Have you ??????


– Have you left something on the gas and forgot about it ?????? 🙄

– Have you ever made a dish with more salt and didnt know how to correct it ????? 🙄

– Has the pressure cooker’s safety valve opened up anytime, while cooking and you were shit scared to touch the cooker again ????? 🙄

– Have you ever tried five different colour nail polishes on your five fingers and laughed at yourself for doing such a thing ??????  😆

– Have you ever bought some shade of clothing thinking that it’ll match the salwar or the saree, but after coming home, realised it was just too different a shade ?????? 😆

– Have you been cheated by some shopkeeper on quality or quantity or pricing of a product ?????    😦

– Have you bargained on price, anywhere  and felt happy on saving a few rupees ?????  😆

– After cooking a full meal at home, leave it on the table and went to have dinner in some restaurant ?????  😀

– Have you been licked by a dog and totally loved it ?????  😆

– Have you styled your hair differently  and later regretted it ?????   🙄













Yes, I’ve done all these things and just wanted to make sure, if anyone of you is there with me on this.  ROFL….  😆 😆 😆

If you have done it like me, here’s a HI-5 from ME to YOU !!!!

She changed me…

I remember very well…I was in my 3rd standard.  Very shy and timid, I’ll refuse to open my mouth to answer any question.

And being an average student, at that time, I preferred to sit in the last row of the class.

And then our Primary School In-charge came to the class one day to announce that we are getting a new Class Teacher.

I sulked much  further.  Now, what will this new teacher ask me ????   🙄   Will she embarrass me in the class by asking questions which I can’t answer….so many thoughts went through my mind on that fine day, when we were expecting our new teacher to make an entrance.

Then walked in Janaki teacher along with our Primary School In-charge.   But, the moment I saw her, I liked her so much.

She was quite tall and lean and had a lovely smile for the whole class. 🙂

She was patient even with the mischievous boys of our class. 😆

As days went by, my admiration grew for her.

Then came the first term exams and I fared quite badly – I remember very well – I got the 35th rank in a class of 50.  Shame on me. I was totally lost and embarrassed at myself. I stopped talking to my friends.

Janaki teacher was noticing all these and asked me to stay back after the school hours, one day.

She just talked to me, assured me that I am an intelligent girl but not spending enough time with studies. I was looking at her in awe and respect – for one simple reason that she called and talked to me alone.

That talk changed me and my attitude towards studies.  I performed well in the next term to come in the first 10 ranks of my class.  There has been no looking back after that incident of poor performance.

I’ve done well and all the credit goes to my Janaki teacher.

She is the one person, whom I remember with fondness even today and I give her full credit for bringing out this personality of mine, out for everybody to appreciate.

Not a day goes by, when I dont think about her.

Janaki teacher is my favourite teacher. 🙂

Karthigai Deepam


One of the festivals very dear to my heart is the Karthigai Deepam, which is celebrated all over Tamil Nadu in the tamil month of Karthigai (Nov-Dec).
Just as the North Indians light diyas during Diwali, we, tamilians do it during Karthigai.
Karthigai is essentially a festival of lamps. The lighted lamp is considered an auspicious symbol. It is believed to ward off evil forces and usher in prosperity and joy. While the lighted lamp is important for all Hindu rituals and festivals, it is indispensable for Karthigai
One of the earliest references to the festival is found in the Ahananuru, a book of poems, which dates back to the Sangam Age (200 B.C. to 300 A.D.). The Ahananuru clearly states that Karthigai is celebrated on the full moon day (pournami) of the Tamil month of Karthigai. It was one of the most important festivals (peruvizha) of the ancient Tamils. Avaiyyar, the renowned poetess of those times, refers to the festival in her songs.
ROWS OF agal vilakkus (diyas) in front of every house… this is the image that at once comes to mind when we think of Karthigai Deepam – the festival of lights that is celebrated throughout Tamil Nadu during the month of Karthigai (November-December). Not many of us are aware that it is one of the oldest festivals celebrated in the State, perhaps even before people began celebrating Deepavali and Navarathri. Also, unlike many other Hindu festivals, Karthigai is basically a Tamil festival and is virtually unknown in most other parts of the country.
Vella Appam – Rice / Wheat flour with jaggery              
Pori urundai – Puffed rice with jaggery           
Kadalai Urundai – Peanuts with jaggery
The foodies also rejoice during this festival as it is a gastronomical treat on this day.  Since this festival is during the end of monsoons and the so-called winter in Tamil Nadu, all these food preparations are made with jaggery.  It’s very gud to eat jaggery during these chilly months.  Puffed rice and jaggery is an excellent combination – it keeps us warm from inside.


