Ten on Tuesday – Grateful moments!

Swaru’s post last Tuesday is the inspiration behind this post!

So many people have crossed my life at various times, giving me brief lessons, moments to ponder, values to cherish, bonds of friendship and sometimes a touch of love! I want to write about those people; this was my first choice for this post.

I then wanted to try a new perspective to this thought, where the presence of certain people changed me a lot. And hence I thought of writing those moments in life, which helped me in realizing and understanding the worth of those people in my life!

1. In all my life, if I have to point to the most precious moment for which I am grateful, its when I became a mother. Nothing can match in intensity to the overwhelming emotion I feel even today, thinking about being a mother.

2. Those moments when appa let me learn the value of freedom or being independent along with the responsibility that comes with it, are very special. It helps me to think better while staying grounded and also to instill similar values in my girls. This needs a mention especially for the fact that appa didn’t contain himself within the strict rules and regulations of the religious circle, which surrounded him.

3. There have been many moments that helped me to understand that owning jewelry or a house or a car and such materialistic things do not matter in the long journey of life and the only thing that matters is love, kindness, and understanding. This understanding has made me into a better person and I am very grateful for those moments of learning.

4. If there has been a lucky streak in my life, its the thing that I always get awesome teachers/gurus, who guide me in my destined path with just a gentle prodding and smile. Those moments when the teachers brought out the best in me, is something to cherish and be amazed too (for they saw those potentials in me what I couldn’t see myself).

5. Those moments in amma’s life where she silently smiled, offered help voluntarily, gracefully accepted life’s situations and questioned no one are moments of learning for me.

6. Sometimes God sends angels in human form. For me, my daughters are my angels, for they not only stand by me during all my moments of happiness and otherwise, but they are also my cheerleaders, my staunch supporters and such darlings to hold close and cherish. Every moment that I have spent with them and all those moments I will be spending with them are moments for which I am grateful always.

7. I have always been a person who follows my heart. Even though the mind tries to play logical roles, it is the heart that wins always. And for all those moments I have done following my heart, like this space of mine – my blog, the many times I have tried my hand at art, I am very grateful that I did it.

8. I am this kind of person that when things don’t work out in my way, it stresses me a lot. But I have default coping mechanisms. It is a fact that I love my coping mechanisms which help me to heal from the stress then and there and not carry it forward. Those moments where I heal by cooking, washing clothes or folding them, cleaning, coloring, meditating are my precious moments with myself where I heal to be a better person. I am very grateful that I could find those moments in my life!

9. Those moments when nature presents itself in all its glory for me to smile, visually treat myself to the beauty of flowers, sunrise, sunset, birds flying towards home, enjoy the small pleasures of staring at changing cloud patterns, allowing the waves at the beach to caress my feet are the best moments life has presented to me.

10. This comes last, as always, for sometimes we take those precious people for granted. The friendship bonds are lifelong and so precious. Those moments of friendship, today from a friend in person, tomorrow from a virtual friend and sometimes from a long lost friend from childhood, are moments for which I am eternally grateful!


Dreamy clouds

Recently my Sir asked this question in class – How do you define sleep?

All of us had various answers – when the body is tired we go to sleep – when the senses shut off, then we sleep – we have an internal clock to sleep when we rejuvenate – and many more!

As I keep thinking about this simple thing called sleep, I am getting more amazed at the way our human body has been created. Sleep is a state where we lose consciousness but a slight touch or a fan switching off can bring us back to a conscious state. Does that mean that the senses were still alert?

Sleep is also the time to recharge certain supplements in the body, to produce new cells – that indirectly means that there are many functions of the body that are active. We even wake up when there is a sense of urination.

We rest, yet we are active in many ways. It’s an amazing state, which cannot be defined in words.

And for me, the moment I hit my pillow, I just go into a deep sleep. I prefer to call it a blessing and a genetic transfer from appa…hehe 😀 😀 It’s only when people suffer from sleepless nights that they can appreciate the need to sleep well and how refreshed and recharged we feel the next day!

