Wonderful Wednesday!

This WW has always been my perfect muse! So, let the pictures do the talking today πŸ˜€

I have chosen the color pink for today to brighten me up!

This picture was clicked outside the bus terminus!
This was outside a restaurant while I waited to be seated! The tiniest pink flower so far!
My love for mandala coloring in pink!
The gentle spokes of the vrikshi poo!
The favorite pink in bloom!
The sky in pink!

WW – Breathtaking sky!

Beautiful clouds
Amazing patterns
Awesome colors in the sky
Sunset or sunrise…

People see them
High up above
And think of me

Clicks them
And shares with me
For me to post
And show the whole world!

There are lovely people
Around me
Who knows what I like…
I cherish them all
They are a blessing
In my life!


WW – A wondrous sky!

Partly cloudy day

Gave some rains in the evening

And when it was time for sunset

I waited with bated breath

For an orange sky and great patterns!

Before that orange takeover

The patterns kept changing

So fast and so beautiful 

That I was absolutely glued

To the sky and western sky alone!

Best of 2010

Is there a best of 2010 photograph with me ???? I really doubt it….all I have is some great sunrises or sunsets from my balcony, which I totally adore….but you see there is no difference from the one taken yesterday and the one taken today. Both are brilliant and beautiful. So, how to choose the best of 2010 ????

Because thats what TC’s this week theme is…..Best of 2010.

So, I decided to post my best of ever…..a Collage of the best views from my balcony….the best attire by the skies, the best show by the sun and the best formation by the clouds. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Its amazing and awe-inspiring moment for me to view the sunrise every morning, which defines the good things of my day. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Through the lens, standing in my balcony....looks like the Heaven is here....Nature makes me go Awww for sure.