There is an interesting story explaining the link between Karthigai and lamps. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma began to quarrel as to who was the more powerful of the two. While they were fighting, Lord Shiva appeared before them in the form of a huge pillar of fire. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma gave up quarrelling and decided to find the top and the bottom of the pillar.

Accordingly, Brahma assumed the form of a swan and moved upwards. Vishnu transformed himself into a boar and started digging deep into the earth. But even after searching for several years, neither of the two was able to find the ends the pillar. Finally, they realised that the pillar was none other than Lord Shiva.

Soon afterwards, Lord Shiva appeared as a hill (Arunachala Hill) at Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Indeed, the very names `Tiruvannamalai’ and `Arunachala’ translate as `holy fire hill.’ The Shivalinga in the temple here is the agni linga. The tiny lamps lit during the Karthigai festival (Karthigai Deepam) are believed to be the miniature replicas of the fire linga. Every year thousands of devotees from Chennai and elsewhere flock to Tiruvannamalai to see the spectacular Karthigai Deepam there.

Source : Wikipedia.

A Letter to my dear S.


My dear husband S,

With all the love I’ve for you, I am wishing you a VERY HAPPY BDAY !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛

Its been a great time together with you and I wish for many more years of togetherness to come !!!!! 😀


I know, deep inside my heart that we differ so much in our opinions, likes and dislikes.  But the passion towards each other has kept us going and will still make us go on. Opposites attract, hai na ??!!??     😆

And when our daughters were born, I was so proud to see the wonderful Father shining through. 😀

It’s a great blessing for the women around you – your Mom, your Wife (me) and your Daughters – for you just know how to make them all happy and smiling. 🙂

The kind and generous heart with which you help people, has always impressed me.  🙂

I loved the way, you got my mobile number.    😉   Your love for me was shining in that simple effort.

It doesn’t matter if you forget to buy the medicines for me or keep asking me Whats the sound, all the time.  The only thing that matters is the love you’ve shown towards me.

Finally, when you sent a mail to appreciate my blogs, I was too speechless with joy.

You are all those for me and you are wonderful !!!! I’ll always hold you dear to my heart !!!!   🙂

Words are not enough to express all the love I have for you !!!! Wish you many more wonderful years of happiness, health and wealth !!!!   🙂 😀




Dear Sweet-16,

Even though Indy didn’t tag me specifically, I felt like doing this tag, the moment I read it.

I’ve been wanting to talk to my younger self for sometime now and I am satisfying those desires by talking to my daughter. She nods her head, listens sometimes and other times, she puts a stop to my banter by gently hugging me and telling me “Mom, relax, dont take things so seriously, life’s to enjoy…Relax Mom”. 🙂 😀 😛

So, here’s a letter to myself.

Dear Sweet-16,

Hi, I am a little older than you !!!!  I’ve never changed in that aspect – never tell the real age and keep them guessing !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!

I’ve been wanting to write to you, for years, to tell you that certain things which you despise at this age, are those things which you’ll fall in love with, when you are my age.

