Happy birthday, my sunshine girl <3

Her smiling face is her passport
To all the good things that comes her way!
Her perseverance is her guiding light
To those amazing things that make up her life!

Her vivacity
The josh to live life on her own terms
Standing up for what she thinks is right
Her fiercely independent nature
Gives her the glow of joy of living!

She enthralls her group of friends
With her laughter
Lame jokes
And a great zeal for doing things!

Her clarity of thought
On things to do
On her studies
And way beyond too
Makes me so damn proud of her!

And this is the best time to thank God
For bringing her into my life
Through me
As she is the sunshine
Which I need everyday, to be!  

Happy birthday, my sunshine girl ❤


Day 29 – Awwww moments 2

I started this crazy month of ramblings with a story about my little one and I’m ending the same talking about her.  Yes, this is the 29th post for the month of February and I’m so happy to have done this for my blog. I’ve made it alive 😀

I just met her this weekend. And she is a joy to be with – her instant smiles and hugs were surely a welcome break than the monotony of life.  It really is. Its only when I’m away from it do I realize it.

  • When she was about 5 or 6 years, she used to call her peripa (her dad’s elder brother) as Hong Kong. We just didn’t know what made her call him like that. But she loved calling him like that and then show her brilliant smile and vanish. Now, when she is so embarrassed about that name calling, he keeps calling her with that name to tease her. It’s so lovely watching them making fun of the childhood name calling.
  • Even when she was a little kid, she used to be very different about her ideas and held onto them stubbornly. And sometimes, she doesn’t wanted us to guess what idea is being formed in her head. So, she’ll cover her eyes and bend down and shout “Dont read my mind” 😀 😀   (as if we couldn’t find about it otherwise 😉  )
  • When we were in Hyderabad, I used to have a lady S who comes over to make chapattis and help with the household work too. And whenever she is making the chapattis, my little one will go and stand with her and talk to her. And much later, after shifting to Chennai, she tells me that she even learnt to make chapattis from S.  And during those times in Hyderabad, S will make for her tiny button sized chapattis to snack on.  Now, I go Awww thinking about what a people’s person my little one has been.
  • When she was in her Higher Secondary, she needed to travel by the local train to reach her school. And of course, she had the train pass for her travel. But everyday morning, she’ll keep a 10/- note and a few change for one old lady and one old man who stand on the way to the railway station.  She just cannot pass by them, without giving them the money. She used to tell “I want to help such people Ma”.
  • The train is a great place to make friends. While she was travelling one day, there were a lot of transgender people asking for money. And my little one was very scared of them then.  So, she kept the money ready in her hand.  But when those people came near her, they refused to take money from students, citing that “I’ve also studied M.Com and I don’t want money from students”.  My daughter was so stunned and then came home to another session “Ma, I’ve a doubt on transgender”.
  • And with all her doubts on this thing and that thing, I’m very happy that she always came to me with it. She’s one hell of a curious cat and she has never hesitated to come to me with her share of questions, starting from “Why this maid is doing like this?” to “You know why this happened in Fifty shades of grey, right??”   –  Yeah, that’s her 😀
  • She went swimming and banged her face on the pool wall and broke her front tooth. For a long time, she was with one half-broken tooth in the front row. She used to hesitate so much to give a full smile for pictures. And then over time, she got over it – crooked teeth or what, I’ll smile my brilliant way. That’s my girl!
  • It was a rainy evening in Hyderabad. And the girls were playing down while I was finishing the dinner cooking. Suddenly elder one comes running telling that the younger one has fallen down. I went crazy. More than acting calm, my mind was rushing with images and my heart was pounding. She and her friends had tried cycling over a car drive-way slope and because of the rains the break was slippery and she lost balance and had fallen down. Luckily she was not hurt badly but she was crying. She should be about 10 or 11 years old and quite tall for her age.  And when I realized that her leg was swollen little bit, I just carried her from the car park to home. I didn’t know from where I got the strength to carry her like that.  All through, she was telling me the same thing “How come you’re carrying me Ma?”  I amazed myself that day and she went Awww over me J
  • She loves to sit on the kitchen top and keep dragging me into her hug, which I miss so terribly these days.
  • The way she updates me about whats happening in her friends circle and what they are doing, how she is patching up with old friends, how she has matured enough to forgive her friends for what they did long time back – I love gossip sessions with her.
  • The way she cuddles and talks stories with her pattis is something special.
  • She’s the youngest of all the cousins in the paternal side and everyone still treats her like a tiny kid. No one even wants to believe that she is in college on her own…ha ha 😀 But she takes in all those things with a smile and emanates the power of self-confidence and the ability to do things all by herself. I’m just so proud of her ❤



Day 11 – The visionary episode

We had just returned from a trip to Singapore. The whole trip was so amazing and we had such a great time there.  And then we settled for another extended holiday at mom’s place.

