Ramp walk

Standing tall
Legs in long stride
Head looking straight
An attitude in place
A crown to match it
The heels making
A clicking sound
As the walk happens…

The ramp walk 
From nature!


The hues that lure!

I look at the hues
That lures me!
I fall for the beauty
And desire to hold them!

Setting sail
On unknown waters
And routes…
I try sailing
Towards the amazing hues
Like Moana on a mission!

It was never ending
And exhausting
The hues kept moving
Farther away
As I kept sailing!

I then realized
The truth of it all
To chase is not the goal…
For the hues in the sky
Are not to be held!

But to admire
To choke in wonder
To make it a memory
To feel the intensity
Of the beauty
That’s in front of my eyes!

I return to the shore
And let the hues fall on me
Bathe me in their light
And there ascends
A sense of bliss
Deep inside!

Geometric lines!


No…this is not a mathematics class!

Its that time of the day
When the sky showcases
How geometric lines
Can look good!

Its when the sky teaches
That learning to draw
Geometric lines
Can be fun too!

Those moments
Which inspire fellow fashionistas
A thing or two about
Making these lines
A part of their design!

Its when a simple sky lover
Is grateful
When a friend clicks this for me
My love for the sky and cloud patterns!

The sun rises again…


There are moments between serene and brilliance
As the sun rises again…

There are moments between sunset and now
As the sun rises again…

There are moments between sleep and being awake
As the sun rises again…

There are moments of beauty and wonder
As the sun rises again…

There are moments between dusk and dawn
When the soul rests
As the body recoups
For a beautiful day ahead
And I await the moment
When the sun rises again!


The sky at dusk

Meandering roads
Silhouettes of trees
Some wavering clouds
And a sky at dusk
Each one competing
With another
To add beauty to this picture!

The artist called nature
Busy at work
With a flat-tipped brush
Dipped in glowing golden
Orange and yellow!

Strokes the canvas
Called the sky
To create this picture!
Showcasing the talent
And to reiterate
That there is no one
Better than
The artist called Nature!

Yesterday evening, as I was busy with some work, I peeped out of my window and saw this beautiful sky. I wanted to click and make it mine. But work kept me tied up and I missed to click.

And Universe has its way of answering those wishes. Within an hour, I receive this picture from a dear friend and my happiness knew no bounds.