You’ll start liking veggies like pumpkin, brinjal, palak….  😐

And you’ll also realise that the sour ones like goose berries, raw tamarind, raw mango will start hurting your teeth and you may not be able to eat it with relish in later years. So, come on, eat how much you want to, dont worry about consequences, now. 😆

And Ah !!!! Please take care of your toe nails properly, otherwise you’ll live to read the trauma tales by your own nail, later in ur blog pages. 🙂

All your food habits will go for a big toss, when you become pregnant. You’ve to pinch yourself to see whether its you – as I’ve done so many times. 🙂


You’ve always wanted a love marriage, right ??????   You wanted to go around with the man of your heart, in a speeding bike, with the hair flying and you holding on to him, so dearly, isn’t it ???? 🙂

Let me a break a secret to you, at this time. You will not choose that wonderful man, but your Dad will. That’s the only difference.

The three months between engagement and marriage will be the golden time in your life, where you’ll live life to the fullest with all those speeding bike dreams will come true.  You’ll cherish each and every moment with that Man of yours !!!! 🙂


You’ve always felt that you are so stuck in Chennai, right ???? Never been out of the city, due to various reasons.  Here comes the man, with the ticket in hand always and asking you to get ready to go somewhere.  You’ll visit places of your dream, the snow filled Manali, the chilly Kulu, the hot and colourful Delhi (you’ll go to Delhi on the day of Holi), the puja famous Kolkatta, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaud, Blore and many more.  You just have to ask for a holiday and he’ll be ready to give it you.

Why only holidays ????? He’ll drag you out of Chennai to live in other cities too, which you just love it.  Of all the places, your best stay will be in Hyderabad for 7 golden years.  Hyderabad will become so much a part of you, that you’ll start thinking that its your birth place. 🙂


Do you remember what you told patti ?????? “I want my husband to take equal share in doing household work also. If he cuts onion, I’ll do the sambar. If he peels the potato, I’ll fry them.”

I am so sorry to disappoint you, but you’ll do no such thing, in ur life.  The love you have for your husband, will make sure that you do the sambar from the tadka till the end, to see that satisfying smile on ur husband’s face.  Yeah, thats a major change, waiting to happen in your life.

Even though, you are so career oriented and will love your working period of six years, you’ll dump your wonderful career to take care of the lovely daughter, who is worth more than all the jobs in the world put together can offer you.  And, to break the suspense, it’s not only one daughter, but two lovely little girls, to remind you of the time, you had with your own sister.


Your dream of joining the Microsoft may not come true, but you’ll feel elated when your close cousin joins Microsoft at Seattle. You’ll feel as though your own dream has come true.


More than dreams, you’ll see a new YOU, as time proceeds.

The absolute careless attitude towards others will change and you’ll become more sensitive to others’ needs.

You’ll realise that there are greater things in life, than having a career.  And those great moments are brought to you by the beautiful two angels, who are responsible for the happiness quotient in your life.

You’ll learn to be more patient with the old ppl, which you think is impossible for you, now.

Your mother-in-law will be your great friend and both of you will share a great rapport – which you currently think is not possible.

All the chores and lessons which your mom made you learn against strong opposition from you, is helping me in reaps, now. So, you’ll  sincerely try to pass on the wisdom to your girls.

You’ll go on to become a great cook, a super baker and much greater blogger. You have all these qualities in you, which only time will make you realise.

Hardwork has no substitute – your realisation of this and your constant endeavour to pass it on to your girls, will be favourite pass time.


So, be prepared to welcome the new YOU – the changes will be so gradual that you’ll not even realise that you’ve changed.  Only when you read Indy‘s tag and start writing a letter like this, will you understand the extent of changes in YOU.

And do take care of your health, as you might face some health issues, too. Be strong. Enjoy life.

Be a HAPPY YOU !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

With lots of love,

Your soul mate from the future.

Do you know me ??????

At a Wedding…

Mom : Uma, come here. I want you to meet this person.

Person : Hello Uma.

Me : Hello.

Person : Do you know me ?????

Me : 🙄 Well…Yeah…We’ve met before, right ?????? 🙄  (Trying desperately not to disappoint my Mom…)

Person : Ok, tell me Who am I ?????        

                           To Mom – Ggrrrrrr 😈

                           To myself : Poor man, he doesnt know who he is.  :mrgreen:

                  I’ve even came for your wedding.  I saw you last during your wedding. Now, do you know me ?????