Of course, dreams are an integral part of sleep. Can you see the connection between the post and the picture now? Those are dreamy clouds…the more you look at them, the more you will feel sleepy…hehe 😀  Sometimes they look like a comfortable bed to lie on!

Whenever I go to sleep with a problem in the mind, I often wake up with a solution that came in my dream. It has happened to me when I was working doing C++ coding – imagine sheets of codes that run through your dreams! It happens even now for simple issues too! I also feel that the more intentions I place before my sleep, the more they come into existence! Its a kind of transformation from thoughts to reality. I don’t know how it happens. But my dreams always show me the way to move forward. Of course, it is not every day. There are days when I know that there have been dreams but I can’t remember anything about it.

As I wake up from a dreamless sleep, I write this post on dreams!

Motherly love

I saw this tree during a recent trip to Tirunelveli. As I clicked this, I not only saw the tree but I saw the branches that have grown wide and strong, the green foliage that was pleasant to the eyes, the shade big enough to accommodate many people, the breeze that cooled everyone around the tree!

And immediately all I could relate was the qualities of a mother, whose heart is big enough to accommodate her kids and other kids too. The way she hugs all her children was quite similar to the way the tree swayed to the breeze, the trunk trying to reach out to the branches.

This is precisely the reason why I love taking pics of trees. There is something about them that makes my soul feel happy and good. Maybe I resonate with the tree and the way it sways with the wind, reminding me to sway to the tunes of the ever-changing life but keeping the roots strong.

Every time I see a tree soaked in sunshine or raindrops, the feeling of happiness just doubles. It may be something silly for some people, who laugh at the way I start clicking pictures crazily. But there is a joy, a connect and a feeling of motherly love!


There are days when I wake up with a decisive menu in mind. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner all sorted out.

And then there are days when I go blank not knowing what to cook! It is not a cook’s block…hehe…laughing at my own lame joke 😃

It’s just that the decision of a recipe has not set well with the mind and heart.

Then I put an open question to the family – “What do you want for breakfast?”

Options given by family are aplenty – a toast/oats/dosa/anything you want ma / Pongal…

And they all look at me eagerly as to what am I going to cook. While the options were coming in, my mind was processing them and thinking about the availability of ingredients and stuff and time left for making the same.

And suddenly like a bright light, my mind gives me the idea of wheat Rava upma 😉

I don’t know how much tangential thinking is possible but it happens to me all the time. And I convince the family with my choice…hehe 🤓

There have been repeated episodes of this recipe-decision-making for lunch and dinner too and its been going on for years. Either we all like to play this menu-deciding game or they have all got used to this silly game of mine!

Dec 14 Blog post

A pause

Some days we are always on the run. The most important things that need to be done on an emergency take up the priority and we end up delaying the things we want to do always.

I have seen people traveling by car and talking on the phone – either voice or video and the whole travel time also become work time. If they can pause that call and look outside their car window, they can probably see such amazing scenes like this! And when I give such ideas, I am asked back, “What do I gain by looking at these cloudscapes?”

It is very simple. For me, these are the moments where I actually live. These moments, where I pause the hurried flow of life, give me the energy to move forward. Sometimes, we are not happy with the results of our work or with the effort we put in or we feel that we are being let down by others. There is an umpteen number of things which can disturb the mind and make us unhappy.

When such moments of unhappiness invade, just pause.

Look at a flower and smell it. Or look up the sky – you may notice a floating cloud or some birds flying back home. When you pause to look at something from nature, there will always be something out there to make you smile or feel happy or be enamored by the beauty of nature. A slight pause can shift or focus and turn it to better things.

The pause can make you happy again.

Dec 13 Blog Post


I have taken this picture at different times of the day – dawn, dusk, sunny, cloudy! Even though that lamp and tree remain the same, my whole perception of the view changes because of the backdrop. It’s amazing how simple cloud patterns or the color of the sky can matter so much and change the way I look at the picture.