I remember very well – it was the day of Chitra Pournami (the full moon day in the Tamil month of Chithirai). When the moon is wonderful and glowing, we always have our dinner in the terrace, under the moonlight. It’s such an amazing experience. Added to the comfort levels were my patti’s amazing hands (its called kai manam in tamil) – those hands had a magic to them. Whatever she touched tasted so delicious that we’ll surely be licking our hands and asking for more.  And when she mixes the simple Thayir sadam (curd rice) and gives a spoonful in our hands, we wait for the customary Maavadu (pickled tiny mangoes) or the Vetha kuzhambu to be poured in the center of the Thayir sadam and we gulp it down very quickly, preparing ourselves for the next round of rice that comes our way. Even thinking and writing about it makes me miss my patti and her delicious food !

**Pardon for wandering into Patti stories – couldn’t help it**

And on this particular Chitra Pournami, me and my two little ones (the younger one was three years), my sister, brothers, dad and mom were all there to feast on what my patti was going to feed us in our hands.

My mom’s place was in the second floor and we had to climb two more floors to reach the terrace. We took all the necessary food, pappad, water, towel and started climbing. I was constantly watching the little one, as she is very much prone to get distracted and not see her way.  The staircase was lighted well with tube lights. And we reached the terrace.  The terrace was dark except for the moonlight and what an amazing sight it was.

We had such fun eating under the moonlight. One of the best ever experiences to have in one’s lifetime, is to stare at the stars and moon and that’s the moment when the Universe tells you that you are absolutely insignificant compared to the size of the stellar bodies. Its such a humbling experience.

I was also constantly showing the girls the different constellations all the while feeding them.  The elder one managed to eat on her own, but the little one was finding it difficult to take the rice in her hand and gulp it too.

After we were done with eating and relaxing, we started to get down for home slowly.  It was getting late and we wanted to hit the bed.

The moment we went to the stair case landing, the little one said, “Now, I can see you clearly Ma”. I was shocked.  When I asked her “Didn’t you see me clearly in the terrace?”, she said No.  She even said that she couldn’t see properly in the night lamp in the bedroom, because it was dark for her. And she just assumed that even we cannot see in the night lamp light and never told me before about it.

It was a rude shock to me. We rushed to the ophthalmologist the next day and found that she needed corrective glasses.  She still wears them.

But that moment when she said with such clarity about not being able to see me in the terrace helped me to take her to the doctor and get the problem sorted out.

Month of ramblings

Day 9 – The mystery of “Sathumaaav”

The younger one was around two years, if I remember right.  And the girls have begun to watch some TV shows. There wasn’t much for children then, but still a few minutes here and there was all that caught their attention.

That day too was no different. Elder one was busy involved in scribbling on the wall. Oh yeah, the whole wall was colored till her height and above that it was in cream color – the regular distemper paint 😀

The younger one was running around while the TV was on.

And suddenly the younger one came running to me, screaming at the top of her voice, “Sathumaaav” !! Ha ha…it was such a funny sight. I had no clue of what that meant.

But she kept shouting “Sathumaav” the whole day.  Something had caught her fancy, but we didn’t know what it was.

The Daddy came home to be surprised by the same word.

We showed her different things which she might refer to that word. But no…she never pointed to anything to say “Sathumaav”.

All of us were very confused because she never stopped saying that word.

It became the mystery word.

My neighbors, who used to play with her became curious too. But none of us were intelligent enough to decipher what she meant…yeah seriously, that’s what I felt !!

The mystery went on for a week to 10 days.

I was feeding food to my younger one and my mil was watching some tamil soap show. And suddenly during the break, this little girl runs to the TV pointing to the Shaktimaan Ad featuring Mukesh Khanna with her joyful scream “Sathumaav”. One part of me was relieved that she finally pointed to something to which she was referring so long and another part of me was laughing, imagining the new word for the Hero man 😀 😀

OMG !! She had been referring that Shaktimaan Ad all these days !! *shocked mommy*

The mystery was solved, everyone was informed about it and we keep laughing about “Sathumaav” even today 😀 😀

It was cutest baby thing of her, which I cherish !!

Month of ramblings


Hurray !! I’ve blogged for 9 days now and it feels absolutely blogfantastic 😀