Me : Is that enough clue to guess who you are ?????? 🙄 🙄 🙄  My wedding happened 14 years back.


How am I supposed to remember the person, who I’ve met for a vague 2 seconds on my wedding day !!!??????!!!!!!! 🙄


This and That.

I am missing Briyani !!!!! And that too, Hyderabadi Briyani !!!!! Oh !!! I want to do a big tantrum, so that someone will send me some Hyderabadi Briyani !!!! 😉

With these kind of thoughts eating up my mind, I am walking aimlessly on the busy road, near my home.  And suddenly, a shop’s display board caught my eye !!!!   HYDERA…..   WOW, This is one of my luckiest day, I think. I was just thinking of hogging on Hyderabadi Briyani, and see here it is, so near to my home !!!!

I go little bit nearer to see the place, with lots of anticipation and excitement, on finding some Briyani shop – these small eatouts sometimes prepare awesome stuff.

OMG !!!!  The heaven suddenly turned hell,  when I read the board fully – HYDERABATH BRIYANI !!!!   🙄  Is it Briyani or Briyani Bath, from Hyderabath !!!!!  🙄 OMG !!! OMG !!!!

One single spelling mistake on the board, made me run a 100m before I stopped !!!!

With such spellings, never expect me to come to your place, Mind IT !!!!


My younger daughter Sh was feeling bad that her Class Teacher doesn’t like her.   😦   It seems that the Teacher was not smiling at her – Sh is so friendly and she expects everybody to be so.  From the time she joined in Chennai – it’s exactly a month, now – Sh has been feeling low because of this.

Me and S have been telling Sh to give some time to the teacher, to understand you better. But, Sh was very adamant in feeling bad about the whole thing.  Her argument – When I am a new student, she is supposed to smile and welcome me and make me feel better.  Why is she not smiling at me ????  😦

But in the last 2 to 3 days,  there has been a great change and the Class Teacher is being very appreciative of Sh. The teacher was impressed with Sh’s comprehension and test results.  Whatever the reason, Sh is so happy that the teacher is quite friendly now and smiles at her. 🙂

Thank you God, for making my darling daughter, feel better and happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂


My elder daughter Sr and all the girls in her class, decided to play a game, last week.  It goes like this :

– Write the names of all the girls in separate pieces of paper, roll it and put it in a box.

– Now, every girl shld pick up one paper from the box.  And make sure, it’s not their own name.

– Write in a paper, what you want that girl to do, the whole of next week.

– Leave that paper, in the girl’s place, for her to see and do accordingly.

“This game sounds so boring, Ma” – is what Sr told me, the day she came back from school, last week.

But, this week, when all the girls followed the instructions on that paper, which their friends have written for them – it was so much fun for Sr and she is enjoying it so much.

– The girl who never wears bindi, was made to wear a big sized one, for one whole week. 😆

– The girl with the long hair, who always plaits it up, was made to leave her hair free, for one week. 😆

– One girl was told not to open her mouth, except while eating and answering the teacher. Poor thing !!! 😆

These girls are re-inventing the art of enjoying and everyone is taking it so sportively.  And, no one felt bad doing what their frnds had written for them. So sweet is the bond of friendship. 🙂


Last, but not the least, this part of the mail, from my darling hubby S, has made to soar into the skies !!!! 🙂   Just imagine me……when I got this, in my mail…….I am very very happy, mera naam bhool gayi !!!!! 🙂 😆 🙂

You have created a Unique thought process within you. Your feelings and what you have experienced in your life is flowing like a beautiful stream of water, flowing down hill to join the main stream and the lake, later, so that everybody can benefit from what life has taught you.  Keep it up darling !!!! Don’t think about any thing. Keep blogging. 🙂


Chennai & Chocolate Krishna

Being in Chennai has one of the finest advantages. This being an artist’s paradise, there are a plenty of ways to keep the residents occupied.  Be it a musical concert – the carnatic, hindustani, western or simply fusion, or a dance program – traditional bharatanatyam or fusion ballets, or those hilarious and thought-provoking plays – Chennai is THE PLACE for it.

