I have always liked black – eternal favourite. The other colors come and go in the favorite spectrum as I surge through the different phases of my life.

When I got engaged, I was told in clear terms that the favorite color cannot be put forth for buying wedding related stuff. Black was a big no no!

Then I had to choose my next favorite color and it was rust orange. I bought a sari in that color with a bottle green border and that sari was my favourite for a long time.

I loved the orange colored kanakambaram flowers that everyday I used to get it and decorate my hair. I also loved the jasmine and kanakambaram mixed sets to wear on my hair. I never bothered about how I looked in such bright colored clothes and flowers. I just wore them because I liked them.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive saris in orange from everyone, as gift. Now what to expect when I went blah blah about orange! Some were with zari work and some with thread work. And I continued to dazzle in orange!

Then there was a long break from wearing orange. I chose the comfort of pants, kurtis as I became a mom who was constantly moving. I went to my eternal black!

Recently I wore one of those orange saris for a function. I saw myself in the mirror and laughed out loud🤣 I looked like a walking Fanta bottle! I just don’t know bow I fell in love with that color and wore it with such elan!


Microblog Mondays – Dressing up

Yup….you got it right ! It’s the dressing up season, what with the advent of the Tamil month Thai, weddings are happening just everywhere.

And I love our weddings where we get to meet all those aunties, uncles with their typical question – “Do you remember me??”  And I’ll be LOL-ing at that question, which repeats at every wedding !! 😀 😀

Of course, the most wonderful part of wedding is the dressing up.  To choose among the crispy kanjeevaram silk saris, the matching jewelry / accessories makes me all delighted and fills me with such josh.  The weekend was spent happily dressing up and attending a wedding. And I look forward to another one this week.

It’s such a happy time for me, dressing up 😀 😀

How about you ?? Do you like weddings and dressing up for them ?? 🙂