This thought comes to me at a time when I am reading so much about the activities of the mind and the way we interpret things using our perceptions. Sometimes we feel that this not a big thing to ponder so much about. But I feel that our every decision is based on the perceptions we have about so many different things we have in our mind; some are from experience, some from hearsay, a few from what we read and many are assumptions.

The beginning of the month of Karthigai marks the day when S puts his malai and begins his vrtham for the pilgrimage to Sabarimala. And as always, he took a vow of not to eat onions and garlic.  For me, it doesn’t matter much though many people have asked me like how in the world can you cook without onions or garlic!! It always amuses me as there are so many dishes in our cuisine that can be done without those two and it’s not that the taste is so bad without them. Actually, I can taste the vegetables and their natural taste better without the overpowering onions and garlic.

Anyway, the point I want to make is while some people think it’s impossible to cook without onions or garlic, it came to me at the right time! While the onion prices are zooming higher,  I am cooking here without onions and garlic. Thanks to Ayappan and this vrtham by S that I have not even had the slightest inclination to go and buy onions. Another thing is that I am saved from the never-ending tears that start with just one look at the onion.

I know that I will drop down with a thud and run to buy onions very soon but right now am cooking all those dishes without onions and enjoying them too!

Dec 12 blog post

Let there be light

Let there be light
To ward off the dark…
To see and understand
To infer good reasons…
To gain knowledge
From sources known
And unknown!

Let there be light
To sharpen our memory…
To help us see things
Beyond what they are…
To guide us in the path
Of being good!

Let there be light
To make the leaves glow…
For the buds to show…
For the lands to grow…
For the shadows to show…
And to help us know
The difference
Between dark and light!

Let there be light
For we are mere mortals
And we need this light
To look inward
To understand ourselves
And what happens outside
To make us better
Human beings!

Dec 11 Blog post

Spread the glow

The other day, S was trying to reverse the car in a narrow street and a large truck was just behind our car. The driver was so good to reverse his heavy vehicle giving way for us and even guiding S as to how much he can reverse safely! Here’s to that person who was glowing with goodness!

I happened to hear about a vegetable vendor who sells vegetables pushing a cart on the streets and who makes it a point to give vegetables, on a daily basis, to a NGO as charity. Here’s to his goodness which glows bright as those golden hued clouds!

There are friends of mine, so close to my heart – who think of the silly me with this huge love for clouds, sun, moon, trees, flowers – who send me pics of those things I love, which they clicked thinking about me! Now if that is not glowing in friendship, I don’t know what else it could be! Here’s to those beautiful souls who glow with their act of kindness, love and sharing their joy!


Dec 10 Blog post

Here is a place…

Here is a place that I will choose to sit and reflect upon what I want to do and what I have done so far.

Here is a place where I will sit in quiet contemplation on the path to choose in this journey of life!

Here is a place to sit in mediatation, to focus on the higher force, to sit still and feel the vibes that run through my body!

Here is a place to say my gratitude for the way my life is going!

The gopuram inspires me to stand out, stand tall, to rise higher; at the same time I feel humbled being there to feel the energy inside the place.


Post of Dec 9 2019

Here’s to the new me!

I remember writing a post, during the time when smartphones were making an entry into the market, that I dislike the phone having different functions – of that of a camera or a mini computer too! I argued so vehemently that a phone should be used only for communication and should not be confused with a camera.

And I wonder at myself for even having such a thought!

But I have evolved.

I love my phone especially the camera. And I love my SD card even more 😀 Without which I will surely get into slower work pace with the amount of leaves, trees, clouds, skies that seem to dominate the storage space.

And I love the independence of having a phone and all my apps in it to do what I want to do without the need to carry my laptop around. Of course, for heavy typing related work, laptop is still preferred.

This post is just a proof of the ever changing human mind! And I am happy to accept the changing me and my thought process. Here’s to the new me!