is joy
In being in the natural state
Without comparison
Or Competition
And enjoying life
In our own pace!