Next month begins the world-famous DECEMBER FESTIVAL, where every auditorium / sabha *, hosts this festival of music, dance and drama.  If you have not been to one, your life in Chennai is wasted.  So many artists come all the way from US / Canada / Australia and many other countries to perform in this wonderful festival.

My childhood memories are so well interwoven with these episodes of festivals of art, the main reason my father being the Secretary in one of the leading Sabhas in Chennai and he still remains to be so. Every weekend, we’ll go to the sabha – whether it is a play or a music concert or dance.  It was the best outing for us, with the whole family and we used to enjoy every such experience.

Then was sowed the seed to appreciate the art and the related things in life.  I love the musical concerts – I learned music too.  They are one of the best medicine to handle stress.  The dance programs were colourful and we used to love them all.

But,  the plays are my favourite, as those were the days of comedy kings like Crazy Mohan, S V Sekhar, Kathadi Ramamoorthy and many other serious play makers too.  These comedy plays were a big craze in those days and ppl used to learn the dialogues too – as they do now for some movies.  Me and my friends used to have a contest on how many times have you seen a particular play and I always won – advantage of  having a Secretary of a Sabha as my father.

Then later, when I got married and left Chennai, this play craze seemed to have got engulfed among my motherhood and I used to yearn for the lovely memories of those hilarious theatre days.

chocolate krishna
Tamil Comedy Play - Chocolate Krishna

Now, back in Chennai, I was adamant on going to this latest comedy play by Crazy Mohan – CHOCOLATE KRISHNA.  And so, our family of four went for this play abt a week back.

I was skeptical about my girls’ response to this play. But, My God, they proved to have my genes perfectly in place. They absolutely enjoyed the play, all the while laughing thru the jokes. I was transported to my teenage years, where I’ve sat to watch every play and laughed along so much.

Crazy Mohan and Balaji
The Comedy Duo – Crazy Mohan and Balaji

 This Comedy Duo were fantastic with their non-stop jokes and their great timing !!!! The whole theatre troupe had the audience in splits from the moment they started.

Another interesting thing was the interwoven magic, as a part of Krishna’s character.  On the whole, it was a great time to laugh out loud, forget your worries and at the same time have a great family time.
My childhood memories were whitewashed and put on a new pedestal for my girls to see and enjoy and now a days, they keep asking me to tell me about the other plays I’ve seen, in my younger age.
After my last post on Chennai, I felt bad that I was giving away my native place !!! Actually, it’s not the place, but the ppl that matter the most.
So, here’s a post to toast the bestest part of being in Chennai !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  And I know that all those Chennaiites, who give me a half-smile, will also vouch for this wonderful face of Chennai and I am sure they too enjoy the artistic Chennai to the core.
And for all the support you’ve all given me, in my previous post – Thanks to you !!!! I am now a member of the recreational club in the apartment and have made quite a lot of friends  after that post. Thank you, fellow bloggers, for all the support. 🙂 🙂 🙂

 * sabha – an association or a recreational club formed to promote art.

My take on Chennaiism !!??!!

When I was moving from Hyderabad to Chennai, many of my friends warned me – Chennai is a very conservative place.  Take Care !!!!

Yeah, I knew about this, being a Chennaiite, myself.  I was prepared for this too, mentally.  But when I got a sample of it, I laughed out loud (obviously, at home), while writing the following comparison…

When you move into a flat :  (This flat is one of the 300 odd flats in that apartment)

Hyderabad – When you meet ppl in a lift, they smile at you. This is very important as you feel welcome here.  They (ppl already staying there) ask you, “Hv you shifted here recently ??? You seem to be quite new, here  !!!! Which flat have you moved into ?????”

Chennai – When ppl meet you in the lift, they do a half-smile at you in a hurry – indirectly telling you that dont even think of starting a conversation, I am very busy. 


When you meet the native speaking aunties in the apartment temple :

Hyderabad – Even though there was no temple in the apartment, the elderly took an interest in knowing the youngsters.  One hundred questions will follow the smile and they’ll know your family history in a matter of time. All these elders are native Chennaiites.

Chennai : There is a lovely Ganesh temple. And yeah, puja happens every morning and evening.  But alas, nobody takes note of the new entrant in that place, which is me.  I keep smiling at everybody, but they hastily move away.  Is something wrong with me ?????? 🙄


When you meet a group of ladies, chit chatting and one of them knows you :

Hyderabad : You’ll be introduced to everyone in the group and from one friend, you make lot of friends in a small meeting.

Chennai : The person who knows you, takes you away from the group and talks to you in a whisper and then moves back to her group. What am I ?????? 🙄


The mothers of my daughters’ friends :

Hyderabad : Are my good friends, too. The rapport is good. And we have excellent conversations. Few of them of fellow Tamilians.

Chennai : They say a hurried Hi and get going.  Conversations – a big no no !!!! 🙄


The evening time :

Hyderabad : Children have a gala time, playing together and making new friends.  The mothers follow suit, in making new friends.

Chennai : Kids are always studying – there is no play time.  It happens occasionally once in a week or so.  The ladies too are confined to their house. Why ? Why ??? Why ?????


When you pass by a new face in the block :

Hyderabad : First you are greeted by a smile. Then introductions and so on.

Chennai : OMG !!! I just passed by a human being.  Thank God, I am staying in a place full of faceless ppl. 🙄


There are many more incidents like these.  So, even though I’ve moved to my native place, I feel out-of-place.  It’s not only the ppl of Chennai.  Those ppl who are natives of other states and have made Chennai their native, too, have become like this. 

The comparison with Hyderabad came naturally to me, as my home in Hyderabad was situated in a similar environment and with a mixed cosmo crowd.

For a Chennaiite, who had stayed out of Chennai for some years, this CHENNAIISM is just shocking and the culture mind-boggling.  It will take a lot of time, for me and my daughters to get some friends, here, and to feel one among the crowd.  Just hoping that I dont become part of the other crowd.

I think that Chennaiites, who stay out of Chennai, are more sociable than ppl staying here.

Whats your take on this ???????

The Headache Story

Tuesday morning, I had gone out to do some work in the Bank.  My husband dropped me at the Bank, on the way to this office.  And while coming back, I took an auto.

And after I sat in, the auto driver drove straight to the Petrol Bunk – How much I hate this !!!!!   I am allergic to the Diesel smell and there I got hit with an instant headache.  It was sort of low-key numb variety and so I continued with my other work, with a stone on my head.  I dont feel like taking unnecessary medications.  Just left it to my night sleep to cure me.

S was very kind and enquired, whether this tablet was there or not.  But I didnt find him make any move to buy them and come. 

Since, we just shifted, the medicine cabinet needed a few supplies.  Anyway, I replied that I am not taking any medications and went to sleep.

Wednesday morning, I woke up with a splitting headache.  What happened to me ??? Why my sleep didnt cure my headache ?????

It is normal, when my head is straight.  The moment I bend down to take something, its like somebody is pounding on my head with a hammer or stone.  What a horrible pain ????? How will I go through this day, with this pain ?????   So, I took a tablet and tried to sleep for sometime.  The calling bell ringing at frequent intervals, made sure that I dont get a proper sleep and I found myself with more severe pain.

S called to find out, how I am feeling and assured me that he’ll buy some medicine, while coming back home.

But alas, there was no medicine shop on an entire stretch of 12km, which he travels to get back home.  🙄  🙄

Thursday morning, and I am still with a dull headache.

S told me to come with me and he’ll get the medicine for me.  So, off we went, for one big round and came back without the medicine.  Always after crossing the pharmacy, he’ll realise that he has gone past it.

Thats S in his best avataar.

Then, around 10am, I walked up to a nearby pharmacy and got a strong painkiller and now, I am feeling gud enough to write about it.

S is not at all like what I am nor what I want him to be !!!

That’s why we are together – OPPOSITES ATTRACT !!!!! 😆